Logan vs. Children of Men — The End is in the Beginning

41 thoughts on “Logan vs. Children of Men — The End is in the Beginning”

  1. I loved Logan and Children of Men is one of the best films ever made, so I had a lot of fun putting this one together! What films would you like to see me tackle in the future?
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  2. I just watched Logan, and one of my first thoughts was that it was very similar to Children of Men. It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who had that thought.

  3. I'm a massive fan of Children of Men, and a deep cynic of superhero movies, so I wanted to see where this one was going. I think I need to go out and see Logan now.

  4. Call me an idiot but I never really thought of the whole blind paradox lie idea. And I'm glad I've found someone else (reference your pinned comment) that loves Children of Men – it was awesome.

  5. I love your videos! The breakdown is incredibly helpful. Please keep making them. They are teaching me a lot.

  6. Who could possibly thumbs down this? Smh
    Such a great video essay. Love this channel. Great work. 👍🏼

  7. Nativity Story – inspired – Children of Men – inspired – The Last of Us – inspired – Logan

    Shows how far ideas can be rewritten and developed into different creations.

  8. Great video, the more I watched, I realized the Aquaman movie actually fits almost all these criteria as well with a reluctant hero who gets an offer that he initially refuses and is transformed by the end

  9. These studies are brilliant. For a film-lover with no training in the art or craft of filmmaking, they're revelatory. Thanks for doing them. BTW, agreed that CoM is one of the finest films ever made.

  10. It's so rare to see lit analysis that is both this sharp and this creative. This was enlightening and enjoyable. So glad I found your channel.

  11. I disliked everyone but baton cop and Michael Cain… he and baton cop were the only two humans left.

  12. These are incredible. Well researched and well laid out arguments for these approaches. Even if you don't agree, trying this out to see if your first act is even slightly firing correctly, this will at least bring up good opportunities for diverting from this formula. Thanks!

  13. I thought the end of act one for children of men was when they're attacked in the car and behind fugitives. That's the point of no return for the protagonist. The reveal of Kee's pregnancy seemed more like the midpoint.

  14. WOW… Children of Men was UTTERLY RIDICULOUS, NON-NONSENSICAL and more like a computer game than a movie.

    Running into buildings get bombed by tanks and chasing armed men without a weapon???? FUCKEN LUDICROUS!!!!!!!!!!!

    The whole plot was stupid…. somehow finding the old drug dealer in the middle of nowhere????? Somehow tracking him down to the prison camp???? Finding him in the prison camp???

    Sorry but the whole movie was shite… I can see how it was brilliant for someone with a simple mind however!!!

  15. OMG, Birdbox tries to attempt all of this, literally all of the beats. But everything else fails, and it builds so little of the why the main character changes.

  16. Hello 🙂

    Recently discovered your channel and I love your videos. Would you be willing to make a video about "Le Fabuleux Destine d'Amelie Poulin?" (Breaking down the acts and referencing the script)

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