1. Dislike ratio breakdown: 2%-blacksmiths (there can't be that many), 17%-guys hoo wAtcheD a blacKsmiTh on yootoob oNce, 27%-white knight cucks (for non-inclusive title), 18%-triggered snowflakes (video too long), 9%-tacticool rednecks (cuz nuthin' 'sploded), 16%-betas (why didn't he just use a drill?), 11%-entitled millennials (I expected more out of this video!)

  2. This is why, amongst many other reasons, a movement for Co-operative Socialism needs to emerge in north America.

  3. Cody, what about tanning hides? YouTube is really lacking in this department and I think you could really do it justice, especially considering how many deer hides are wasted every year and how useful leather is. Think you could help us out?

  4. I'ma make a video like this except I'll be throwing dynamite into a lake as I fish. It's fun to do things the old fashioned way!

  5. shouldn't you be a master if you are going to title a video about a craft… that you are clearly a novice in… go practice and don't make videos until you are a master…

  6. I like blacksmithing but I totally dislike this video1th Misleading title, 2nd, no clue what this is supposed to become 3rd to be continued ??? after how many years?
    With more then 2 Mill Views by Nov 2018 the topic is of interest but this video is just a waste of time… pooooooorlie made

  7. It’s increasingly frustrating to watch you work. I’m not expecting mastery of skills but at least a general understanding. You’re kind of a jackass of all trades. Definite master of none.

  8. What skill am I supposed to be seeing? Without drills hot hole punching is just common sense. As a blacksmith I was not impressed with his skills, even dropped the piece at one point!

  9. Se dovessi fare il fabbro in questo modo cambierei mestiere all'istante, è la peggiore simulazione di forgiatura che abbia mai visto !

  10. it says to be continued but wheres the video? did you take it down because you realized you're wasting peoples time?

  11. You gotta be kidding most men cannot change a auto tire let alone work a forge  and now they would be afraid they would set there man bun on fire !!!

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