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okay so let's be real brain games thinking games critical thinking things those are totally my jam and I have a new game that I wanted to show you today that fits fl+ it's a giveaway hey hey you guys is Christina from the purple alphabet and welcome to my channel rain games critical thinking logic games whatever you want to call them those are my thing and I love talking about those on my channel particular when I find some really cool ones this one was sent to me from identity games it's called across it and it is a critical thinking game that is great for ages 8 and up I usually don't have a lot for the older things the older kids because a lot of my things are for the ages of my current children who are four by right now but I thought this one was pretty good and I wanted to try it out and show you what it's all about plus identity games is sponsoring a giveaway okay so cross it has to be one of the easiest and simple games you've ever played the recommended ages on this is from 8 to 88 it's for two players and they have a little motto down here on the box that says three rules two players one winner and it really is that easy inside the box you get a 1 game board and you'll notice that each side has a different color so you're either going to have a yellow player or a blue player also comes with an instruction sheet which is very very simple and then your color tiles 2 colors to match the game board a yellow and blue there are 30 small tiles in each color plus one large and one extra large tile so the object of the game is to make a path with your color tiles connecting your two sides so if you are the yellow player you would try to connect to this yellow side to that yellow side the blue player always starts by placing one tile anywhere on the board and then the yellow player anywhere on the board doesn't have to be connected to the blue one this continues until one player finishes his path when you place a second or third tile they don't have to connect you can start as many new paths as you want the only thing you can't do is place your tile over the opponent's tile and when you're making the path they also have to connect in order to be a full path first player that has a path connecting his two sides win this is a very simple and easy game and it's really quick and fun and easy to do and blue wins and now for the giveaway details if you'd like to enter to win this identity games across each game make sure to leave me a comment down below telling me I don't know what your ultimate favorite game is bent it over to the giveaway link to enter to win you must be 18 years of age or older and have a US postal address to enter make sure to click subscribe to see more videos like this and to give me a thumbs up to show your life

28 thoughts on “LOGIC & Critical Thinking Skills Game”

  1. My family played games a lot when I was a kid! My favorite game to play is Uno. (Though I think we made up our own rules because when I play with other people they accuse me of playing it wrong even though I grew up playing it a lot.)

  2. I don't know why but Uno is one of my favorites. I have so many memories of playing with siblings and family when I was younger.

  3. When I love to play Clue, Sorry, Checker, Chess, India,Life, Scrabble, and many more… we have many and now I enyoy playing Pick a Boo, Camelott, Mentalblox with my lil girls

  4. Logic games are one of my favs too! I almost scored "ticket to ride" that looks similar to this one, at a thrift store the other day but ONE piece was missing πŸ˜” you know me, I like thrifted games!

  5. As a kid, my favorite game was Sorry! I loved that it was stratigic, but also a game of chance. Now, my family loves to play Mad Gab and Wink!

  6. Our favorite game to play as a family right now is Count Yout Chickens! My favorite game growing up was LIFE. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I love your channel all the time because you are so creatively inspiring and have such a sunny disposition, but I super love when you post videos for the older kids, as my son is 8.
    Our favorite game right now is Exploding Kittens, my favorite ever is probably Payday. I was obsessed with it as a kid. Lol

  8. Such a hard question because I too enjoy any type of brain teaser or critical thinking game! I do really enjoy Mastermind… let's go with that one lol. great video and look forward to seeing more!

  9. This game looks like a winner! one of our all time favorite games has to be Trouble, throughout the years the youngest to the oldest have enjoyed playing it.
    Love your informative videos!

  10. This games looks so fun! My favorite game is Blokus. It is similar to this one. Love these types of games!

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