London 4K – Crowded Weekend Streets – Driving Downtown

Tour Highlights: London’s West End Regent Street Shopping Piccadilly Circus (Times Square) The Strand (“Edge of the River”) London’s Busiest Railway Station

52 thoughts on “London 4K – Crowded Weekend Streets – Driving Downtown”

  1. London is a city which is built with looted tressure and wealth…
    Shame on you British people.. Just shame on you, and i can't wait to see your city to become LONDONISTAN..

  2. Come on man.. Make some videos of driving in Japan, South Korea and China too.. American cities are good but this disgusting London is too boring

  3. I am from India 🇮🇳and really like from my heart your vedios and I enjoy & you make continue this type of vedios 👍👍👍🙏🙏

  4. Hello. Could you provide, for each vidz, the model of car you are using, if it is a manual or automatic transmission for example?Thanks, awesome vidz.

  5. Westminster is the most beautiful district of London.2:57 Rolls Royce Ghost 6:39 RR Wraith 11:45 McLaren 720 42:35 RR Wraith

  6. Which people would be kind to one another countries so much negativity….every country has its own beauty the world in a whole is beautiful all God's creation .

  7. U missed out on a lot of good beutifull palaces in London Come to peckham old Kent road camberwel east street

    Zone 1 is dead boring

  8. Could you believe that they built that city from all the wealth they sold from other people and slavery? Disgusting British.

  9. That's good video! always awesome works!
    I also create drive video in Japan! If like, please watch!


  11. I've been to London 10 years ago, and I'm experiencing surrogate satisfaction and indirect experience through your video. Thank you.

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