7 thoughts on “London refugees struggling to get an education – BBC London”

  1. Immigrants often value education more than most uk citizens

    “These Muslims are tryna steal our jobs” often comes from a uk citizen with no eduction more times than often on benefits let’s think about it ok

  2. We're all struggling with public services because they're being overwhelmed, this is not exclusively a refugee issue. Hell, it takes me weeks to get doctors appointments, and my own father needs a consultation for some results and there's none available until September. Overuse from health tourists and excessive immigration is ruining it for everyone

  3. The NGO 's should have thought about this before they started helping the immigrants to illegally cross the borders. Telling them to get rid of their paperwork and aiding them in answering authorities questions. Do the NGO workers contribute to society with taxes? Or are they just free loading?

  4. To all people who say send them back just to let you know these children, teenagers want to be something good unlike many who say send them back but don't value education

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