Lizzo's Flute & Twerk Lesson | 2 Dope Queens | Season 2

Oh, y'all can play flute? -BOTH: No.
-LIZZO: Okay. But we wanna learn
how to play the flute. You know what, a lot of people
think I can't play flute either. -Why do you think that is?
-Yeah. Because of comments.
I don't think this, I've been playing flute
for so long, I'm like, "How could you think
I would make that up?" -Like–
-(LAUGHING) They said that me
playing the flute was like a product
of some type of, like, scam that a major label was doing,
and they rented a flute for me. And they made up
the whole flute backstory. -PHOEBE ROBINSON: What?
-That's like a FluteGate. I'm like,
"Who would willingly be a nerd?" (LAUGHTER) LIZZO:
Who would take that risk? Yeah, that's like,
why would you do that? I did not raise my hand
to be this nerd. I just… am this nerd. Wait, how long
you been playin' flute for? -Since I was 12. Yeah.
-PHOEBE: Cool. That's a long time, so I feel
like you could teach us -some stuff right now.
-Like how to flute it up. Like flute and twerk also? JESSICA WILLIAMS:
We want to flute like you. -We wanna flaut.
-PHOEBE: Yeah, we'll flute. -LIZZO: Okay! Let's go!
-(CHEERING) JESSICA: Let's do it. I'm coming behind you,
so I have to squeeze, squeeze– Wait, what do I do?
Do I hold this? JESSICA:
We're gonna stand right here. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We're gonna put these down. Wait, wait. Whoa. Whoa.
One of these is mine. Yep, no, we got you. We got you. That's Jess's,
and this is yours. Wait, this is mine. -Yep, that's you, baby.
-I know my flute. I know my flute when I see
this bi– All right, so if you want
to take a second, you know, maybe play us
something like "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,"
go up in the middle. -Okay.
-Show us what you got. Did you say
"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?" -Yeah, that song's lit.
-Yeah, for clearance purposes. -And it's free.
♪ Suck my dick ♪
-(CHEERING) Okay. And now I'll flute and twerk. We should flute
and twerk together. ♪ (FLUTE PLAYS) ♪ (CHEERING) Yeah! -Now, it's your turn.
-Okay, great. So, all right. -(BLOWS SPIT) All right.
-(LAUGHTER) (BLOWS SPIT) No, really blow. Really blow.
Okay, wait up, put it up to your mouth
and blow– -Oh God, no. It's a not a dick.
-(LAUGHTER) All right, hold up–
(LAUGHS) One time in band camp… Okay. Right here, then blow. -(BLOWS AIR)
-Oh wait! Actually… just blow like that,
just blow into it. This is like Ghost,
I love this. This is like Ghost. -(BLOWS AIR)
-Okay… -I can't do it!
-Softly, softly. Softly. Softly, sis.
(LAUGHS) Oh God. -Wait, let me do the twerk part.
-Okay, twerk. -Let's go, I'ma play for you.
-Okay. What you want? I can't–
I'm not gone play "Twinkle, Twinkle."
I'm gone do another. I'ma do the same thing
I just did. Let's twerk. No, but act like
you playin' and twerk. -Okay.
-(LAUGHTER) -Ready?
-Thank you. -PHOEBE: That was good.
That was so good.
-(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) -That was so good.
-Thank you so much. -Good fucking luck.
-(LAUGHTER) So, what you want to do
is you just want to put your lips up to it
and blow… (EXHALES) All right. Wait, do like this.
Go like– -(BOTH MOANING)
-Yeah. Imagine it's soft, even though
it's not at all. And then, just kinda blow
into it. -♪ (NOTE PLAYS WEAKLY) ♪
(-CHEERING) Oh my God. But you played it though! Oh my God! -Oh my God!
-It went away real quick though. -(BLOWS AIR)
-Oh my God! -She out here!
-(CHEERING) That was amazing! PHOEBE: Can we–
Can we all do it together? Okay. All right, what we gone do?
Um, whatever comes out. ♪ (FLUTE PLAYS) ♪ ♪ (PHOEBE'S FLUTE
-(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) That was amazing. I mean,
I'm just over here like. -(IMITATES FLUTE)
-(CHEERING) Listen… Listen, ladies, I'm just good
at blowin'. Call me, I'm single. -I'm single, I'm single.
-(LAUGHTER) Give it up for Lizzo!

32 thoughts on “Lizzo's Flute & Twerk Lesson | 2 Dope Queens | Season 2”

  1. I think she is absolutely amazing and I love how confident and unique and real Lizzo is….what an incredible role model


  3. You KNOW she actually plays the flute by how possessive she gets with which flute is hers cause SAMEEEE GIRLLLL

  4. I played flute and this is different so its a pleasant surprise. The key to learning to play the flute though is blowing over or above the hole and not directly in it. The same way you would blow in a bottle. You not blowing all the air directly in it. Its at an angle. But I watched her BET performance and had to look her up. I didnt know of her until then and actually thought she was white when I heard the song. Shes very different for a pop star and I like it

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