LIVE Cross Country Leg 4 2019 Jardy Event Rider Masters

we're back in France and the race for the title is iron knife edge points are at a premium for the 30 elite combinations who include Olympic gold medalist world number one and the current series leader all to play for here at the historic rrd Jardine this is inventing reinvented this is the event Ryder masters this weekend the International eventing show here at Harada Hardy hosts some of the world's best located just outside of Versailles this famous start with its incredible architecture and centuries old stables along with the top class facilities here mean that we have been in for a real treat seven of the world's top 20 ranked riders made the lineup seven formal leg winners and seven different nations represented in the field it is a pivotal point in the series and we cannot wait to see how the action concludes here this afternoon a very warm welcome back to shadi we hope that you've enjoyed all of the action so far the dressage yesterday and of course the show jumping which really did shuffle that leaderboard a little bit earlier on State delighted to say joining me in the studio double world champion Blythe date who's been winner with this throughout the weekend and also at crating system bow we've got you out of your corner you're gonna give us all the facts and the figures on the cross country yeah really looking forward to it I think you know I think from a time point of view we've talked about a little bit it can get tough it can it can sometimes you know it last couple years it hasn't been Freddie venerate or masters legs and from a jumping point of view look Nicole get lots of chances talked about it for me on numbers it's one that I would be expecting a high jump and clear it by jumping lyric well we're gonna come on to that a little bit later on but let's just remind ourselves because a few weeks ago we were in our field in Belgium for leg three in the series and we always know the event ride Masters Series is dramatic but nothing could have prepared us for this Chris person who was in for a big series challenge here he was the defending champion in our ville and he had 20 penalties he had 11 penalties sorry for a broken device on the cross country and that meant that he finished in third place so Tim price took the win and let's see how the series leaderboard shapes up after leg three so halfway through the series and it is Chris person out in front only eight points though ahead of Janelle price bill Leavitt Sarah Cohen an equal third at the moment as well and don't forget that Chris Burton had to withdraw here having had a little bit of travel sickness for law town Chloe so he didn't make the lineup Jenelle price bill Levitt Sarah Cohen Tim price Laura Collett all in the top ten coming forward to the cross country are going to come on to the action here in shadi very shortly because they are all very much in contention and that leaderboard is going to be look very very different in a couple of hours time so that is now the series looks coming into us here in chardee but of course we've already had a couple of phases and we're going to come on to the dressage in just a moment but if you want to get involved in the broadcast and maybe you want to win yourself one of these branded event rider masters bottles then keep a lookout for the event rider masters will Bri wonder pony masters berry he'll be somewhere hidden in the broadcast and you can tag at event rider masters for that when you spot them on screen but also if you want to get involved at between legs then you can do so by joining the event rider masters Platinum Club you can find out more information about rider masters TV and they've got two really exciting yard visits coming up all the behind the scenes action Laura call it on the 23rd of July bill Levitt on the 11th of August so don't forget that you can join on the website event rider masters dot TV and get some really exclusive at content as well but that is really you can get involved it throughout between legs you can also get involved with the ekor eating snacks game will get derm to tell us about that a little bit later on of course give generously to Hannah's will Bree wonder pony charity as well but this weekend yesterday it was all about the dressage the style the grace the elegance we always know that this first phase here is important we've seen some really low scores here over the last couple of years let's just see what happened Arad Azadi sets the stage for leg four of the event Ryder masters has no less than 30 elite combinations representing 8 different nations lineup at this pivotal point in the 2019 series our love trousers a new horse to me last year he stepped up to this level just recently he did a fairly good job in our bill I think and we've learnt a lot from that we've just tweaked a few things and hopefully of putting a better performance here and feature a little bit higher up the leaderboard on the final day pebble was quick lick one at Bremen and we should post a fantastic cross-country run there our bill for whatever reason she wasn't with me she seems to be on great form so let's hope we can get past fence by this time day one and the dressers got on the way in front of ahadees beautiful Orangery the world's best hungry to get their competition off to a winning start most capped erm competitors bill Levitan shannon dale titan once again showed off their dressage pedigree with a fantastic score of twenty five point three third after this opening test Gemma tassel and quick look arrived in shaadi is a curating favorites and the combination didn't disappoint an excellent test earned the pair twenty five point one from the judges and second on the overnight leader board but the standout test of the day was Colonel Tebow Velez and King debris the duo scored an outstanding twenty three point two in front of the home crowd handing the French ride in the leg for lead going into show jumping well Tebow fir let a leader after the dressage yesterday coming in to show jumping this morning live just a word on his test because it really did deserve to be top of the table yeah it was my pick I thought it was very forward nice lights ease of movements yet with plenty of expression really nice really beautiful and one of the most experienced combinations in the field term dressage has predominantly been really important here are we seeing the same in 2019 I think so it's an interesting one I guess you know blade and Nicole when we were talking about this across the other shows when we were at Chatsworth we were able to focus really heavily on the time penalties when we went to our veal we were able to focus really highly on that on the jumping cross-country it stayed at the 50% rate at this particular venue it just so happens that the the influence seems to be less under jumping in both phases which means that makes your first phase a key one we've seen great scores here and we saw them again yesterday that's one of the top five scores that we've ever seen at the venue which is currently our leader all right yeah leader well he was our leader going into the show jumping which all took place in the arena just behind us this morning now Tebow Villette he kept the polls up and he jumped a faultless clear round life even though he lived a little dangerously with the time yeah well the time was very tight and there was a few people just over and a few people just done and Tebow kept on the right side of the penalty so he's I know he went to the wrong side of it didn't he he had a few time falls he did he had one point six time Holtz and that was as many as he could afford to stay ahead of Java Tassel who also jumped clear in second bill Leavitt was in third going into the show jumping and there was a heart break for him in this phase because he had a pole down drive the final line the penultimate fence went and he was absolutely gutted he was um he explained himself that he went forward with one stride left to the to the parallel on the curves and then that made that was a little strong yet to bring him back for the vertical and down it came and it came so expensive well one lady who did produce a very good play around in the showjumping was Sarah Cohen and trees and in the series hunters well here damn you said if Sarah Cohen jumps clear she should be on the podium this afternoon you know the work we've been doing with the with the eventing prediction center and it's there and I creating some comets on event writer masters TV and you can actually look what's really interesting is you can look at the effect that every face had on the final wind chance or podium chance and gemma remains the favorite so we said that before we came in but right now so it's 23% for jammer it's 21% for Sarah Khan well let's take a look at that full leaderboard after the first two phases in competition team overlap and also in front nothing in hand ahead of Gemma tassel in second Felix Fogg put in a really strongly around in the show jumping to move him up a couple of places to Byrd and then the likes of Sarah CO and Tim price Laura colic and JIRA glucose all recording clear rounds to make moves up the leaderboard grind arrived Genelle price looking for series points Emily Kimberly also falling victim to a few time penalties and news just coming in that caramel aguar punched a skewer in 17th position coming forward to the cross-country half with they won't be coming forward see the cross country but some very good French performances from the home crowd and then a little bit further on down the leaderboard some disappointment for Sydney defiant resume let's share think Sydney also withdrawing and not coming forward to the cross-country Izzy Taylor another to be disappointed with her show jumping route so that is now things look but just 22 seconds covering the top 20 on the leaderboard now if the time does work out to be tight here then that will be really tough and tricky and influential and there'll be a lot of movement on that leaderboard well one lady who we were really looking forward to seeing coming into the event Ryder Masters Series here in shadi was Emily King who's had a tough time with her top ride Brookley being off a little bit over the last couple years let's find out more as a kid I've always thought I wanted to be well number one Olympic champion Berlitz Grand Slam winner the whole Shazam so I'm sticking to that and it's ridiculously hard but I'm gonna keep my goal set high and working hard I first started riding I think before I could walk it's my my main passion I've you know live and breathe there wake up every day wanting to do it and you know growing up obviously around the horses my whole life with mum being who she is and if she's never but he never you know forced upon me or you know was a like a pushy hoisting mum I just have loved it from the start and it's never crossed my mind to do anything else you know I was lucky enough to go to Beijing Athens and London Olympics it's amazing to have had an insight to that before having the pressure sort of personally I mean it's gonna take a while to get remotely close to Mum accolades but I will try exactly you've got to enjoy the good times when they happen because with the horses they are ridiculously you know unpredictable so just keep smiling it's a very solid piece of advice to me I'd say those two horses mr. hi-ho and Berkeley are my first two top horses to take me from you know novice up up to the top but Brookley my first horse to ride at five star and first history of badminton so I think he'd be don't tell the others I think everyone was special he has quite an unusual jumping technique and if he is a you know a bit of a sticky situation offence if I haven't got a good distance on the jump he would stop if you aren't perfect and he would have you know an occasional fall I had to ride very well for it to happen which is you know that it makes you it's you definitely have to get your act together and that's what taught me a huge amount but along the way we did have some heavy foot had a heavy full of the June Europeans a hands and there were other fuller at badminton and I think that's also a huge part of becoming a professional rider is you're bound to have these big Falls and it's mentally getting through them I think personally that's the hardest thing it's just the mental game so you have to just really try and be on top of it but so it took me a while but I'm back on now I hope she really is a very remarkable young lady forging her own path in the sport of eventing despite some very very big family shoes to fill and it really is an extreme sport as you can hear from Emily it is the thrills and the spills of eventing and at three disciplines but cross country in particular as I say extreme it's difficult to find a top preventing rider that is good in all three phases or hazard exactly the right character for all three phases in the same way we're looking for the horse that's good in all three phases and it's rare it's hard to find I guess the the sport at the very highest level requires a particular type of competitor you have to be a little bit ruthless a little bit selfish it takes discipline and determination almost a little bit it's stubbornness runs in with that determination I think that you just have that will that you're never gonna give up yeah the risks and dangers and and little pitfalls and dips and things you need to watch out for and a sport of a meaning their vast though varied we at the end of the day are riding very expensive horses and with that comes a lot of interest if you like from the owners of those horses from other people that would be slightly interested in those horses highs and lows thrills and spills risks and rewards event riding is an extreme sport and not for the faint-hearted I had a pretty horrific fall back in 2013 and I was knocked out was gonna cut her for a week I had a punctured lung lacerated liver broken ribs broken shoulder broken cheekbone and I guess the biggest and the only long-lasting thing was I lost the sight in my right eye and luckily it still really no one would know that that was something that I had to adapt to there's a lot of places where you're at risk of injury in yourself and the equestrian sport one that really stands out was the end of last year and I've been called a little Downham as I was coming into the fence on my own experience advanced horse we had a difference of judgment we had to take off last-minute emergency breaks me now we both went into the log he took the log on his neck and why we'd down underneath them in the ditch which kind of left him come in on top of me so he wriggled around a little bit on on top and then he got up and trotted away no problems think rocky for him but I was down there feeling a little bit worse for wear so once they checked out that I was all okay to move I got up and crunch crunch underneath my back protector and the side here so a couple of ribs down that point and a bit of a twisted knee but yeah it's just part and parcel if you're going to do this you're going to take a few knots take a few knocks that is a typical event right away of saying it because it is a tough sport and everybody's had a big Falls and they really do respect each other and the camaraderie and eventing is quite remarkable flies are looking forward to the cross country today p.m. each layer course designer what were your thoughts when you went out and walked it I think as a typical peer track it's very technical it's not the biggest of tricks I think a filly inviting start but a very intense and strong finish so I think it could be a few mistakes the time always encourages people to take risks and subtract though don't thing