Hello and welcome everyone to the first Sea Of Thieves video from this channel You’re not aware that the latest Christmas update of the game has just been released called Festival Of Giving, Festival Des Graces in French. This involves new additions in game such as bosses in fortresses, new emotes but also a tutorial for new Sea Of Thieves players entitled Maiden Voyage, we’re going to talk about it today. The tutorial takes place on an unknown island, you are welcomed by the Lord of Piracy who explains some basics such as the use of items, using a cannon or even using the capstan. It’s possible on the island to accomplish several challenges to unlock 2 cosmetics, the one we will talk about today is finding books and reading them, there is no precise reading order, so you can do them in the wrong order. However, I have integrated them into the video in a way to make it faster for you. The first book is in a piece of wreckage protruding from the water to the left of your boat when you first appear. The next book is in a cave between two waterfalls. The 3rd book is on the rudder of the huge wreck that dominates the island, one might think it is a galleon but theories suggest the addition of a new boat for 6 people in a future update. The next book is placed at the top of the mast, on the edges of the crow’s nest. The 5th book is in the 2nd hold of the wreck against barrels. The next book is placed below the island near a bridge, hidden in the leaves next to a ladder. The next book is at the highest point on the second part of the island. The 8th book is placed in a crate next to a campfire inside the same part. If you go even further down below, you can find the next book near a metal grid by climbing up a ladder. The next and last book is in a secret underground, to recover it you will first have to find the key to get in. She is located in a pond near the wreckage. Once the key is found, she will have to be inserted into the hatch at the bottom of the wreck to access it. You will find in the underground 25 thousand gold coins and 200 doubloons. The video is now finished, thank you all for watching it! I’ll probably start live on Sea Of Thieves soon as possible, so don’t hesitate to subscribe to my twitch, the link is in description.

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  1. EN: To unlock both cosmetics you will need to complete other quests: Use a rowboat, Cook chicken, Use a cannon, Catch a fish with your fishing rod and finish the tutorial.
    FR: Pour débloquer les deux cosmetics il faudra accomplir d'autres quêtes: Utiliser une chaloupe, Faire cuir du poulet, Utiliser un canon, Pêcher un poisson et finir le tutoriel.

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