Lola Is Learning How to Drive

I'm speaking of apocalypses my daughter was driving all weekend if anybody but once audience man she is driving a car and look at how happy mark looks looks diabolical yes I will say that's just a reflection of light reflection but um but I will say it's very funny it's one of those things that you go huh maybe it was the horseback riding lessons but Lola picks up everything easier than everybody else in the house like when when we learned how to skate blow up our skis fast when we had ice skating lessons Lola we started doing competitions cuz she was just good at it and everybody goes you know it's those horseback bike riding Lola first one up on the bike first one without training wheels they go it's those stupid those horseback riding lessons and I go it can't be that she's a good driver cause of horseback ride but I swear I think horseback riding is the foundation for everything because she just took to it in a way that her older brother just did not like I think I told you this when Michael started driving once he turned left he would then get into the left lane because once you went left then it was time to go left and I was like you know we would we I would certainly have to correct him into the right lane again and that was did you were steering well as well or you know I would just reach over but maybe we're in the driver's ed car no the two wheels that did freak load this so so is she excited not to have to be able to drive because she's very resentful really angry she just don't expect me to be driving anywhere I don't understand that at all we don't understand it because we did not grow up with that uber app yeah where if they don't want it and we didn't grow up in New York City where driving is at best just a concept driving is like why would I Drive there are so many other ways did you get around going because we needed it for freedom we're to get the escape yeah right naked escape us whatever they want that's going to there go downstairs yeah yeah

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