you can take a risk on I think it's very technical there's a few big questions particularly coming up at the end as well and just quickly the time here has been a little bit easier than expected in previous years over the last couple of runnings of the event Roadmasters yeah it's a nearly 37 percent so last year last couple year so it's been the highest the the easiest time to get of the event as well we will watch this space this afternoon but just what is in store for our riders let's take a look at this afternoon's cross-country for leg four we're in France and that means one thing a forward bold course set by Olympic designer p.m. issue he reverses the direction from 2018 and thus one of the early challenges is the erm water at 6 & 7 a pair of houses into the splash should jump easily for those in gear some groundwork creates relief from the flat fast terrain and makes a real question of the Wilbury complex at 11 and 12 a B 11 as a skinny box perched on the mind before a smooth serpentine should let them pick up the hay cart and second skinny at 12 a and B they need to keep close to the advertising boards to have the space to attack the quick double test of angled houses into the second event rider masters water at 60 a full minute of galloping later it's time for the sa P water here there's a roll-top related to a drop into the water over a boat then a step up and an attacking distance to the 2014 World Championships fish with home in mind the last major effort will be the chicane complex at 22 the first element is again set on a small mound to increase the question before they need to curve over a trio of skinny arrowheads it's critical that they have enough energy and rideability left at this point what penalties await a thoroughbred test for the world's best as they hope to achieve to three thousand four hundred and eighty five metres distance and cross the DHL finish line inside the six minutes and seven seconds optimum to decide who will be the victor of the giardi leg of the event rider masters well we all think that this cross-country track is perhaps a little bit tougher here than in the last couple of years we're looking forward to seeing it how our riders tackle it but just a few minutes away now from our pathfinders Tom McEwen CHF cool eyes are getting out on course when are we going to hear from the man who actually is in charge of this afternoon's cross-country PM Ashley is it Hannah yes here's Nicole and what a tough track he has built here in ER d PA you are no stranger to building tracks you have done lund Rio 2016 Olympics and now you're here building this course tell me a little bit about what has influenced you to build a course like that Charlie it's a place that I know very well because I'm working here maybe for twenty years and we have already done erm last year and NGO before also so we we have it's a flat it's a flat area so we have to put sophisticated distance and combination for and such we have a very good field of riders and it's a very important competition so what is would be very difficult is to win so so we put some question where the riders have to find the good lines a good speed is a good curve for jumping the combination and this is difficult to analyse very well the cosa I think and talking to you beforehand you talked about how there wasn't one particular question that was more challenging than the others it's the combination all of the questions that are out there the big gallops in between the very fast-paced flat you know course that you've built but also the tight time yes but I think that was the most difficult is to put all together and to solve all the all this combination and also type of offenses because because as I I think that the time will be will not be easy to reach him well we'll find out we're gonna stay with you Pierre and see the first rider come through and see what they make of the s AP water jump which is just behind us but for sure Nicole it looks pretty challenging out here well we're looking forward to seeing just who can take on this cross-country track this is the running order Tom McEwen CHF who Liza who come forward on their dressage score just outside the top 20 will be first to go and actually could still be well in touch with the leading packed other ones to watch from that session Nicolas peshkhauri Lord South Dakota 20 R in our bill just a few weeks ago Michael young creaver coolly watch out for them at halls looking for its first completion at the level Maxime Evo opium debería one of the most experienced combinations in the field and Alex Bragg the defending champion will be coming forward in this as well Janell prize provides that EV and Bill Leavitt Shannon del Titan looking for big series points here and here we are at the top eight in reverse order of merit during McCarthy's brutal ellos 16 RVL a few weeks ago the likes of Tim Price Sarah Cohen favorites for a podium finish here and Tebow Velez our leader two the first two phases will be the last to go on course nothing in hand as things stand over second place dermatitis all sewed reverse order cross-country here in the event rider masters wear a couple of minutes now away from getting underway and delighted to have you both with us let's just have a look dumb in terms of ones that we can watch in the early few horses who will be giving us an indication of that time perhaps we've got back to the time but I think I was a way to write a track I think you know probably the cross-country rider for me in Britain over the last couple years male is Tom McEwen I think he's I think he's a real standout talent to the way he can take a horse right I think this horse has been really really impressive this weekend we know that she's young and but I think she is absolutely one for the future I think from the very start that would be one I think you put up on the podcast this week when Tana P so Anna Katharina comes I think probably about fourth round out and even before that the second round is easy Taylor you're talking about top top cross-country riders I think they I think those early ones will give us a really good feel for the course the speed happens a little bit the speed happens a little bit later but Quentin is probably a good a good test on speed a good test for Annika Serena Vogel who's coming forward actually in 26th position on a score of 42.5 now in terms of the questions that are out there on course blood that what would you say to viewers at home should be looking out for well the first question has been for just it's a car it's a kind question but it's a first place I think there could be mistakes and it builds all the way around the the second water is in my opinion more difficult in the first and the the most difficult combination of them all is 22 at the very end it's a four-part combination three skinny fences on a serpentine I certainly would want to have that behind me well we will be looking forward to seeing how Tom McEwen tackles the course he's going under starter's orders CHF coolaser inexperienced at the level will Bree wonder pony strapped on Tom's back along for the ride and Tom actually was on the podium with Figaro van het Brooks off at Chatsworth a little bit earlier on this year but this horse has been so impressive this weekend Blythe she's a real superstar for the future yes she's only just come to this level she's got a very experienced man on top but I know he's excited about her future and I would think that this time next year we could see some really competitive performances from here well a couple of really nice inviting fences to get them underway the log at one the table at two they're not the bank just to the right-hand side of our studio actually go to a big brush down on a fairly steep Bank then swinging right-handed and then it'll be the white garden rails the question at for a and B blyde that you were spoke about a moment ago talk us through this yeah I mean you get a long straight run at them and then they are on quite a steep angle and quite a long distance between them so you've got to be committed and go forward like that you could just see them may I have a little look and then reach for the second one and you know a green horse like that will will will will have a second look I think the more experienced horses will cope with a better and Tom actually really gave her the confidence there didn't he because she was very unsure for just a second but she responded beautifully stayed true to her line so Tom McEwen a pathfinder comes to the event rider masters water the house at six and seven now these are very much related Blythe but they are separately numbered by PS so they could turn a circle should they so wish it could but then they won't be in on the podium it'll just take two too long I think the distance between those two is slightly kinder but the angle as as narrower so the line has to be perfect well Tom McEwen can really open up on the accelerator around the outside of the racetrack as he goes up to the rail at 10:00 deserves respect fairly upright that rail and then he'll come back to one of the first major major questions on course will breeze combination at 11 and 12 and he doesn't look to really be chasing the clock ride giving a horse at a good confidence no I don't think she's quite ready to be you know pressurized at this stage and he'll be looking for a really confident around this next combination he's coming to you have to come up a rise to a very wide box sorry is it the one after this yes very wide box that you have to be absolutely straight to and then you have the land maker and immediate to and run down to a big table and then you haven't finished there's another white box and they're very very wide aren't they I mean I stood out with my arms right now and just about could touch the sides he's put the five strides in yeah I personally think the Bible's going to work better because you can't angle the first Vince you have to jump it straight I'm sure the bold horses will make for easily but I'm picking the majority beyond five what Tom McEwen easily done there clear of the ditch palisade at 13 as well so a couple of nice inviting fences for him before another of the major questions on course and you can just see that a completely turned back on himself like daddy's walk takes up the time here isn't absolutely you can't just pre wear around those cool corners you have to regain control and they just slow you down well Tommy going on to the corner at 15 and this really does deserve respect because you've got to pick your line by the side of the bank and come he's actually going round the backs he's gonna take her a much more direct route I think we might see some cutting inside a title like but he takes that very easily gives the horses lovely ride I mean personally I think I would take that route as well because you get get the chance to show the horse the problem do you think later though we may see riders taking a few risks well they're going to have to if they want to be on the podium so yes here comes the second of these waters 50 pounds in 15 seconds down on the clock into the water would you say that the first half of the course Blythe is slightly easier time wisent you're not going to be able to make up as much time in the second all right but I think the second half the course gets quite technical it gets very intense so yes I think if we're gonna be down on the clock at the beginning then I think you going to be down on the clock throughout and again that could be taken on three very forward strides but I think four on the tune like there is just a little bit less risky and if we could come from the right hand side you'd be able to go on the three strides it will come very much from the left so I think the four strides is going to be the common common theme there as well well CHF kunai's atomic urine making light work of PMS leis cross-country track so far they've just over a minute to get home so they will be running into some time penalties already well down on the clock but we'll confirm that for you as they progress towards the end of the track I think one of the really interesting things you mentioned the inexperience and you know still just stepping up to the level but this is only right on 10 international runs for this horse and they're only their second ever time you know they were at they were at Houghton Hall and they've been in the force are short they're they've jumped clear everywhere have been but looking at the record it's been a really nice progression through the phases and you know they're still going to be seeing some of these types of questions and fences for the first time so what's interesting what's in this round is watching Tom being able to coax this mayor around and being able to say we saw how green she was it means number four and now she's looking really confident I would think that Tom would be thrilled beautifully clear that angled brush at the second element really is it at a very acute angle and then this is the question bride that you said it is the final question on course and it's one of the toughest yeah and I think unlike this unlike some of the other combinations where I've suggested that maybe the extra strive was the way to go this one I think you have to be very positive and I think you have to stay committed which is what tom is doing has gone on the three strides three again and then this one hides just around the corner and you couldn't have wished for it to go any better to be honest well Tom McEwen showing us how this course should be jumped he's gonna have time penalties the point four of a penalty for every second over the time certainly clocks up very quickly but he's put in a foot perfect round in terms of his jumping as he comes to the Sheep feeder finale at 24 clears it very well goes through the DHL finished shirt to complete thirty-year three seconds over thirteen point two time finishes on forty eight point three well it's very early it's only one round but if I thought that was looked very calm collected and it's a huge accolade to Tom and we're going back to Izzy now but also I would say huge accolade to Tom but I don't expect that to challenge from what we've seen there some of the horses who were talking about you know been to Olympic Games back is is eating around some course with spring power and the things that did not go to plan for this combination in the show jumping five poles fell and a couple of time penalties as well so is he not in contention after that and is he just giving the horse of really good confidence-building run coming to the corner John soul didn't quite get it right private if he didn't have any chance of staying in the plate there oh I mean she hit the line right but the downhill approach is very unbalancing she came a little bit deep and the horse had to make a big effort to get out of the way and just tipped here's the other side the often hot pursuit of spring power who absolutely none the worse swearing is he good to see her up on board so quickly after that tumble as next away from the start tiana really neat and tubular direct combination one of two swiss accommodations in the field to 37.5 they're starting score just one pole down a couple of time penalties in the show jumping to add for them she's away Clare of the first will be looking to head on up the bank to the brush that comes up at 3:00 Siana rly nee making her event rider masters debut here this weekend popped that very nicely disappears out of sight down the bank but very quickly pounds back around to the right hand side just taking a little bit of extra time coming to those white rails at 4a and be very nice she's on a very respectable starting score of 30 7.5 on her event ironmasters Davey as