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Hi, I'm [sean] gregory from time Calm, and we are here at Southern Nazarene University Outside, Oklahoma city with Kobe bryant who's in town with the lakers who are playing the Oklahoma city thunder tomorrow and we're going to get A free basketball lesson with Kobe Bryant kobe. Thanks a lot for doing this boys So let's start with basic shooting form well first of all let's start with the grip. I like to have my fingers normally in the seams So get your thumb [right] here in the seam this way you have a good grip on the ball Keep the ball on your fingertips Gonna be able to have that space you want to be you don't have to shoot the ball You know [in] your power miles right? And when I do with this off hair. I normally keep my thumb in between It's just a comfort thing for me, so [the] important thing is to find Find a grip that's comfortable to you, and then once you elevate it my form is pretty much right here this is what I'm comfortable with now as a kid I used to try to Do this and all but it just wasn't comfortable to me, so this is a position. That's most comfortable to me It's almost like a hell But not really nice [all] angle back right right made it the difficulty that I have in shooting is a lot of times my head moves which then throws the balance of the shot off so you know if you you've been if I'm shooting a twist and fade away or a free throw or three-point shot [I] Like to keep my head straight Because that's that's the balance you just walk us through some jab steps and everybody can just blow by people you got to use some Footwork think about forwards you don't have to be you know fast or quick [but] what you have to do is you have to sell the fake you [know] so for example if I'm Defender is guarding me. You know. I'll set it up the first time if he's close to me I'll just blow by and just go right I just you know you just use your footwork you try to get to the outside [of] his foot just [go] right back right to my pin side But you want to blow by you have to attack that you have to attack that foot make him drop Then go right sits [back] attacking the foot cuz as a defender if you attack my foot I kind of like stop [watch] [so] you got to be a very good really good defensive player to be able to drop that foot and then cut somebody off You know so the next time he knows I've already done that so now I can fake and now I could go So now you got the defender in the quandary now. Yeah, you know he doesn't know what you can drive left You can drive right you can pull up the shoot so then that's when you jab them You sell that fake that jump shot fake Defender raises up just a little it now you can go with the right or you can go left You know [suicide]. It's almost like Like chess [connie] each move sets up the next move [kipper] visualize like help coming over and like your time Right all the time because that's [when] I work on my pull-up jump shot You know cuz now you beat the defender or here comes to help You got to shoot that pull up pull up jump shot or the [double-team] is coming here Spin here Pull up jump shot perfect [segue] it's the lost art in basketball right everybody every announcer says back in the seventies in the eighties They all to the [recover] It's hard to do now that the science of it really is just you want to be on balance once you're going up After that, you know you might fade you might do whatever but going up you want to be able to have a firm base pivoting here with this leg here and Getting a strong base here now once you elevate now you can [fade] Thing like I'll demonstrate since your left going going that to your strong hand I'll do it going right, [so] I'm coming here as a defender. This is what you're seeing you're seeing this right here as a defender So now I'm taking [it] from here I'm raising up [that] shot is protecting the ball. Yeah, we're kind of planting your foot You have to protect is that after I can just especially you got little? Guys on you, because they'll get up in there and try to take it from you know she got to protect it Raise up the shoe right over the top of foul shooting Kobe against the knicks when 21 for 21 22 for 22 And he scored 61 at the guard in the Garden record Just what are you thinking of do you take the same amount of dribbles every time you know Mark Jackson used to? Pitch the rumors. I like do something I bet that's [your] kind of put your routine [oh], this is why I'll walk you through my routine right now [a] lot of times my hands get dry just cuz the game is tough to fill the ball so a lot of times you see me either blow my hands or I Get some sweat for my forehead dry my hands off. Just slightly Then [a] rough throw me the ball once I catch it. I'll roll it out Take a breath. I'll settle in one two three Square here Keep your head steady Follow through you're like after your other hand is kind of straight up. I mean, [you're] my way I always use all fan is like as a guide really, it's like [a] You know it's I? Use it to aim, what are you looking at when you're guarding somebody? Talk me through what [you're] kind of what your Ollie I played to [my] opponents weaknesses, okay, obviously so I lift your left hand So I'll probably sit inside here and get this hand inside here [it's] a little trick for the weekend warriors over there You like trick once this guy makes his move with this right hand you try to do is you try to pin this this arm? She just see this on my head. It's a strong hand You pin this because you know he's inevitably gonna come back to your strong hand, right? So now when he makes that move now [he] can't come back watch try to cross over oh, oh Hook that ball pops out a ball pops out because you pinned that you take away His strength right here you get up inside of him. [oh], oh yeah out of control oh Getting a foul. Call. Huh, how do you do that without getting a fountain so it's too fast stupid quick in the Gate, Indiana [so] [quick] you know you're in here. It's got he's got here. Yeah, right So once he goes right now. I'm sitting his pocket here, and [I] won't let him I won't let him come back, so when he comes back He's [coming] right back to me, and I can steal that ball and we're off How do you two now trash talk or heckling? I mean, how do you you know kind of all this stuff going around getting character like the game we played the knicks I wanted to move talk to anybody and I wasn't I was gonna say hello to spike I Wasn't gonna say hello to my man Jay z you know. I just wasn't in the mood. I didn't want to hear anything I was in my my mode my focus. I wasn't going to anybody break that basketball a lot of times it Has [to] do with the emotional space that you can put yourself in and that particular game I was in one of those moves I mean you know a couple of Nick guys would come up to me [during] the game and say hello as we've done in the past and I just ignored it because I just oh You know I was in my zone, and I didn't want anything You know outside of that taking me out of it. You know we've gone through a lot any other tips for half 1/2 hour stretch stretch stretch really stretch, you know some [people] you grow up your your stretch you better stretch, but my dad still plays basketball now and The hardest part is not actually playing. It's getting up in the morning the next day. That's the hardest part for him got to stretch anything else Have fun. See you when I see you Today Broke don't fix it. Oh oh [camera] I see that's talking trash Let's talk of trash you trying to play you can't do nothing about it No, take me there. Give me a hair. Yeah ah [hook] shot. Oh Don't reach don't eat [no] [beach] oh Very welcome an Ex laughing love that helps y'all a little bit up, so to that man sure well. Good luck. Thank you

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  1. Kobe logic: 4:50 Pin arm on defence to stop strong hand (smart nba legal play)

    Referee logic: How many times can I get steph curry, Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant to the Free-throw line while ensuring the other team is in foul trouble without getting caught 🤔

  2. The black guy would be a good boxer thanks to his physical attributes. With the right help he could be the world heavyweight champion.
    4 REAL

  3. He’s making it very clear that he understands Kobe with that pronounced bob of the head. Kobe know damn well that Sean is listening.

  4. I hated kobe around this time. Cause he would beat my rockets in the playoffs. But man I still modeled my shot and everything from him. After all these years and trying to find my old shot from back then, watching this gave a nostalgic feeling that is gonna help me in my path to how basketball used to feel for me.

  5. Awe, he seemed so down to earth…until he started name dropping, lol! I do appreciate the basketball tips; I'm going to tear up my home court now, ha! 😉

  6. Holy crap this is awesome! I never even considered holding the ball the same way each time and using the seams as a guide… Im definitely going to try that

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