100 thoughts on “Live: Nancy Pelosi speaks on Capitol Hill after death of Elijah Cummings”

  1. What are the Democrats MORE upset about…That one of their House Chairmen died OR is it the fact that Maryland has a Republican Governor?

  2. These Democrats are angry, not sad. The reason is because the Maryland Governor is Republican, and they make the decision on who'll fill his place.

  3. Losing Cummings in a State with a Republican Governor means that EVERYTHING in trying to oust President Trump the Republicans WILL get now.

  4. Let's see your taxes Nervous Nancy. How bout your husband and sons taxes too. If you have nothing to hide. Right?

  5. Yep. Making 2.5 billion federal tax dollars disappear without a dent in the rat population was some magic trick all right.

  6. Pelosi when will you have health issues we are all waiting please just have them already Pelosi you are a terrible person

  7. Pelosi's bracelet is made of bullet? Its ok for her to have firearms, but not for us? And again 14:20 to 14:60 See Pelosi go haywire when directly asked a question about blocking moves of republicans ( 14:45). That is what we need to get rid of.

  8. Russians do not need Pelosis ok to do anything. Russians have been doing it amid sanctions, badmouthing or all the noise these democrats make.
    It takes a man like President Trump to keep them on leash .Also, how come Democrats remembered about patriotism or Constitution ? Democrats have been violating the constitution for the past 20 or more years. Also Who sold Uranium One to Russia? Obama and Hillary.

  9. Financial status

    The nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) estimated in 2009 that Pelosi's average net worth was US$58,436,537, ranking her 13th among 25 wealthiest members of Congress.[244] In 2014, CRP reported Pelosi's average net worth in 2014 was US$101,273,023 having ranked 8th out of 25 wealthiest members of Congress.[245] Business Insider reported that Pelosi's worth was $26.4 million in 2012 and made her the 13th richest members of Congress.[1] In 2014, Roll Call estimated that Pelosi's net worth was 29.35 million, ranking her the 15th wealthiest member of Congress.[246]

    Roll Call said Pelosi's earnings are connected to her husband's heavy investments in stocks that include Apple, Disney, Comcast, and Facebook. Roll Call reported that the Pelosis have $13.46 million in liabilities including mortgages on seven properties. According to Roll Call, Pelosi and her husband hold properties "worth at least $14.65 million, including a St. Helena vineyard in Napa Valley worth at least $5 million, and commercial real estate in San Francisco."[246]

  10. This idiot has no idea what respect is, she is extremely disrespectful. They have no respect for We The People! They FORGET THEY WORK FOR US

  11. CONGRESS IS WORTHLESS! Any numbers that she come up with from actions taken in a private setting I SAY BS on those numbers

  12. There is something very fishy about this man's death!!! I'm thinking he was either executed for treason like MaCain, or murdered by the deep state slugs.

  13. Elijah Cummings, the sycophant, or as so many called him, the Renfield to the Clintons, is dead.. To bastardise ( It's a wonderful life,) every time an idiot Democrat dies, an angel gets his wings….

  14. Let us not kid ourselves, if it was Trump that died democrats across the country would be doing their happy dance and blowing up these boards. But instead it's one of their criminal hero's who got caught laundering bribe money from companies that went before his committee, through his wife's non-profit, then paid bills with that money on her for profit company all confirmed by the IRS. Now we are all suppose to pretend how great of a man he was and not say anything negative when the reality of the story is he's just another swamp creature who's seat was for sale. Condolences to the family and he was a smart, talented, brilliant man but who's talent went to waste for corruption.

  15. Fight for justice ! Stand with Nancy Pelosi ! Patriots with Nancy Pelosi ! Fight against Communism tyranny with Hongkongers!

  16. I think Nancy Pelosi is the right successor of Reaganism – the legend . She should run for 2020 https://youtu.be/wpVvgNs8tqI

  17. Elijah Cummings was a 100% deep state socialist. He will be remembered as a race baiting shameful dog, who always falsely blamed Trump for being a racist!!

  18. I think Pelosi has lost sight of that Trump is the Commander in Chief; not the Commander in Part or 2IC. He doesn't owe her an explanation.
    It think it's possible they both got a bit hot under the collar, & she couldn't take it and left. Then the meeting could proceed in a civilized manner.

  19. Another rat bites the dust. Who will the rodents vote for? His wife stealing a quarter million dollars from a charity she ran and and shared with Elijah might have worried him to death if she was going to turn states witness on him.

  20. Elijah Cummings should have his estate divided up among the people of Baltimore in his district…he stole it from them…GIVE IT BACK.

  21. wow CBS just flew their true colors…..the last 6 mins of this video is CBS reporters who said quote " before we get to Mr cummings passing….." and he goes on to bash the President for 3/4 of the segment. Cummings 30+ years in congress rated less than 2 minutes air time because repeating the same president bashing crap for the 100th time that day was what is important to CBS.

  22. Pelosi, Clinton, Feinstein, Booker, Cummings have all received massive funds from Saudi. You are a damn fool if you believe these charlatan liars. They only care about your money !!!!

  23. Your next Nancy. I’ll be so glad the day you die, I will be young still and you will be old and dead. That’s the great thing about being young, you get to see all these old hellish corrupt politicians die every year.

  24. Nancy I really liked Mr Cummings, he had a very good heart, a fighter for justice, I loved watching him speak, it is so sad he went, I was very shocked. I'm in the UK, in London, and I only watched him speak a few times but it shone out that he had a very good heart and was a very fair man, he will be very much missed, he was needed, it will be very hard for anyone to fill his shoes. RIP Mr Cummings. I still can't believe you've gone.

  25. Some pols, Cummings, don't deserve half staff, rather I recommend extending the pole another 100 feet and raising the flag to the top on those occasions.

  26. When Pelosi says "our values…" I fully expect a bolt of lightening & fire to hit her and then she's just scorched smoking… The Establishment Billy Boy Clinton Era DEMS just as morally, ethically and legally corrupt as the Rethuglicans. #RestInPowerElijah #BernieToSaveUSA #BernieOnlyTrueDEMRunning2020


  28. Ghost busters and Ocean's 7 should have been left alone. But if we hurry, we can have a great female remake of Weekend at Bernie's!

  29. It's time to investigate Pelosi and others getting richer while our state has fires instead of electricity, surveillance instead of arms, no border protection as people from all over the world mass on our border, and diminishing rights for citizens.

  30. Throw a dart at a phone book, and ANYONE could speak better than the 'Speaker'. Pelosi, maybe check up on that stroke you MUST have had.

  31. President Trump has nothing to do with Putin but a lot to do with your corruption going on in Washington DC. Nancy Pelosi says she is here to protect America ? Lmfao we’re in good hands with God and our President Trump.

  32. I didn't wish cummings dead, but I certainly wished him, Nancie, Maxine, Bernie, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Hillary, Joe Biden and a host of others would go retire in some socialist country. They should be able to live quite comfortably off the money they robbed from America.

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