she comes to the first water taking the angle on the one stride easily cleared through both elements there so it's the honor looks to be pushing a little bit quicker than perhaps tarma a little bit earlier on well is he Taylor good to see her walking away with spring power after that tumble and we'll get the opportunity to see the scam talk us through it live well I think just the downhill approached didn't help and the horse and rider both came too close and and and Finas the horse tried to avoid a fall and jumped out to the side as he being as he was very committed and she was going straight over and they was jumping it either way they went both in different directions oh good to see them up on their feet and I'm sure we'll see them back in an event Ryder masters that leg again but naughty Z's weekend here so to blue to work goes on T the outskirts the big rail down at 10:00 and then she'll come back to this combination 11 and 12 a.m. be the will agree wonder pony combination we saw Tom go through her foot perfect on the five strides at Blythe yep and I also was lucky enough to see on the monitor as you go through they're on fire strides as well it looked very nice just came up a little bit shorter for her yeah I mean you could go a little bit wider in your serpentine and give those a little bit more room but I I think she did well well swings back left-handed on herself and goes to the rail officer at 14 and then it'll be that corner at 15 that we saw is he for last a few moments ago but a long run here the opportunities just to open up on that accelerator pick up on a bit of time and we'll get a clock check on her as she comes to the event Ryder Masters water very shortly to see Anna actually coming that inside route that we spoke about earlier Blythe I mean it is a little bit shorter it just opens up the corner for the potential for a run out a little bit more because you can't get quite as straight but that was very well done Luciano is going exceptionally well and as she comes to the water she's going to be about on target for time as well she's good needs to be here with to 21 on the clock so she's where she needs to be now this is going to be a really good indication as to that optimum time of 6:07 as waiting down at the starter and now underway DSP Kanchana P Anna Katharina Vogel combination particularly impressive in the jumping faces on their event Ryder Masters debut quickly clear of the first Oh problems that there's a first couple of the easier obstacles designed particularly to get riders into their rhythm I'm a good confidence-building start I mean this fence designs is designed to slow you down a little sharp turn and then and into space it's very well and truly coming to the water let's go down to Hana and watch them through here with the course designer yeah how do you think the course is riding so far yes I think it's right I always was so very very good jumps and it's it for me it looks easier that I was thinking but we will see I think the time will stay challenging and make the difference and if they want to go too fast they will take more risk and probably run out somewhere but we'll see we will see indeed sir lots of action so far out here Nicole it's Jana did a great job through the water is Anna Katharina Vogel goes that into the far side of the course clear of the first of the waters we're an Ekaterina now has a long run down round that far side of the course the horse ears prick – eating up this track from p.m. initially so far just had to back off the dracaena a little bit there Blythe yeah I mean it's a nice galloping fence and she did keep the pace up but I would have said that was not your bet well here comes to see Anna really need towards home the clock is close she's not going to quite make the time but she's not gonna be far over she'll go to the top of the live leaderboard as she clears the last and goes home just a few seconds over the time 9 in total three point six time penalties finishes on 31.1 and that is the target to beat at the moment I think you know you picked out this combination during the week and I think you're right it's gonna be a really interesting one from a time point of view I think we've had our first indicator there and started fields yes I mean she kept her pace up all the way but she wasn't flustered and I think there'll be a few that will make time I think this particular DSP Quinn Tanabe would would Anna Katarina is one that you know we've seen make the time in our back yeah but you know and more you know huge amount of venues and again true to different levels so I would say not that experienced at this level of the sport I think my back and they went to the moon and I'm door don't exist across country there and already May I think they may have retired cross country at the Merlin but but I would say on this is we've seen speed all across their career so this is another another opportunity to get America it's taking me outside to the corner it does allow you to keep traveling though doesn't it yeah doesn't it it lets the horse cite the problem from further away and therefore they read at Miller and it's just a little bit safer she's actually about on a par with where Deanna was coming to this water so she's about on target as things stand at the moment be a second or so down she has where she wanted to be an accountant Rena Vogel has that ready to go away from the start it is Sir Tom CRISPR and liberty and glory it's May 6 at po5 star last spring last autumn even sorry completed Babbington this spring and very good dressage 33.8 Tom delighted with the mare personal bests at the level and an excellently around over the colored poles this morning as well she has a wonderful expression live on her face doesn't it very enthusiastic love job less enthusiastic about the dressage perhaps but the jumping solutely adores it I don't blame her vocal to the final water the third of the three opportunities for horses to get their feet wet talk us through this prize because we saw it with yeah it's a good question it is it's quite a big corner into the water and the problem is you could get a little bit to the left and then have to move out to find your line here that's quite a steep angle and quite a forwards fried so you you really need to be going forward to the bank and I think just keeping out in the water and making the turn in the water is the way to go beautifully done through there for Anna Katharina and she was a spot-on where she wanted to be timewise as well Tom Cruise passing in the other direction liberty and glory enthusiastically into the water first at the waters at 6 and 7 he looks to be yeah moving a lot quite quickly he's not hanging around and she's on a very competitive score of 33.8 so was in the top 20 coming forward but a fast Claire would see him really move up that leaderboard she is motoring as she goes on to the true cana at the 9th liberty and glory tom press but that long run around the outside of the racetrack owes that when I'm right handed to the rail at tad easily done that and then can open up on that accelerator again she comes to the big question the big brush up was right-handed nicely done fruit a blind yeah I think that's the way to go the five and the five we will see someone for well just over the time two point eight time Anna Castle univocal and DSP Quinn tarna P so they finish on forty five point three gay second at the moment so we've had a couple of time penalty so far Blythe do you think it's achievable do you think it's achievable I haven't seen many horses through the second-to-last combination but that appears they're jumping up really well which is a credit to them so the riders training Tom having a super ride with liberty and glory so far and he's coming to the corner we'll see if he cuts inside the bank he looks to be doing so and nicely done didn't waste a second there and he is good on the time so far as well so this is gonna be a really good indication flight because actually we've seen a couple of people on target as they get to this water and then the time bleeds from them slightly in the second half of the course that's right but I think he started probably the most positive anyone again you've just got the slow down for the turn here and then right positively for that's quite a strong bounce it doesn't look much but it's quite big it is big a little bit of vocal encouragement for liberty and Glory own bread by the Crisp family that next to go from the start it is multi Kemper and grand supreme at for Poland didn't have the easiest of times in the show jumping this combination looking to put that behind them on the cross country now clearer of the fast and he is that not set out that quickly perhaps because of those penalties he had in the show jumping but looking for a more steady round yeah and he's just sitting in to us run the money he can pick up the pace a little later this one here you really do have to come quietly around the turn and then we ask the horses to jump into interspace so we call us Texas I hear Tom crisp liberty and glory the last of the waters good on time so this could be our first combination to make the time and if it is he will set the target beautifully done through there now how much is he got left in because he's a quick check of his watch and he's kicking on towards home will it be our first rider to achieve that optimum time of 6 minutes and 7 seconds I'm certainly still having to set the mare up she's full of running easily done through that and swings back left hand it to this a final combination now he had need to be jumping this with 30 seconds left on the clock so he's perhaps a couple of seconds down now as I say still plenty of petrol in the tank if you had astride into the skinny but I don't think it really matters you've just got to come around to let the horses see the last one he did add an extra stride but still you know you can't you can't force things he was gonna let things happen when you're on cross-country and read the situation a magic of cross country riding he is home safety three point six time he's the one to beat 37 point for though Tom Chris goes to the top of the live pay diem as things stand machee camp up wrong Supre coming to the Wilbur wonder pony combination 11 and 12 little dangerously at the first time I cried and it says and came out on for cheap goes do that big ditch and brush and then he'll make that really tight turn back on himself it does really slow riders up they run back to the big dip ray locks are at 14 Oh Matthew very easily away from that come big Grail and it was a similar rail actually that we saw Chris Burton have his frangible 11 penalties out in our field that caused all that drama yes it was Nicole all that drama I would say just looking back at this pair you mentioned her showjumping be disappointing and of course they're probably you know they are starting a little bit further back because of those polls and showjumping put it it pretty much tracks their their record and you know this mayor has ten runs now with this level and those averaged nearly fourteen penalties in that showjumping phase but when we look at the strands it from ten jumping clear you know quite quite a good reliable mayor in terms of their you jump into your grand supreme and their average at the moment from a time point of views about airtime counties and but that's a similar to what we were seen with some of the previous writers who all ended up maybe around five well here is Nicholas Bush Cora Lord softer Kovich Shep 35.5 coming forward on their dressage score will we wonder pony again going along for Nicholas's cross-country round I should just say that if you're playing along to win the event by the Masters branded water bottles and you're spotting the will for wonder pony it needs to be the Masters berry so not all of the berries that are strapped to riders back because otherwise it would be a little bit more straightforward for house well if you're playing along on the air creating stacks game and the question for Nicholas is that can he and Lord Shostakovich jump clear on the event by Damascus debut in our field Marc last month can they jump clear again here in shadi 89% of you playing along have said yes so if Nikki's does have a problem that would be a stack buster Matthew at the last water blight you can see how he does move from the left to the right I think that just gives them a little bit more of a straighter line to the last part it's a bit of a squiggle but it can't be done and he is down on the clock at that water so he is running into time penalties as things stand at the moment score at coming back in the other direction with that lords austere Kovich Lord softy Kovich makes the run out into the far field now and could challenge the leader so Tom crisp Liberty and Gloria are clubhouse leaders as things stand at the moment on a score of 37.4 he's on 35.5 so he can afford to be four seconds over the time but nothing more if he wants to go ahead of Tom crisp and I'd say he's perhaps not going all that quickly Blythe will come to it data but Matt's you at camp at grand supreme clear jumping so far in his event ride amassed his day Theo across the country but the time penalties clocking up as he heads towards home just the last to go but has otherwise been a very good round from this young man and pops it very neatly over the last say some 25 seconds 26 over the time in total ten point four finished one sixty eight point six here's Nicholas Bakura but will Bri combination of 11 and 12 nicely done life yeah I mean this is one of the biggest boldest horses we've seen so far and he still chose to go on the five strides in the first half of the of the combination and then out on for this horses seemed it seems to me to be sitting down into a rhythm and rolling along a lot nice and he'll it's on what we're seeing at the moment Nicole I feel early on I mean we saw Quintin opee Quint Anna P and Katerina ended up with 2.8 I'm Valdez that's still our fastest round at the moment but also looking into the data a little bit more but they've made the time three times in the last 12 months there's not many horses who have that kind of speed and undated to make the time I feel this is all playing towards ericone and treason at the moment I just you know the speed that they have I think could stand em could really stand to the mirror that it doesn't look like that money will make it I think so we'll come back to it as we get a little bit more deeper into competition well I would say that Nicolas 10 seconds down on the clock as he goes into the second event Roadmasters water at 16 8 and B so we're away goes sebastián cabal Sarah doggish away from the start they were unlucky to have two poles down disappointed with those two poles down in the show jumping very costly and 39.8 the score that they bring forwards can't actually challenge the lead of Tom Kresge BC in glory who are out in front on 37.4 does they make a big difference blyde the French riding on home soil I think so and also they're used to these technical twisty tracts I think that me PA visually has made a real stamp on the way that things are designed in France and so for them this is a familiar track nicely clear of the rails at four Nicholas peshkhauri Lords austere Kovich at the water and nicely done through that gesture really gathered the horse he can tell brightness where he's losing that little bit of time on the cross country he is down on the clock but still a good clear jumping so far at last water complex is riding better than I thought it would be to be honest the horses seem to be locking on to the last part and them and reading it well Bastian Capone goes out into the far field to the big box brush the horses