Living and Loving: The Life of Edith Graham Mayo – Preview

[bell tolling] [light music] – I’m Mayo Trenholm. Edith Mayo was my grandmother. I’m entering a contest
in a magazine. – Tell us about the person
you admire most. – Well, I must say
I’m flattered, Mayo. – I’m doing it on Granny. Where you see one smart man,
you see a dozen smart women. [laughter] – I was a pistol! – Is this you
in your nursing uniform? – Oh, I took to nursing
like a duck to water. – When the hospital opened,
she was a godsend. – I’ll show you how to take
a pulse at the carotid artery. – She’s been a good friend
all through the years. – You know whose heart
she absolutely captured. – My granddaddy! – Nurse Edith
and Dr. Charlie. – Edith always said,
“A happy marriage must be on a 50/50 basis,” and theirs was as happy
as can be. – You’ll find
you’re not the only one who admires
your grandmother. – She has a positive gift
for making people happy. [uplifting music] [uplifting music]

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