21 thoughts on “Locksmith – "More Lessons" feat. Rebecca Nobel”

  1. Man, That's wassup LockSmith!! Bro, keep those lyrics packed with soul and fire coming! 4real I cant have you put the pen down my dude. Yo, no homo lol but foreal B. I have never ever said that about a rapper. I know I'm nobody. But, yo LOCKSMITH MVR/MVMC I know that seems a bit 2much peeps. But, iii dooonnnntt giivveee aaa Fuuccckk! Lol naw no bullshit this dude helped changed my life and that's on everything. Respect to LockSmith! And shout out Lock! Lol but like I said no homo hah I have to get that wryte if not ppl are gonna say man dude Zack clout chasing like Motha Truukkah! Naw not even.. peace✌

  2. How am i supposed to buy locks albums on cd???? No stores carry lock and cant order either. Much love from canada. Pls help.

  3. You deserve a lot more subscribers you help me get through the day when it goes rough thank you✊👌🏽

  4. Was super excited just to see the title of this song. Fucking love this dude. Brief shot of DJ Qbert in this video too! Love it

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