making pretty enthusiastic about her cross-country Nicholas I think his boots might have come undone or something he's got some sort of tak malfunction right on himself swinging around to the last combination I think and you can see he's really really down on the clock now the horse just getting a little bit strong out literally but he gets away with it Nicholas bokura the clock has turned red so Tom crisp is going to hold on to the top spot lords austere Kovich to the final two goes to the last and picking up a few time penalties but otherwise a good round from them near the final fence and kick on to complete 9.2 time doesn't always make it easy for Sebastian does she blind she's quite opinionated she or she is and they have a little bit of an argument every now and then just in front of the fence she wants to go but faster than Sebastian thinks as wise well the bustin Kevon serra da goo shat making that long run to the corner at 14 a news just coming in the nemily King has withdrawn so Emily King not coming forward she was in attempt position going forward to the cross country and she has withdrawn so will not be running well Sebastian taking that slightly longer route flies but gets a good straight line at that corner the Amelie goes over the right hand left hand one but um yeah but I think that the leaders will take the inside line because they're going to have to if they want to retain their position but I think then these horses are going around so that the riders can give them a bit more of a confident round sebastian sarah document that water away from the start feel except salt who was so well placed in fourth after the dressage had disappointment with two holes down in the show jumping but in 18th position coming forwards 33.4 his starting sport and we are now into the reverse order top 20 so every single combination coming out on course now our challenge it to tom crisps at clubhouse lead with liberty and glory no problems at the third for Felix and he kicks on to this combination at for a and B we've seen it jump a couple of times flies and it so far seems fairly straightforward yeah I mean I think if the riders find a line and ride forward and then the distance works easily for them then oh just a slightly sticky moment for Sebastian Kevon we'll see that again because he just looked to have slipped slightly coming out of the war supply yeah I mean he went forward through the water faster than anybody else and he got a very bold jump up and it was a tied to and after and he just wasn't quite in control well an experienced pair and with a very good jumping record as well 11 times at the level and only once picked up a jumping fault and they've also been to five star level at Lemelin as well me things look to have just got a little bit wild for him at the end of his round I'm not sure that the brakes are working very well just to know we'll just see this again the kids up the step one stride swings left hand handed talk is through that brave just doesn't quite as I say he took the turn much faster than he wanted to and so though he was struggling for control a little bit and was quite lucky to be honest because it was a nasty moment Felix axel coming through the rail rise haos at the far side of the course we need back right handed to 11 and 12 with bandits that will be runned a pony combination oh just living dangerously feelings Etzel the combination and there is sebastian Kevon 32 seconds over 52.6 his total score sara dark huge home safety after a couple of hairy moments later on in their round but a clear jumping for them that's all swings back to that big mem clip rails is it well and goes on to this corner at 14 and we've seen a variety of lines at this corner of life some most at most have worked very well do you think they'll be a preference go back to the later riders to come I think that the leading riders will take the inside line because they want to save every second they can I don't know that the inside line has actually written any worse than the outside line the horses seem to be locking on and and understanding the problem so I think the word might filter back to sneak through on the inside well Felix set well down on the clock as he comes to the water 20-something seconds down by the time he takes this house total but clears it well and continues on so here comes Michael Young a winner here two years ago that was with star connection he rides free Bakula this time the mayor looking for her first completion at this level of competition and of course the double Olympic champion on board but there's a horse flight that he thinks a huge amount of for the future yes that's a horse I don't know very well but rumor has it that Michael has a lot of time for air so he would know she was actually produced by Kitty King over and Great Britain then went through a young Swedish rider went to a junior European Championships and then has only come to Mickey's yard in May of this year so a very new partnership exactly nicely done through for a and B though he's on a score of thirty three point three and if he does push towards the time then he could challenge the lead at the moment of Tom Chris Liberty and Gloria but of course sir a little way to go for that making the direct route idea I think don't think we'll see many people taking the longer alternative Fabray we probably saw her back off as much as any horse would seem so far but she looks like a nice careful sort of horse and she's just learning learning her trade Michael wrote nice and strong there and gave her the confidence there isn't a drop into that water so you know once the horses are through there it should help that the second the food waters Alfie accepts all having a real discussion with bandits down the 17 amb and swings back left hand at the time there's already turning red and clocking over so these penalties will pop up very quickly hasn't been chasing the time and I think there might be a query from our ground jury about a flag issue for him as well so we might see a replay of that in just a moment and he comes through the yet final combination very nicely offenses riding really well they feel except salt as to left to go and he clears the pan ultimate just the last that the time penalties are clocking up but it's been a good jumping clear round so far for him we'll come back to that flag penalty query in just a second but otherwise a very good round from Felix and a real disappointment for him after those first two these two poles down in the show jumping well this is Felix Etzel and easily clear through that corner just took the flag I'm definitely not a judge but that looks all right to me although this is a different theme and that could be the query from our ground jury because that was a little bit worse key from Felix that salt donut 17 8 and B 17 P I'd say looks ok the first half the horse went through no problems it was just the hind quarters that took the flag we'll wait for the confirmation from our ground jury of that I'm gonna stop the inside line to the corner right it very nicely Michael Young coming to the water good 22 second ten seconds down on the clock sorry should be jumping in there with two minutes and twenty one left on the clock at the first element his hair comes up maxime Libya and opium devaglia they Maxime or mano most experienced horses in the fields was actually top ten here at with Palau de Mer previously as well he's a five-star win up Michael Young heading towards home with creaver cooling there's been a good round for a Michael heading back towards the second of the waters he's down on the clock so isn't going to be challenging to go inside that six minutes and seven seconds optimum time live stir have a look at this water with this it's jumped well so far it has I mean I thought the the angle on the last fence was quite steep but the horses seem to be really understand where they meant to go and that was well done Michael young well down on the clock as he goes away from there and you can see he isn't chasing the time as things stand Tom Chris they want to meet at the moment 37.4 the total score for him with liberty and glory as maxine Livio an opium to varriya individually xi that the world of austrian games that last year and try on this combination no doubt gearing up for a French assault at the European Championships in Lemieux 'ln this year very experienced as creamer Cooley and Michael Young was looking for her first completion at this level of competition nicely done through there live it up yeah couldn't ask for those time penalties clocking up for Michael Young creeper coolly as he comes up to the final fence and it's been a good clear round across the country jumping wise just a few time penalties to add and then he pops the last and comes home stopping the clock 29 seconds 30 seconds over the time forty five point three we'll have a top 20 finish this Maxime levy 8:00 p.m. to Barry out very easily done through there because the first rider we've seen go on for four strides but this is a very experienced horse for the big stride and very confident it didn't even look like he pushed for those four strides did he very good Maxime Livia on a score of thirty two point seven coming to the corner so 15 oh just look in there a little bit right not the flag but got away with it how many kept the pace up in the turn and you're going to get one shot and he went on what he had and worked out all right it's interesting I think when you draw the comparison with some of the younger more inexperienced horses that we saw this morning and now looking at open to vary this as you can see well done on the clock if we go with that at the moment what would be very a reasonable speed we know what reasonable speed but didn't make the time I wake up for only a couple of seconds over do you never know with that team orders you always have a little bit in the back you mind that says actually were they riding the team instructions yeah they happen me I mean to me at the time a few times in you know in recent times but not not nothing outstanding I would say but it's just from optics blade it looks very calm and collected as a round yes compared to some of the rounds that we've seen yeah I would agree with that but he's he's lit the horse finders rhythm and he's allowing him to bowl along but he's not pushing him along but he's not fighting him either so he's not wasting any time one thing I would say was he won second down at the first of the waters no a second of the water sorry say just one second down on the clock but everybody in that final two minutes of the course has been losing time so this will be interesting he looks to a caught up a little bit as he comes to this water easily done through there so we'll Maxime Livio be able to challenge this time we're gonna find out because he's got just over a minute to get home I think you probably do need to be well you need to be not well off but you certainly need to be seeing green there on your on your checkpoint you're coming into those late combinations you know there is a couple there is a combination at the very end little bit us jumping to do and he's you know he's got less than a minute to do it out so he needs to be jumping the final combination which we'll see in just a second with around 30 seconds left on the clock so he's gonna be very close to it and actually he can afford to be 11 seconds over the time to go ahead of Tom Chris Liberty and Glory who are the current clubhouse leaders but I think what we are seeing is that you do really have to have a little bit of time in the bank for this latter part of the course and the combination just showing all of their experience there Blythe because they didn't miss a beat after that trip I were there as cross country riding to you know be able to stay in the plate when things go a little awry and he really just didn't stop riding well Maxime Livio opium debería picking up a few time penalties as he comes at to the final fancy clears it very well and he should go to the top of the podium in fact we'll just go into second behind liberty and glory so liberty and glory Tom Chris will stay in the top spot I actually have you know in terms of the speed rating unopened of area he is still within our top got our top like six or seven maybe in around that so he he has shown speed in the past at different levels of the sport again you know what I'm when I'm looking at who's at the very top of that Kareem's Horse punch the last game is is fast but treason treason treason trees and trees and trees and well treason will be the fourth last to go out on course with that Sarah Cohen Maxime Livio just debriefing with the French team at the end of his round but a very accomplished performance with opium Bavaria and he is second at the moment but Tom Chris but climbs ever close up will be no worse than sixteenth with liberty and Florrie likely to climb even higher as well that was the horse's best ever finished ship Chatsworth previously the horses competed finished in 16th so looking for a best event rider masters finish seemed just dismounting and the team are very quick on hands at the end of a round are they played well we've got optimal conditions here today really it's an awful lot cooler today than it was yesterday so I think the riders also to appreciate that there's not too many hills in the course so you would hope that Fitness wasn't too much of a problem well let's go and hear from Hanna down on the ground Michael yang just a few time penalties for you how was it for me was just to learn more about the horse to get experience together to get give her a good feeling and I'm absolutely happy that was a super round and ya know I think gives us confident and we can keep going you already look like a very impressive partnership and you've only been you know a combination for a couple of months yes but she's a great horse she's a great horse it's just me I have to learn how she's doing in a few situations more like this or more like this and but this time she's absolutely listening I can go forward I can't go more collect and if I use my legs she jump much more forward so I think she's a clever horse and yeah I think that was a good experience today well we look forward to seeing the both of you a lot more in the future thanks thank you well away goes and Nikola Tucson vonti globe jack on a score of 31.0 and they can challenge the lead of Tom crisp and liberty and glory who are currently out in front on 37.4 horse that actually finished on his dress our school to take the win of verano a little bit earlier on this year just unlucky to pick up one second over the time in the show jumping four point four of a penalty but in 15th position coming forward so flanks up on the air creating speed ratings as warned to keep an eye on nickel or two zone of course an incredible jockey an Olympic gold medalist and European champion back in 2003 as well the only Frenchman still to have one carbon teen horse trails at the wonderful gray got on to Sevilla you to the legendary partnership in their day this was not hanging around live in a good positive start Nicholas has just been without a really top horse for the last a year so hopefully this is one that he's looking for well quickly on to the Wolverine wonder pony box at 11 and 12 a.m. be the meatus is around to watch for a number of different reasons because actually we've got a very high jumping Clarett at the moment we haven't seen we had it we saw as a tailor and but we haven't seen really any other trouble and this is a horse who you know has he picked up we picked up jumping penalties in Sam Muir and also popular in the last couple years and equally we've mentioned them in the speed ratings we've also seen