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hey guys and gals and welcome back to another episode of Minecraft princess school and I hope that all of you got my memo and you brought your bathing suits because guess what little Kelly Oh are we going on a hike no we don't need swimming suits for a hike we are actually gonna go to swimming cos I know that Arielle is a great swimmer because she's a mermaid but we want to make sure that all the rest of the class will be able to manage themselves in the water in case they ever get stuck there that's a great idea little Kelly and of course they'll carry me and you have done plenty of swimming lessons we've been scuba diving and we've done all that so I'm gonna need you to help me teach all the rest of the girls that's no problem at all okay cool so girls get your stuff together and we're gonna head out to the swimming pool whoo okay little caddy so since the post is running late to bring us to the other swimmin pool or just gonna have to practice them in here and look oh all the girls are in here already oh they're all lined up okay then okay let's go into the dressing room and get changed yeah that's a great idea let's put on our bathing suits okay oh okay we're all change little caddy so let's go out to the girls I forgot how cute you looked in your swimsuit I love the blue swimsuit on you so let's just have a little chat so girls this is gonna be just me and it'll carry showing you how to swim a little bit and then when we get next to until you're all going to get it go but there's gonna be diving boards there as well so here we're just going to jump in and give you show you how it's done so I think I'm gonna use the waterslide to get in there okay oh yeah okay I'm gonna use the jib the board did you board the toy overboard oh no there's two water slides oh yeah so why don't you use the other one okay I'm gonna go this way all I could see is swimming away okay let me see what okay this is so cool so girls this is how to swim normally I look there's lifeguards here are watching so in case anything happens we'll be okay and then if you swim underwater well there that's how you do that oh you okay little girly yeah I think I'll be bred with you long ah there we go yeah girls this is so much fun but you look at the hang of it straight away and yes I look great in your Simpsons mm-hmm oh did you hear that horn it'll carry oh it's time to go to the next swing pill so the girls can have a turn okay let's hop up again come on Neil Katie with the last ones in as usual uh uh all the princesses are all lined okay okay oh my gosh look at all these spectators there's a lot of people watching here today I didn't really expect this but look at all the girls swimming outfits we didn't really look at the property before but they look awesome yeah they're beautiful I think jasmine you look awesome use all the beautiful girls and Ariel just looks like normal because she's a mermaid so that's okay but AB let's talk to this lifeguard here holger princess welcome to the school swimming area here you'll learn all the main swimming basics an annual fan thought harder levels yeah will we start with me and then look at E surge or what we do little Kelly little Colie both other swimming badges so they'll take the lead today girls so follow and learn from them okay great so girls you heard the lifeguard me I'm little coyote are gonna take the leap I don't want you guys to feel nervous at all about all these spectators being here they're just here to support us because they are really excited when they heard that minecraft princess school magical height we're gonna be swimming here today so they all came to meet all of you but first of all me and little care do you need to get to swim in are you ready little cardi I am ready little Kenny I am ready and waiting okay so we're just gonna do a lap OOP I'm back and over water and then we'll do one underwater okay so you ready yeah okay three two one go go go okay so over water over water oh Sh this is so much fun it is I've been swimming it so long okay in a turn and no back lovely oh very close mm-hmm okay keep on going till we get to Lutter girls I'll be nervous this is all the it is anteed okay so now we've done the overwater one we need to do the underwater one little carry are you ready I am ready little Kelly are you can calculate the time okay three two one go underwater with you look at us go this is so much fun I forgot how much I loved the water me – we should go scuba diving and some way maybe we could bring the school that's a great idea yeah I do love to do some swimming a lot so I'll skip driving be so much fun I think the girls would enjoy – especially aerial Oh week a baby a skill but Steve – cool but helpless that would be awesome okay so now we'll need to try it get off the ladder I fell though the letter O everybody head a little bit now I'm stuck oh wait – okay up I go look like oh there we go okay girls now it's your turn to take a chance air to swim in the pool so first off will be jasmine and Elsa you freak job Elsa on Jasmine next up is Rapunzel and Snow White oh my gosh great job girls he's both done so well Snow White though the only thing is you might have to just do a few more laps to get a bit better in yourself well Ariel you were great as expected because you spend all your time in the water Merida I didn't know I kind of felt like you were afraid to put in your head underwater a little bit but great job anyway we can work on that so now the rest of the girls you're all gonna get your turn and then we'll move on to the next stage what you think little Carly yes guys I'm really really excited oh my gosh well torn each and every one of you he's also an amazing hotel maybe you're not as confident so maybe we could do a few more swimming lessons before we go Oh for if we do any order challenges yeah on Sleeping Beauty I know you love your hair but I mean you have to put it on to the water sometimes to get it wet I know that's not really what you want to do but that's what you have to do while you're swimming so let's go talk to the lifeguard and see if we can move on to the next step okay hello ha well done all of you now for the swimming challenge there's the stream not too far from here we will take our boats and battle the current animals of the sea oh my gosh it's challenge it does indeed okay girls so you heard him we're gonna head outside and start working on some boats because as princesses we need to be prepared for anything so we never know when we're gonna get stuck on a heavy river stream and we'll have to find our way out especially on boats so let's head out there and get going okay girls we will see what the finish line remove okay girls we hope you're all ready for this so there's some boats here there's more in the chests over there so me I'm little Carrie you're just gonna go and start off ourselves and you girls can follow but it's kind of like a race I guess so yes until the finish line wins and watch out for those squids cuz sometimes they can attack okay we have to be really careful trying to come over here oh no oh yeah we don't get off that boat oh gosh oh gosh okay over the way get out of the way okay hold on hold on I'm just coming around okay let's go okay I'm out okay good job I'm trying to follow you over this boat is just getting in my way yeah it's quite difficult to madman it is it is okay there we go now I'm out and let's all go prepare to crush Yugi okay okay okay okay I don't know okay so I think it's up this way a little Kelly okey doke okay are the girls are following nicely behind us away okay let's oh my gosh just let's go to hell to me well she just went whizzing by me i gosh she's so far ahead now she's super fast oh my gosh these bands are gonna break my boat oh no take them really slow okay I think I got it oh yeah got through well it's really scary oh it is oh the Kurds are quite difficult they're very strong today they'll tell you they are their era but this is why we need to learn how to deal with these situations in case we ever get stuck okay oh gosh oh no I think I see Gianna coming oh no where's she I don't know I think she's coming up behind us oh no I think she's gonna crash into a squid her boat is broken oh no it looks like Tiana is out of the race okay we got to keep on going little girly it's okay Tiana we'll see you at the finish line don't you worry at all oh gosh Bella you're okay this is why we need to do similar lessons oh well done all of you whoa that was a close one oh my gosh okay let's wait for the rest of the girls to finish the race and then we can have a little chat and then head back to school good idea well girls I hope we all learned a valuable lesson today we all need to learn how to swim properly not only instrumentals but in river currents because it's a lot different embell we hope you're okay gosh that was a bit traumatic but at least little Kylie and I had our swim badge and were able to help all by gosh guys what an amazing day that was we've done loads and loads of swimming and we went and thrown a swimming challenge but all the girls were awesome we all need to learn a little bit more about swimming for me and little Kelly had our swimming badge so we showed the girls the ropes but it was so much fun guys but if you liked this video don't forget to leave a like and a comment don't forget to subscribe to little Kelly channel the link is down below don't forget to follow us on Instagram on Twitter cause for a subsea update up upcoming adventures guys but until next time I'll see you guys soon bye guys

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  1. Little Kelly: you all right little Carly?
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