LIVE DEBATE: Gary Yourofsky vs. The Ministry of Education

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Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and Rosa Parks spoke against the evils of racism and when we teach children that the Jewish Holocaust was evil but then we send animals to their death to the slaughterhouses in the same extermination trucks that sent Jews to their death we’re committing a gross error we’re teaching them that it’s okay to disregard animal life that human life is more sacred than animals when every creature on this planet values their life just like humans value their life there’s nothing wrong with Austin a and B star Victor abigail scale Nasional Berhad led Bella lash oven homemade lemon hair damn kalka-shimla the kilometer scheme and politician who meets equation B Bali Hai ever Oceanus al-sisi movies I’m shorter and voted for Nelson Mandela lemme commercially bubay this potential mu team a madhu cream machine do you want to call kids murders or their parents murders in their faces in their schools I call human beings murderers of animals that’s what we do that’s the truth – truth is harsh I understand it’s tough for people to look in the mirror and say my goodness I’ve been doing something wrong for so long but there’s nothing wrong with admitting that you’ve been doing something wrong and to make amends I look forward get a giggle steel milkshake in Omaha be like a doctor no time at all scream coyote but what about the argument that families then sent their kids to school family that eat meat send their kids to school they don’t want their kids coming back from school and say hey we’re vegetarians are fruitarians from today what’s wrong with somebody choosing to be compassionate choosing to be good to the environment so trolled and don’t have to starve to death around the world while we’re feeding 50% of the world’s crops to 60 billion land animals in the meat dairy and egg industries what’s wrong with somebody choosing to be healthy I can’t believe the school systems are opposed to ethics healthy living and environmentalism you know what that’s not wrong in Sharjah terawatts kimitachi buy me chocolate the song you should hold aim to be the Philadelphia native anima Mayo but tofu sumimasen seem a little shame what in short a shame love every Jew little umbrellas oh but my question is not that argument I mean you’re talking about kids that maybe choose to be vegetarians from now on but will think that their parents are murders I mean you may be you will destroy all their other and you’ll destroy the family anyway save the family maybe the kids can teach their parents something for a change because parents don’t know everything and I’m tired of everybody thinking mommy and daddy know how the world works mommy and daddy are just as clueless about the world as everyone else mommy and daddy are murderers are an argument that it might be a people about compassion and if I was an f-16 billion land animals end up cut into pieces what is it if it’s not murder party on a barbecue reception the develops another horn two revolutions in a whole racial dream and you know such a direction Mexico desiderata see dolly de belem Shimla we had been to quite a bit of a fight she in Kenya a new material reliable a desert but the committee annotated a muslin it leader women ship to a meme is mostly single vessel mr. Lincoln elevates mukesh sonal chauhan open the balcony toady battening man Jackson Avenue see them to discuss a mess Rockville open ocean Arshad Mohammed Ali Batali’s as the anillo devoutly to bail finish a valid Coleman Yamatai Hollywood coma shot I would say they directly their intimates a fit about – hello et – Sarah team I simply buzz me know for sure for sure so Gary you came here for three weeks to give endless lectures in schools now you don’t have the lectures but you can do not give lectures I have lectures in colleges I have lectures that auditoriums set up and I’d like to know if you want to ask her in Hebrew what’s the effect of lying the kids and hiding the truth to kids we wonder why humans are such a messed up species we can’t get along with each other we have wars we have discrimination we have sexism heterosexism anti-semitism it’s because we don’t teach that speciesism is evil and it’s the root of all hatred all the branches of hatred racism and sexism stem from speciesism what’s wrong with teaching the truth – school is supposed to be a place of learning of education they do not deceit and propaganda which is what they do they teach kids that it’s okay to rape animals and steal their babies and kill them and sell their flesh and skin they tell kids that it’s okay to eat things that come out of a hen’s ass they had tell kids it’s okay to eat things that drip from animal utters they tell kids is okay to eat flesh and blood and people are upset with me we do be Duke the Duke of my last you cannot Italian commendably Milla she’s a lower dearest the trail of desert of my heart Shaymin launching a free dot and colonial mansion a yacht in a shake shake kata a high unix Diliman vanilla 13 mario hundred a the whole salon mellow melt for him a manual alia hasta la escena de academia de nominees national weekly show Angela of Aloha obey me cream Sheba madam holy Nozomi relic I owed the daimyo and all my odd a little apparently after Isabella just a little bill LF my earthly I should suicide the flattest Van Vleck shell avocado Asami snap with the notion we solder flux viva la cerva shakaal El Azteca neck McCallum Kyoto the testicle P not high desert named optimally mundo la liga de locum : especially yeah cos acacia bel di vita e Ludmila bear heyo takeshita’s El Alamo then essentially mm-hmm thing all about

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