some very fast rounds I think if there's no jumping penalties here it's a good indication that we're probably not likely to see that many more and if you can see you smiling at me blades because I know I will believe you listen in it's just an interesting one in that the jumping record here is not as strong as some of the ones to come if the speed record is also strong so I think you get a good indication from what's to come from a couple of different angles with this with this combination well easily clear at the corner at 15 and he is not hanging around he should be good on time as he comes to this second of the waters actually he's gonna be about where he needs to be a couple of seconds up on the clock even say this is a really really really key round to watch and we've been saying that you need to have a little bit of time in the bank at this first part of the course because you can't make it up in the second part next away round Falco shape Charizard Olivia had a soup ugly around in the show jumping and did nothing to address our score of thirty point eight and this horse supply that has just impressed in both the faces so far such a lovely attitude I couldn't agree more just has a real focus and mind on the job and willingness to please we're on a very good starting score of 30.8 and it gets a good tip shot at the third Nicola Toussaint on the water and he is up on time this is a big round from the Frenchman and I just saw the flag go slightly in the right of our screen there it'll be interesting to see that he certainly brushed through the top of the fish burner he swings left handed back to one of the nice inviting fencers before the brush and box at 21 Amb and she runs into difficulty now Blythe talk us through that because actually the angle is very acute but it's jumped well so far today it has and actually is quite a turn I mean there is the option to do full bending there but these these horses and riders have chosen the direct three I did sense just when he came out of the water that he he got a little bit of urgency and he tried to make up a bit of time and I think that just meant that he he didn't quite get the line as he wanted the horse certainly didn't know where where he was expected to go and then that's how an easy mistake happens well either is that expensive for Nicolas to Jean and he was on target to go towards the top of the leaderboard but that 20 will take him out of contention Raphael coucher meanwhile Shahrazad did you've yet right out on the far side of the course home run down to the rails – not carrying those 20 penalties the clock is of course it clicking up those penalties as well now and a really expensive round from them they'd been so impressive up until that point but unfortunately look take that challenge away nicely done or without the five strides to the full stride it was for struck at you five to four and I think that's the way that it's writing best at the moment well Raphael makes that sharp turn back he's got six point six penalties ahead of Tom crisp liberty and glory so he can afford six point four time penalties 16 seconds over the time to go ahead of Tom who is making a steady a slow and steady climb towards a top-ten finish here brings the corner cutting every second he can glide and he did that really nicely they're really nice I mean I think we'll see that happen more and more the inside line because it doesn't just say one or two seconds and every second counts really does especially at the moment because we're still looking for our first combination to achieve at that time on that nicole averaging at the moment from what we've seen about 9:00 between eight nine time penalties is about what we're averaging I would say and we are we're jumping at an 83 percent rate at the moment we've had those two issues and other than that not much so far well away gays are Novato Cory on a horse that is really impressed in the jumping a little bit earlier on this morning so extravagant he having a few problems with his watch as he sets out from the start box a little bit too extravagant cost them a little bit of time so nought point eight time penalties to add and that cost them a couple of places on the leader board as well I don't know hugely experience been to many a major championships for France after the French team that won team Gold's in Athens in 2004 quickly away from the first three Ares Raphael coucher at the water bold flies at the first couple of elements couldn't agree more and then he's just must destroyed a little bit on the bank on the way out but still managed to get over the last part Raphael is chasing at the time because he's got a minute to get home that on Oporto chorionic heading out to the first the waters have to admit this horse finished 13 pair last year and actually achieved the time on the cross-country here 12 months ago so this could be a real indicator for that time Raphael coucher meanwhile just over 40 seconds to get home he's gonna be one of the quickest that we've seen but even then fly there he's gonna be close to it but I agree with here is one of the quickest we've seen so far well he can be 16 seconds over the time to go ahead of Tom crisp liberty and glory and that is just where the pressure doesn't help them out because rat Falco she was just a little bit free coming down off that first element yeah I mean he was running positively and I think you do have to at this combination but you do have to trust the horse and I don't think the horse locked on but that is the problem with his combination as is no margin for error just see this again he was certainly flying first one was fine second one I think I think if anything he might have been a little bit direct between one and two and gave himself too much of a turn between two and three and the horse just thought well easier to go round he's used to go round it didn't quite lock on and a costly 20 penalties at for Falco shape roariani rattling their way through the hay rack at 12 a bird on Oporto gets away with it taking a little bit of a rustic goodness on the floor and four but he will have saved half a second and actually it looks that like Rafael Kosh 8 has put his hand up and decided to call it a day after that problem down at the rushes after those 20 penalties very disappointed for them they were on track for their best-ever finish and score for Rafael so at this level and so they would have had it probably about six or seven penalties it's a 36 that you know Buster best ever they were on a 30 and looking like they were gonna get lost at times a typical sport and that was an exceptionally economical life very nice the source is a lovely jumper as well he makes a great shape and he gets right up into the ear must be a very nice feeling oh no Puerto chorionic coming to you this water and they're going to be a 5 seconds up on the clock now we've seen a couple of people 5 seconds up on the clock that that have still chased the clock coming home so watch this face as you're Kerbal about to get underway do Sarah's entertain you just a fraction over the time in the show jumping gave them 0.42 ad butts are on a very competitive score of 30 point 5 in 12th position coming forward to the cross country and he is away on course quickly clear of the first who makes the turn left-handed up the bank to the brush at three that takes that very nicely not wasting a second on the turn that our know comes to the water on the clock me that was just the perfect line very nicely done he can actually afford a few time penalties as well 16 seconds over the time kanhiya fueled to be to go ahead of Tom Chris liberty and Glory who have been holding on to that top spot for a little while now you mentioned that they made the time here last year they also made the time for us to panic so they're our last to cross country rounds have been inside the time they bought 2018 first international 2019 well watch this base we'll come back to chorionic as he turns it back to this final combination and this is where we've seen at Rafael Coe shave running into problems chasing the clock and Arnaud jump clear here well I had to say a bit of an intake of breath over here third element Padano gets away with this in the hole still looking full of running as he gallops on towards home the clock is gonna be very tight he's just got to laugh to go are we going to see France go to the top of the live podium here and he clears the last and kicks on through the finish the clock is stopped one second over the time point four of a penalty finishes on 31.0 but he is the one to beat down he's the one to beat now and that was you know it was a fast round and we've mentioned that he had been it inside the time here a couple times again called the closer as we get into that top 10 the more I keep thinking I shouldn't have overlooked reason by this much the prediction center is telling me now you know everything that we're seeing and the speed is going to play a big role back to your horrible well your get up on the clock a little bit but isn't as quick is that some that we've seen so far gets him very close to that ditch and brush just there and a little bit dangerously makes the turn back towards the big parallel and actually that just has made him steady up a little bit respect this frangible device because he doesn't want to be hurdling the mem clip Hawks are quite like he did the ditch and brush line no I'm just back on keel a little bit so the horse has got an enormous frightened was really taking him forward so he's got to make use of these big open spaces he's going round the bank gets the corner at 15 and I'm really pushing on to the second of those waters the event Frodo masters houses now he can only afford to be one second over the time to go ahead of our Novato he was up really late there gauntlet down with chorionic and he said only three seconds up on the top there we know that you need a little bit of time in the bank for the second part of the course set down at the start it is that tehina does heal the mill lesion the 5-star combination who just picked up a few time penalties in the show jumping but otherwise are clear round on a score of 30 point three coming forwards era of the first element if you are just joining us here in Harada shoddy than a very warm welcome leg for of the 2019 event Ryder master series we're approaching the top 10 reverse auto cross country we've got ideal conditions here for cross country riding a little bit of a cool breeze overcast and not too warm in the studio with me double world champion flight eight and also for micro ratings darn burn as well Oh gets his line through bad like he did it was quite bold at the beginning but then he got back on track and nicely done and he is I think chasing that clock is things down at the moment he's not far off being on target but he can't afford to waste any time at the last pass of the round volition Edina does heal easily through the first of the waters on that score of 30 point three the other big five-star horse that we saw earlier was opium to variate we'll come back we'll come back to that in a moment back to York York is gonna be hard pushed to make the time from here but he needs to jump through this final combination clear the horse the horse I would have to say was very honest they're blind it was I mean as soon as you end up a bit far off the first of those skinny fences at the turn to the second one is quite tight but he did the job handsome is as handsome does your curveball comes to the final fancy see the flyer he's not gonna be able to overhaul our Novato but he goes second on the leaderboard at the moment 32.5 a brilliant round from the German and that was quite the performance he goes second behind our leader but what a performance the fastest round of the day from our Lovato who is with Hannah I know you have made it on to the top of the podium just a one-time fall on the cross-country please take your place how was it great great the the course is very twisty and it's difficult to be closed from the father from the time I knew my horse was able to do it because he's a good jumper is very fast and easy to turn so it's not surprised for me I'm very happy very happy with him but it's not a big surprise yeah he's an experienced horse he's 15 and he did well last year here on the same course so yeah happy well you've really laid the gold well done on oh thank you very much I think they can be really pleased every phase for that combination across across the weekend they have been ahead of where to have been recently their dressage has been in around 32 that's the best ever finishing score for that combination at this level of the sport or great weekend for your job tehina Desio coming to the second of the waters the event where the Masters houses and he's going to be a little bit down on the clock as he comes to the first of these elements here and afford to be one second over the time to go ahead of our Novato but nothing more well here comes the 2018 shoddy winner the defending champion Alex Frank with Sarah Hughes's Alcatraz for Sony just stepped up to the level here in 2019 but is impressed was unlucky to have a late 20 penalties in our field oh but Alex said in his interview at after dressage that he really thought this track would suit the horse let's be honest we know he's going to be a challenging for a top 10 I was really impressed with Wade architraves at our Velen well he looked like he tired a little bit in the second part of the course maybe you know Alex has mentioned this a track was hidden better it's a completely different challenge one being very very hilly and this being a much more technical typical Michelin type track where he's having to make the most of flat ground it's a combination as you say in the cold not that money runs at the level but one that alex is really thinking very highly I've enjoyed into through you know that elite group alongside Zagreb so lot to watch out for her community she ain't got him very close to the first element NAB night it was safe the horse works without a lip them alone and no harm done let's prank very quickly through the first of the waters he heads off across the driveway go into the pigs Box brush on that score of 30 point to a reminder the leader at the moment is that our Novato chorionic 31.0 yet to see anybody achieved the optimum time of 6 minutes and 7 seconds oh no being the quickest just one second over that time but of course it still is we come into the top 10 some of the world's best coming forwards Camilla soon falls victim to the final combination fly he said it was going to be influential yeah I mean it's very disappointing the horses can't really sight that fence until they've made the turn you need to be on your rhythm and on your stride in order for them to be able to answer the question and I think the horse did look though it was tiring a fraction then they just ended up a bit far off the last last element Wow unfortunately Camila Jin out of contention is Alex Bragg looking really confident with our Petraeus very brave because on the forum for strides when I talk about the speed ratings one of the things that's difficult is you know for our staff won't have had that money rounds at the level it hasn't necessarily been possible rocket rise to maybe show that speed rating and he did end up with nine point two time penalties I'd I revealed but that was with of course that jumping penalty they were on track I felt to potentially make the time in our veal which is a venue which is very very difficult to make the time they were they were fairly close to it as and maybe that contributed that are twenty penalties coming towards the end I think Alcatraz could be one maybe just a little bit under the