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hey what is up guys and qHD here and the mkbhd mouse game has not always been strong but as a student and someone who edits a lot of video I spend a lot of time at the computer with a mouse so my first real mouse wasn't all that special just a pretty standard wired one but my first real upgrade as with a lot of other people I think was to the Logitech and next series so really popular with the MX revolution and the performance MX and these two were great I loved mine but actually after a few months I got some connection issues so I stopped using it and went back to a different wired mouse but now Logitech is back with a successor this ones aiming to fill the shoes of the predecessor and then some so of course I'm giving it a shot this is the Logitech MX master so right off the bat this is a pretty good-looking Mouse and I kind of have a feeling that a sports car designer or something was involved with this design I mean first of all the commercials show a whole lot of sculpting and chiseling of a model mouse and I don't know if that happens with every other Mouse but I do know that's exactly what happens with a lot of sports cars and the MX master looks I don't know kind of sporty in a way it has a lot of the same looks as the previous MX Mouse with the right E shape and the big sloping curves but the same time I've never seen a mouse that looks quite like this with the little rivets on the thumb rest and the big arching spine it's actually a great size and shape for someone with big hands just like the performance MX was but even if you don't have big hands it puts your hand in a more ergonomic resting position for better long-term comfort and just you know people with bigger hands require a bigger arch in the mouse to make this happen which is why the Magic Mouse is like the spawn of Satan but yeah the MX master aside from a few design tweaks is very similar to the performance MX that came before it here's what's noticeably different first the back and forward buttons they're pretty small and they're supposed to be in a pretty comfortable position above the thumb rest but they're just a little too far back for me so I had to adjust my hand a bit when I wanted to use them which slowed me down still getting used to that I would have liked to see them a little bit further up next to that side scrolling wheel and speaking of the side scrolling wheel it's back from the MX revolution of two generations ago and it is awesome I use it all the time it's nice and smooth now it's a bit smaller and I think it's easy to use you don't really know how useful horizontal scrolling is until you don't have it anymore and I missed it big-time actually is it most well video editing and moving through my timeline in Premiere Pro and After Effects and stuff like that so horizontal scrolling is dope on the bottom of the mouse you'll find the third new thing which is the connectivity so this is a Logitech mouse so you can use the tiny Logitech wireless receiver we've all seen if your computer doesn't have bluetooth but the mouse also has built-in Bluetooth 4.0 so you'll have that choice my mac pro has bluetooth so I just turned it on and it connected within like five seconds no problem and you'll see it has three numbers on the back and a little button that's because this mouse has a memory and can live switch connecting between three different devices at the same time which can be really useful so I have number one connected to my desktop number two connects to my laptop and number three is actually not occupied yet so you can see it triggers the pairing mode and it's blinking waiting to add any third device but it's super useful so I can see myself using this a lot especially if you have a setup where maybe you have two computers side-by-side and you don't want to have two mice on your desk or any other crazy software solution to make that happen now it's really useful you can use one Mouse for multiple computers so yeah other than that it's all in the software with this guy the new Logitech option software is the first thing you should download when you get this mouse and it's actually pretty good so most Mouse software is not that pretty doesn't work that well but I don't mind this at all now this is where you set up the horizontal scrolling everything it also lets you turn that thumb rest button yes that's a button into a gesture pad so you can hold it down and swipe into mac OS x gestures and you can also adjust the smart scrolling here so a logitech is kind of famous for this where if you scroll the mouse wheel fast enough it'll stop clicking and just initiate this super smooth fast scrolling mode until it slows down enough to go back to clicking again so you can toggle how fast it needs to do that or just disable it completely there's also a nice little battery indicator in the software now the battery in this mouse it's actually sealed in which is a change from the performance MX which had a removable battery but i've had this thing for about a week and haven't had to charge it yet so i'm thinking it's probably going to hold up to its claims of several weeks of battery life with normal use plus you can still plug it into USB to charge it and continue using it although i'm kind of surprised it's not USB type-c so overall Logitech is probably hoping this MX master becomes the next legendary Mouse that everyone eventually moves to the next standard and well I'm already on board and I know a bunch of other people who make tech videos who are already on board too so it's off to a pretty good start I'd say it's worth the $99 price tag on Amazon right now but I say definitely check back at that link in the description if you don't want to buy it now check back in a couple of months it'll probably start to drop like the performance MX did so my mouse game is strong again and hey maybe the keyboard game is next thanks for watching guys and onto some more important long awaited reviews talk to you guys the next one face

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  1. I have never used a moue as you do, to me is very cumbersome to cover the moue with all the hand and rest my hand on it, I prefer to rest my hand on the table move the mouse with the fingers and that felt better with the magic mouse than anything else. Besides the entire magic mouse is touch sensitive so why would you rest in it, makes no sense.

  2. I can’t pair this mouse with my Mac Pro mid 2012. I am so fed up with the computer, it’s too old. Bluetooth is working, I have a new Apple keyboard working with it.

  3. Imagine having a good overall shape but then make it so large and so heavy its and add a bunch of incredibly useless features like connecting to 3 devices?! and give it 145 grams total weight and L shape size and put it in the DEAD mice tab except for maybe video editors lol…

  4. Not a good review tell me the range of comfort for the hand sizes,the sensor,does it shake from the inside,does it shake out the cursor when striking the pad and does it have jitter

  5. The thump button and the sensor don't work after 2 years (the strange thing is that both of them die at the same time and not with a fall or a bad use from me) and after 4 months the click's don't work also….wtf Logitech!!!!

  6. hmm.. I thought they already have the technology for a wireless mouse to last for like 1 year without changing the battery. But probably not for bluetooth mouse?

  7. I really wish they made a version of this with usb type c, it would be awesome to have just one type of cable for all my devices.

  8. The smooth scrolling is great and so is the battery life.. I have used it for sometime and its really good..

  9. A little tip for when you have connection problems with Logitech mice: If you do have problems, buy a new receiver for it, or use Bluetooth. My mother had problems with her MX Master mouse, so she let me fix it, just had to sync it up with a new receiver. Still has problems with her PC and connections, but for me, it works fine.

  10. Just picked up TWO of these bad boys at a cyber monday deal at $45 a piece. Can't wait for them to arrive.

  11. I don't know this thing is sluggish. The delay in it is pretty wild. I've had it for 3 months now. Still don't like it but I have to deal with it for the time being.

  12. Love my performance MX and looking for a new mouse but won't switch to this as long as they don't have a battery that can be replaced. I know how fast my Performance MX battery can lose it's charge after many recharges, so don't care to buy this and have to throw away the mouse because it can't hold a charge after a year. With the Performance MX I simply buy another rechargeable battery, with this I'd have to buy a new mouse…. I'm pretty sure that's what Logitech is counting on.

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