27 thoughts on “Long Vowels | Phonics for Learning to Read”

  1. 0:00 to 0:20 AI[ā]…except AISLE [īl] and SAID [sɛd] AY[ā]…except QUAY [kē].
    5:27 to 6:30 IE [ē] or [ī]…except FRIEND [frɛnd].
    7:45 to 10:25 OA [ō]…except BROAD [brɔd] OE [ō]…except SHOE [ʃū] OW [ ō] or [aʊ]
    10:25 EW [ū]…except SEW [sō] UE [ū]…except SUEDE [swād] UI [ū]…except BRUIN ['brū • ın] and RUIN ['rū • ın] OO [ū]…except BLOOD [blʌd], FLOOD [flʌd], DOOR [dɔr] and FLOOR [flɔr].

  2. 12:08 GINA: flew like the bird flew is spelled F L E W spelled flu like when you are sick F L U 12:21 RAUL: oh I feel Miserable

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