radar if they jump clear that I think they could be very close to the timer saintly looking very quick at that stage Kirchhoff dear Alex of course the defending champion heroes already very low dressage last year with zagreb led from start to finish in this competition Alex the water and here's the quickest that we have seen at so far to this point of the course can he go ahead of our nap or so on a score of thirty one point zero Alex coming to this combination 17 a and B to see them through this combination Alex working hard at the second element bit gets it well your Kerbal has gone on to the podium just into second let's go to Hannah York you've gone into second that was a lovely round how does he find it I was what do you say lovely yeah my horse helped me on two fences I had not a really good distance and he's big but he jumped like a cat he helped me a lot he's got so much spring to him considering how big he is and you're a big man on top of him he makes it look effortless yeah right he is like a cat in the cross country I had before small horses there was not this fast in the lakes and everything in his congratulations you're thank you well I have to say Alex Bragg is absolutely flying a picture of concentration away from the water he entertains the French crowds here 12 months ago he could be on target to entertain them again because if he can go inside the time and become the first person to do so then he is going to take all the beating these are the fine lines that we love about this boar big moment for me this last minute now of the course if you know if he goes becomes the first person to make the time suddenly the excitement around that camp is completely different than picking up a 20 pound he's very late at our veal and potentially picking up a 20 pound he's here this is this is a big moment this is the really fine lines between how we were looking at Alcatraz and how that camper feel and hopefully to take it home from here employed just talk us through these combinations we've seen a few chasing the clock with a late 20 penalties yeah I think you unfortunately you need to be a bit more forward on the way and so you don't have to reach for the station one because then it just takes you out of your rhythm good recovery though well Alex did have to work pretty hard through that combination but he is clear and he can be one second over the time to go to the top of the live podium he's just got the last to go it it's going to be very close he is going to need to take a flyer at the last I think Alex Bragg a winner here 12 months ago right to finish and he is going to go to the top of the podium and he is going to be the first to achieve the optimum time here 30 point to the defending champion guaranteed a top ten finish great moment great moment and you can hear what it means to Alex I thought they were very unlucky Darville and I think now they can really you know they'll be so proud now that Alcatraz has come true shown what he's really made of it hasn't been a track that's been easy to make the time on and it hasn't necessarily been a track that's been completely easy and jumping there's been questions there to be asked that he had to answer even to come towards the end Blythe he had to recover and show it all of his experience to just make sure he stayed and I think that is the the thing with this track is there the faster you go the more likely you are to make a mistake it's very technical there's some very steep angles and it's a fine line really you've still got to be very correct in your presentation if you want to jump a clear round so I think the time is gonna be influential it's kind of rich I don't know I don't always agree with you but I don't think it's gonna be an awful of it at the time we'll see Alex Brock just gone to the top of the podium he said at the beginning of the weekend you thought it was going to be a dressage competition address our leader leads at the moment you stand by that prediction well I don't think our dressage leader I don't think t-bo's going to win but you know looking at the horses who were at the very top of the competition right now King dubrio quick local arrow and they're all there because of very good dressage tests and but look the first part of this has has certainly tested time I think we've got you there's some tactical elements that we some of those horses were going to be on more educational rounds and as we get into this area of the of the course I think Blythe is completely correct and an ampere Mitchell I mentioned it when he was interviewed earlier when you pick up the speed sometimes pick up the risk as well in terms of a jumping fault and it sounds obvious but it's happening well Jenelle price currently second in the series fight looking to build an overhaul Chris Burton here this weekend she is out on course away from the start with Griffin that have a new ride for her this year put a horse experienced at the level an honored score of 29 point 5 so the leader at the moment is Alex Bragg 32 29.5 is their sport so can afford to be two seconds over the time Oh Janelle quickly clear of the fast three now you know this lady Blythe she's far as furious and she's quick in the cross country she is and it's been a good start we'll see how he jumps his first combination nice and bold and straight so that'll get their confidence and she could kick on from here [Applause] bit of a reminder for providing the rev away from the war sir perhaps Janelle just felt he was backing off a little bit too much flies yes I mean he is a capable horse and I think she she's just saying to him look you can't hang around and have a look at everything he was gonna listen to me and keep going forward and trust her but you know makes her way out ground the far side of the course a couple of nice inviting fences let's there goes Alex Bragg he wants to hold on to that top spot for as long as possible he was on top of it at the end of the year last year he is the defending champion and he loves the French crowd let's go in hear what he has to say with Hanna Alex you won here 12 months ago that was another faultless round first person to go inside the time how was it I was really easy I don't think anyone needs to put any effort in so just go steady guys and it's a nice schooling round I mean you know you need a good horse a nippy horse he's got to be really genuine and you know he just I get so beat when you're going to say fast and then when you come around the corners and they have to adjust and you know he was really good at me at the end he just stayed really genuine because he got a bit close to those triple brushes and I landed from that and he'd probably expect me to pat you and say sorry about that mate and I kick him and I cut you know because you know that clock's ticking and you can't lay up on them but yeah I'm thrilled with Alcatraz he's done an amazing job and you know bar that little one second over in the showjumping finish on a dressage school which was you know PB for him at this level you know I can't be disappointed with him and it's nice to be back on the podium we love having you here well done Alex Jenelle paisa beautifully clear of the will Bri wonder pony combination at 11 and 12 and away from the ditch and brush as well this was very careful clear of the big rails that she's pretty quickly so far we'll get a time check on her at the second of the waters she can afford to be one second over the time but not to to stay ahead of Alex Bragg she's on 49 clear rounds at this level of the sport in cross country so she four runs yet 64 run since 2008 at four star short and 49 so a landmark 50 coming up if reminder of can keep everything together here well she is actually not one of the quicker ones that we've seen that that water blight do you think she can catch it up in the second half the course I do I mean you have to slow down for that turn anyway she didn't get the shot she wanted she had to be a bit patient she'll make it up somewhere else hopefully I think it's an interesting one but from what we've seen so far just the questions that are asked later in the course do require you to to stay very steady and to do potentially cost you time I don't necessarily see it be not being around where Janelle makes up too much time from here Nicole well here comes bill Leavitt huge disappointment with that pole down in the showjumping but he's in eighth position coming forward to the cross country shannon dale titan now bill don't forget to go between the flags here no 15 penalties to add here in shoddy disappointment in I feel a few weeks ago but one of the most experienced accommodations in the field – now at the final water very nicely done I mean I don't want to speak too soon because she's got a very difficult combination at the end but they look like a partnership they haven't been together for very long but they they seem to be working each other out there's bill Levites into the water you can see with the experience from her saw she was very bold very doesn't back off the water at all were mentioning the court this is an important round in the series as well bill has been a huge part of the series but he's one who travels is likely to probably be administered lightly to probably be at linear equal third with Sarah Cohen at the moment yeah and look he's had a couple of unlucky rounds where it's it is such a fine line living on the edge which you know was inner outside those bags backed it we're back to Janelle she looks like she's Trudeau's really nice she'd be throw over there and I think this is where you get those mini battles as well because Bill wants to finish ahead of Janelle and a little bit ahead of her in the series a heart-stopping moment at the second last but Janelle price comes down to their last she's going to be over the time slightly a few seconds could prove very expensive for Huck and that actually drops her three places so she goes on to the podium but behind Alex Bragg behind on at watch oh um ahead of your Kerbal are still an excellent round you know and we talked about you know maybe some of the horses earlier and the educational rounds Blythe mentioned at the track combination are still finding each other out and I think today is one you know one that they'll be very pleased with to come true there's plenty of questions that they've answered I think she'd be thrilled with it and the future looks bright let's see if the future is bright for bill because Shannon Dell Titan as we know he's had some unlucky moments in this but overall for for three seasons now this has been a horse that has shown under on this stage but he's always walked a very fine line well he and two runs here in shaadi has only added two seconds over the time cross-country and again here I mean he's met every fence out of a stride he's wasted no time and I would think although he looked unhurried I think he looks as though he's traveling plenty fast enough you just see Bill having a check under watch as well now he could be two seconds over to go ahead of Alex Bragg but of course he wants to put the pressure on those very fine line coming in that he done in between the flag spell we're all getting a bit twitch eat but he's alright and he is motoring on towards the houses at the water at 16 Worf built just quite hard in there it's good on time at the moment but he hasn't got a huge amount in hand well next to go away from the start it is that surely cause a spree DeLillo's the horse that we really caught the eye at RV and a few weeks ago 28.8 time penalties there I think if memory serves me correctly but it's so impressive and this horse that I know a lot of people akahoshi keen on Oh for the last couple of runs in the event rider masters series on 28.2 a faultless play around in the show jumping and blithe one that again Justin looks to love his job yeah lovely air vehicles he's very light on his feet just what you look for in a cross-country horse sadly we don't have Chris Burton competing this weekend we did hope to have Lawton toy but one of the really interesting things that a Chris Burton round will sometimes show us is that he stays in a constant rhythm all the way through on a course like this one of the reasons why you're potentially not seeing the time aid is you're constantly being asked to come in and out of a rhythm if you're having to twist and turn like no exactly and these fences require you to actually slow doors down sit them upright the linemen and then ask whistle burly you you push away from the fences but I mean so far phil has maintained a very good rhythm a speedily load ship clear into the first quarter and very quickly away there's the podium as things stand at the moment janelle price that makes her way into third place your Kerbal goes off the podium into fourth how long can she stay there for I'll extract the manner to beat at the moment this is the man that wants to knock them off the top of the podium it is Bill Leavitt and Shannon del Titan again he's going to be very close to that tie but I'm not sure he's quite gonna make it well in between the flags through the final combination bill Leavitt kicking towards home he checks the watch he can afford to be two seconds over the time to go ahead of Alex Prague but he is actually going to be a little bit more than that can he still make it on to the podium he's just got the last to go his penalty points click up and he goes through the finish and completes but he actually goes into fourth up from Janelle price and bill Levesque Shannon Dale tighten finish on 32.5 well let's go down to the podium all change Hannah Jenelle just 5 seconds over the time you described it as like being on a go-kart yeah look I'm really pleased with 5 seconds I'm obviously in a field as quality as we've got today every second counts but who where I met with this horse I think that was great result you seem to make it look pretty easy I have to say but I don't know about that he had a bit of a look in the first water and had a reminder but he's a very genuine horse and really excited with we're you know our relationship will go fantastic well done Jenelle she's a very firm competitor Jenelle price in third at the moment Alex Bragg the leader on a pursuit in second with Corey onyx that is the top three this man could of course change all that it is irregular cars and esprit de lelouch be clear of the corner quickly on to the water now he can actually be four seconds over the time to go ahead of Alex Bragg just the one person has achieved that six minutes seven optimum time so far what's really showing his athleticism they're very athletic I'm very brave I mean he's very an unquestioning where as to where he's meant to go well there is Laura Kollek de Campo waiting down at the start that will be next to go on course Laura start so watch Annie is away 27.6 in sixth position coming forwards layer of the fast it's the horse that had 20 penalties last time out in our field but otherwise jump two very good round and Lord just had a bit of a Miss at the second flight was immersed sound anyway hopefully it'll sharpen her up for the rest of the round but we don't want to see that again I think she saw a stripe da capo disagreed and she did well to sit tight but more careful here here is a spree to Lelouch and he is up on the clock whoops help the ideals drive out over the bank but got away with that well that's just where Laura had her slight moment blithe and it could have all ended very early cut up she did well to stickin in the play well no doubt shy but sharper them up for the rest of the course as they come up to you the first of the water and just the Wolfpack toss the second element a little bit there yeah I mean the little mistake at fencing for sure will have had a bit of an effect but hopefully he'll start to get confident and get a little bit more forward from here on in well here is cherry glucose a spree delusion this looks to be Percy fast on the cross-country can he be round number two inside the time just this last combination beautifully done through their drag kicks on towards the last two and this could be a really impressive round that sees him go to the top of the live podium he's just got the last to go and he's kicking on towards the finish he's seven seconds to get home it is going to be tight but he does it he is inside at the time share glucose and he's freed and allows dot on the optimum finish on 28 point to go to the top of the podium and expire go second our Novato goes into thirds hugely impressive round from the young frenchman as laura kaulitz comes to the will pre combination at 11 and 12 for the first two elements that's getting much better there so it goes on clear but something a little bit of disappointment perhaps for bill Levitt here this weekend not his weekend to get on the podium but will be a top 12 finish at worse let's hear from him bill you managed to stay between the flags but not quite your weekend yeah there was a few fences where I didn't see the you know that one lists stride in front of the fences which cost you a few seconds but he was super Prentice family again have supported me to come out here and you know show Alfie off pan he's game self proud so yeah another hopefully a few series points and staying there with the mix and you know there will be a day when you get back on that podium on tour and we look forward to it Bell well done they do Noora collect and the kapu just playing a little bit safe at the corner of our perhaps supply just as well she did actually he really hasn't had the best start that she would have hoped for and she's just giving him every chance here now to get uh get us focus back well Laura can not play too much with that time because can only be one second over to go ahead of G regular cars and a spree lelouch she is down on the clock at the water well there is Tim price Tim price with Falco away from the start 27 point for his starting score in fifth position coming forwards to the reverse order cross country here in the event Ryder Masters if you are just joining us sat down bound from echo ratings and flight eight double world champion in the studio with me and Tim comes here off the back of a very good win in our feelin he's not out of the series hunt hair done no absolutely and Falco you know it was a great show jumping around but he now has another big test it's something of course we go on about in the sport you've got to do it in all of the phases and there's no doubt about his show jumping ability and I'm not suggesting that there's a doubt about this but I think he has questions to answer in this phase this is the phase that if it comes true today like Janelle and provender EV he will be absolutely delighted with its lair jumping around here and let's see how he does under time but clear jumping is the first is the first question to answer but he hasn't had a lot of experience in this level I mean you couldn't help but be impressed with his show jumping around so if he rip the gates that you know understands all these questions I think he he could give us a good real quick for company out of Kiwi sitting in the girl for a home and completely agree by the way blade and you're right in terms of experience he hasn't had the opportunity and absolutely but I think Tim knows Madden and this is a big step up for the horse here but can he deliver that is the question Laura colic at the water I'm just the horse hasn't been his usual fluent self lying I mean two strides coming out of the water there me to be one but I mean Laura certainly sticking to her guns and she's no way she's giving up and she is well down on the clock as she comes up to the final combination hold up the first out of it but gets all three very well in eight seconds left on the clock to get home she can still pick up good series point tip but those time penalties can prove very expensive directly cause that can stay safely at the top of the podium for a few moments as Laura goes clear of the last and goes on to complete she'll go into no worse than tenth position in social and in price the Wilbury combination boldly through the first two elements and just paying the price a little bit of a final element live yeah well I mean when he went on the Ford for strides it made a bit more of a turn and he he had to come out on five but again say safely done and on to the next let's just remind you for the position is things stand at the moment sherry glucose a spree deluge guaranteed a top six finish they are currently topped with the live podium Alex Bragg in second and our Novato in third at the moment as Tim price goes on to the corner at forty there is that direct going to knock Alex Brown down into second but can't defend his title here in shadi but he who still put in a strong performance your egg vote is in the top spot for the time being go and hear what he has to say in a moment super brown yes my horse was a great he felt more experience now and jumping between the flags even a bit of water I didn't have the spot I wanted but he was very honest and I'm very happy you've had a great great event finishing on your dresser score is that what you had hoped to do yes like fantastic really I'm really happy okay congratulations well Falco just looking a little bit green going through that combination with same price that showing all of his experience and the horse really responding beautifully well here is Sarah Cohen and treason a combination that are normally notorious for being fast across the country term ones that you were wishing you'd gone in a little bit more strongly on at the start of the competition absolutely I mean everything for me hinged on that show jumping around if it was a very tough show jumping and it didn't get clear I think that would have affected them of course they've jumped clear to put themselves in a wonderful position now and if it becomes a time test which we've seen today up till this point and I think you would want treason to beat a horse that you're sitting on in this field Tim and Falco timbi's happen to work like Laura did before them but this is the benefit of having those really top experienced riders on board some days it like maybe with the capo some days you have to change your plan you have to react to what's happening on the course and I think we saw it up with Laura Tim's also happen to use all of his experience here with Falco blades he is I mean the horse is green but I mean it's very impressive I think probably at this stage if I had to say take one horse home with me at with this one Sarah Karen there for that reason quickly away it's a combination you know each other so exceptionally well and finish fourth in Wiesbaden a little bit earlier on this year but let's see Falco head towards home because this has been a master class of cross country riding from Tim Price the horse inexperienced at this level of competition but very much stepping up to the mark now can afford to be a second over the time to stay ahead of Jerry glucose but nothing more and of course he does need to jump clear later problems on course for Tim price and Falco take them out of content Lida such disappointment there yeah I mean he'll be gather then and to be honest the loss was penalized really for almost jumping to well just got a bit too much height a little bit too much jump and then again as I said before the turn becomes very tight in well Tim Price and Falco brewing those late 20 penalties on course as they come to the final fence and they clear the last but to really do remember this horse's name for the future because so much promise owned by sue Benson and given a really really encouraging round by Tim just an inexperienced 20 penalties late on in their round for me this is a key moment that we're about to see on screen this round would normally we because there's still three people to go normally the excitement builds and builds and builds at this point but Sarah corn and trees and they're hugely reliable this suitor track like this we've seen it they've gone to places like these bad and before and being vicked and unwarned in an event writer masters class these these type of tracks are great for treason they have huge speed and massively reliable they're very very rarely make a fault I think this is set up really well for Sarah Kahn will do a clock check on them as they come to the water but they weren't massively up on the clock at the rails so they'll need to put their foot down on the accelerator they go taking the inside line there Blythe just oh don't they get away with it it's a little dangerously [Applause] Sarah Cohen coming to this washed up she is of course coming to the bouncing no problems there she's seven seconds up on the clock that's pretty quick she is one of the quickest that we've seen so far born up and unfortunately 20 penalties one of the most experienced horses and reliable horses in the field and unfortunately Sarah Cohen and treason that is a big shock huge moment huge moment she'll she'll be gutted huge that's such a popular writer but it shows blithe and you've been warning me against this all weekend and I can see that little grin on your face now I'm definitely not grinning you're grinning at me and nothing to do what's happening on track well what I mean is it shows that as the tension builds even a horse like treason yes you know can't make a jump in force I think the last jump involved and I think it's very subtle course designing as well though because for me the three strides were there if you could come from a bit wider out you could come from the foot water the right but you couldn't have to come from the lip so I think I would have chosen four strides at that combination but the grand jury just looking to have reviewed Sarah at eleven a so they will review those fifteen penalties but she is of course have the $20 she's on the card already had retired on course a couple of times but actually you've got to go all the way back to 2009 in a 2-star since we last autumn have a jumpin fault well Felix all Calero away on course clear of the first six one man though who must be hugely disappointed after such a promising round is Tim price yes he is hugely disappointed you just turn your gloves and your whip on the floor Tim Falco showed such promise it was so much fun you know he he's really starting to learn all the different facets to cuz he's a super jumper but he's always been a bit one-dimensional with that so he's learning all the different ins and outs required for the job and I had them almost nailed and I knew that was a tough combination for him at the end you know he just didn't expect the second Chevron to see the second skinny unfortunately and but he was really good to come a second time and jumper and then he's got some good experience out of this but that's frustrating we've seen a couple of people come unstuck Sarah Cohen is just how to run out as well I mean it's a tough tough course yeah this it's it's of a standard four star short but it's the hardest that gets at that level you know and so it's a big task and I was really happy with them well I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more a Falco in the future I don't tear you up Cheers well it is all drama here in shaadi Felix babka Larry there will be Wonder Pony combination the five star combination but a combination if you have had a few cross-country jumping penalties in their time they picked up penalties at the World Equestrian Games last year in Tryon when competing for Switzerland there and there is Sarah Cohen she completes just a few time penalties and 52.7 her total score but huge disappointment for them I'm sure we'll see them back again in the series but no more series points here for Qatar Alps a hurt Ali as felixblog the rails it air clear it now 74% still very very high for a four-star short but we have seen those two big moments with Tim and with Sarah Calero as you mentioned did pick up jumping penalties at wag also picked them up in Ocala and just after that later in 2018 so that year but they have put together three jumping clears in a row since that Carolina Tryon and Lexington so on a good run here they've obviously delivered an incredible first phase score they're still on it right now 25.8 this is going to be a big moment here for Felix he comes to the water and he hasn't got a huge amounts of time in hands here actually he's gonna be a dirt a bit down on the clock which that could come back to haunt him in the second half of the round light because very much riders have needed to be up on the clock that and we've seen what happens when you haven't got any time severe the risks creep in then and the mistakes happen well Nicole it is time for decorating favorites because jammer terror cell is on course quick look Oh Gemma Tata Phil who won chats with 2017 event Ryder masters with this horse is away this lady was the 2017 Series champion she's won a couple of eventbrite amassed his legs been on the podium on a number of times and she comes to the third pebbles didn't go quite the plan in our view and she's known at home a few weeks ago but Gemma happy that she's back for more and of course they all want to make their way onto the podium here is Felix bog at the water now he is down on the clock again fly yeah do you think it'll be hard for him to make it up but I mean the horse has got a big stride there was a little bit of galloping lift but he needs to sit up for that last combination he can be 5 seconds over the time to go ahead of Jay regular cause they will come back to him in just a second Gemma Tattersall and quick lick 25.1 their sport down through the water but huge disappointment for one lady who thought she could have a podium finish here this weekend Sarah Cohen with Hannah Sarah so much experience with treason and even he came unstuck yeah absolutely gutted gutted just inquiry yeah I think he always goes out with the right shortage and aware but usually points him and he's there but I think just a few fences before because it is too twisty and technical he was a little bit like oh where am I and we didn't feel quite together as usual and just uh one of those things but I just absolutely gutted because he feels fantastic he's so fit he was on the time and then I just saw because you got green both felt a little bit all over the place that I just thought I just need to give a nice ride home well it'll all come together in Mill Street one day I was hoping this weekend was gonna be it but hey well Felix vodka is not able to get on to the podium 29.8 for cross country time penalties and that takes him out of contention at the moment that that means you're ugly cars guarantees himself a podium finish here and that is hugely impressive from him done absolutely but he's been hugely impressive across the weekend you know 28.2 was his previous best in the first phase at this level and his best finishing score up until now was at blenheim 45.9 look what he's gone and done here he deserves to be on the podium back to Jimmy Tyler so oh easily clear of the will Bri wonder pony combination pyjama Tattersall and quick lips she's on a score of twenty five point one though she could afford to be seven seconds over the time to go ahead of direct quick look here's prepped as she comes to the corner now she's taking the slightly longer route there nice yeah I mean I think she's signaled their intended that bath but she's taking no silly risks so you know I think that is the balance and I would think she would be pretty good on on time at the moment but she's she's written a sensible round a bit of a water quick lick clear into the water and she is up on the clock as things stand so let's just remind you of the live podium at the moment but that man is the night leader after the first two phases Tebow vilette's King dubrio and they are about to go on course so our leader is away the clubhouse leader she regular course a spree deluge 28.2 Felix bog Calero 29.8 Alex Bragg Alcatraz 30.2 so they are the top three as things stand of course this man could top the podium here lead from the front he's going to need a fast run across the country he wasn't sure that this sort of track would suit the horse but also playful and one of the most experienced in the fields fascinating from a tactical point of view as to whether he actually goes for it here you heard a mentioning a Porsche or jumping interview that he was thinking about the Europeans is he trying to you know is he trying to find out a little bit more here suddenly when you find yourself in first place last out it becomes a completely different challenge back to jamming up on the clock at the water add a bit of an opinion with vocal encouragement as well she's off to the finish and Gemma is that having a bit of a discussion with quickly look it's a combination that we saw go inside the time at brahmam of course just before that last event Ryder Masters round in our field that's going to be very close played we saw the flag there that's good right on the edge of what I would think I expect that's probably going to be reviewed Gemma obviously had that big disappointment at I reveal I expect Nicole that's going to be reviewed and I imagine the ground jury will look to review that olkhon thermos in a moment but Gemma Tattersall in quick look second after the first two phases coming to the final combination and so determined they really want this win here and things are looking at otally smooth at the end of their round she clears that one she still got two to jump she can afford seven seconds in hand to go ahead of she wreck as things stand at the moment but even that is going to be very tight we could be looking at a French winner here watch Gemma down to the last fence there's still a flag review as well we're gonna come to that in just a second but Gemma Tattersall clears the last and as things sad at the moment she goes into second on earth alive podium she goes back esprit de la loge by the most marginal of penalties by point one of a penalty but she really cause is on the top spot at the moment what a moment for his irregular cause to be there but we really had to watch JAMA work there well Tebow varlets King dubrio coming to the combination effort will brief that's eleven and twelve the leader after the first two phases lie easily done through that and kicking on after he lands so I think he is actually eyeing the one well TiVo is a little bit down on the clock as things stand at the moment he's going to need to motor on her egg of course at the one to beat on 28.2 she recommends the 8.2 he's got a few seconds in hand 3.2 penalties he can be 8 seconds over it's a head of G regular cause and take the win 8 seconds over in the core but I think he would need every single one of them even if he is eyeing the wind blade and even if that tactical decision is there to go for it I'm not positive that this horse would have to speed he's very similarly rated to Calero and there are poor horses which can and do pick up time penalties as I say very similar to Felix Fox Calero he was in around that 8 seconds I think would that be right Nicole in around at zone as well so I don't think he loved too much despair Blythe I think the two horses were the big stronger more suited to open galloping tracks whereas this is a little twisty in a bit tourney and when he's over the time for sure at the stage well well down well this is the ground jury replay for Gemma Tattersall and a quick look so the ground jury will be able to review this the joys of Technology and the 15 penalty review will be able to get a really good view as to whether she has gone between the flags here there would be 15 penalties if she seemed not to have done it's quite a lot money riding on this decision Nicole this is a podium place and an event rider masters or not I don't want to give you the figures but it's quite a lot of money on someone making that call we're back now to the leader which I think they'll be making the review on that from that camera angle they'll have they'll never be the camera before they make a decision Oh Tebow Villette and King dubrio are well down on the clock as they come to the water this is going to be an interesting round because he's gonna have to make up a lot of time and I think it could well be irregular cause who takes the top spot here because he's 17 seconds down T boat well what an outside victory it would be for all of the predictions for all of the podcasts for all of them all everything we've written this week I can safely say we did not put up directly cause to be able to do that he's absolutely beaten his first phase back to jam oh here we are again different angle for the ground jury and this is a podium finish riding on this for jammer it's going to be very close I'm glad I'm not a member of the ground jury but sir we'll let them make that decision and we'll confirm it for you as soon as it does come through Tebow Villette King dubrio at the end of the round this was the fence that jemma had the problems and Tebow much closer through there just track their progress with the SI p map that was on your screen a moment ago and the live podium as things stand at the moment that Tebow valetti is not going to be able to overtake Shaw regular course who could well be heading on towards his first ever event Ryder Masters win here Tebow coming through the final combination of forceps direct on 28 points to Tebow was about to pass that that Tebow Villette heads towards home he has a two to go but the win will go to France but it will go to the young and aspiring up and comers irregular cars and East Breda LELO's who have climbed the leaderboard and impressed so much here Tebow vilette's are picking up time penalties across the country but still a clear jumping route they finish on 36.8 in the top 10 but my goodness what a dramatic cross-country round we have for you we're still waiting for that confirmation on Jairus Haskell but it's a young man who has just absolutely exploded onto the top level this season this the Lord that he competes the top level only stepped up to the level at blenheim eight nine year olds last year by inexperienced nine-year-old this is a world class combination trip very very nice horse and very well written so some accommodations look forward to for the future for sure well Sharik is on the top spot at the moment and this is still ongoing the jamot a Tercel discussion with our ground jury as to whether she has missed a flag at fence 20 warned of me it would cost her a podium position if she is deemed to have missed that flag the ground jury will review it the ground jury will be able to make that decision and we are waiting for that to be confirmed I mean to go back to Jarek lekars for a moment 29.9 with Enzo van van hoff was there was her personal best in the first phase you know they've they've gone unbeaten that the dam kept the poles up and then 45.9 was what they had done it has left only two runs at this level before today and to go and deliver that performance well it is a huge performance from Zurich but the news just come through that Gemma Tattersall has been judged as clear down a fence 21 B so she will not be penalized and it will be a podium finish for her here with quick look she's been forth for the last two years and she will be able to take that spot in second place in 2019 so Gemma there was a little bit of a tense moment there well the ground jury just reviewed all of the footage made sure they weren't absolutely sure that she had been judged as clear the joist of Technology and she will go into second place Felix vodka will go down to burden Alex Bragg while he was on twelve months ago but disappointments for him in fourth perhaps so close to a podium finish but a career-best Alcatraz so for today we have enjoyed the cross-country has been full of thrills and spills and done can I just say not quite a death a dressage competition here look you're picking this all wrong I didn't say it was it going to be a dressage competition I said the first phase would be the most influential and I stick by that because you had a very very high short jump and clear it and yet a very very high jump and clear it well you did see drama and excitement you're still up in the seventies of the amount people seventy percent of demand people to jump clear but a very very exciting because it was spread all over in terms of treason oh my god anyway let's take a look at that final leaderboard for you here leg four of the event Friday masters it is a win for the home nation zero glucose and eight Freda Lelouch at the up-and-coming at superstars of the advancing world at twenty eight points to absolutely superb finishing on their dressage school and in second place gemma tassel quick look just a few cross country time cavities agonizingly close to a win herself Felix auger a good performance from him with Calero and he is in third completing the podium Alex Prager winning here twelve months ago climbed from 16th after dressage to finish in fourth just ahead of our Novato janelle price will she'll extend a series lead over Chris Burton after that very good performance for six with refined Arab and a little bit of disappointment for bill Leavitt for good series points a little bit of a at what could have been weakened Tom crisp excellent performance from him with liberty and Glory they finished just outside the top 10 and also an eye catcher Dioner really me and two blue two out who are the ones that really catching the eye on their event Ryder Masters debut for them this weekend Tom McEwen and here you see HF cool eyes a watch out for that horse in the future huge disappointment for Sarah Cohen and treason who has those 20 penalties as did Tim price and Falco both were well placed massive drama here and it will have had a real effect on the Series leaderboard so let's take a look at that because actually it was Chris person who led coming into like four in giardi he couldn't compete because that law and Chloe have a little bit of travel sickness coming through so what it is Jenelle price and who goes to the top of the series podium 67 points for her bill Levites in second with 60 points he extends the lead up there as well and Chris Burton still well in contention with 54 but look at that jury because he is in with a series contention shout this year now because he has thrown himself right into the mix here with our veal and – our D performances huge from him and two others to keep an eye on Michael Young and Tim price as well so that is the Series standings that we've no doubt that Mill Street and Linea will be just as dramatic so that is how things have played out here in shaadi it has been full of dramatics we hope you've enjoyed all of the cross country action the crowds have been enjoying it all down there at the podium and let's go down at Tirana well Nicole we're all exhausted it has been action packed down here on the cross-country course the French have come out in their hundreds to watch all of the action unfold and it hasn't disappointed and what a different podium we have we've great to see some new faces here making their erm debut and making it onto the podium let's go to 3rd place Felix bog Felix congratulations what an incredible credible that you've had yeah thank you very much I think I have a pretty good horse it was his first outing again after big event and I didn't expected that when I came here so many good riders and absolutely happy welfare congratulations second place gemma tassel gemma oh we've had our heart in our mouths for you all weekend you really put quick look through her paces there was there was definitely some verbal communication going on on the cross-country course wasn't that yeah there was a lot of determination there to be honest Hannah she yeah it gave me a bit of a heart attack towards the end of the course she said I didn't I lost my steering and for some reason but anyway we managed to finish and somehow stayed vaguely between the flags and yeah one second but still I'm very proud of her and we're still on the podium very happy just point one of a mark off first place with Zurich I mean you're there or there about slightly German yeah that was my badly ridden flying change wasn't it now so that was me that let the horse down really but she's put in a very good performance this weekend I'm very proud of her well I think you both have congratulations Gemma and on the top of the podium a man who I still look think looks a little shocked by the whole thing sherry glucose congratulations thank you I can't believe it and my horse was amazing from the dressage to the the end of the cross country just so good and only nine years old but so honest and so good they're happy we were watching the other riders go and you couldn't believe he was sitting on the top of the podium and each one there was a run out there was something else and your face just got more and more shocked and we can we hope to see you at more erm event yes I think so now fantastic well congratulations your eggs you're a glucose and now ladies and gentlemen welcome to the official prize-giving for leg four of the event Ryder Masters 2019 here at the wonderful era dodge Rd to present third place please welcome Jim O'Toole CEO of the event Ryder masters receiving prize money of nine and a half thousand euros riding Calero owned by jürgen walk representing Switzerland it's Felix Volk and now to present second place please welcome Caroline next on sports and communication manager here at Heritage Rd receiving prize money of thirteen and a half thousand euros riding QuickLook owned by the pebble syndicate representing Great Britain Gemma Tattersall and now please welcome and Manuel felt as president of our dodge Rd to present the winner of leg two of the event Ryder Masters 2019 prize money of eighteen thousand euros riding astride Zilla Lodge owns pride Frederick grant representing France its gear a lacrosse and the owner Gehrig's horse will also receive a two night stay in the monarch hotel in Ireland compliments of the monarch elite event horse sales well what are we can do we have enjoyed here at Harada charlie we hope you've enjoyed all of the action alongside with us but it is a young Frenchman who tops the podium remember the name Giro glucose and eight brutal Alodia metatarsal in second and in third Felix organ Calero on his event ride while his debut an absolute pleasure here we hope you've enjoyed all of the action and we hope that you'll enjoy in Mill Street as well join us then for like five of the 2019 series the 24th and the 25th of August a huge thank you to all of our guests will see you in Mill Street you can see this violin a man I fight to the finish we can Ward's at the end of your lattice you and them see that times laughing here when you've been blessed him going to the last email got some another plan on the bouquet image you could see me spit balls on the Mac I always go hard for you bad go home God heard you say my run when I ran see the flashes at last the brats in the gun you better kill me get the West open number 11 JAMA Tattersall the warm to be a things [Applause] groans representing frogs it's Garrett you you

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