Literature Circles in Action

okay I'll start so roll the odd key or Sharra's connector okay I can protect the relationship of Darcy and Elizabeth to the relationship of Emily and George in our town because they both have to get to know each other before they fall in love I love that Thanks okay next I can connect the way the Lydia acts to the stereotypical teenage girl was silly and has fallen in love lastly I can connect my the father-daughter relationship that Elizabeth the mr. Benedict have to the relationship of me my dad they're alike because my dad values education and wants me to be really smart and learn things just like this we've got a medic Bennet with Elizabeth oh that's sweet I'll go next I did the illustrator I drew a picture of Darcy and Elizabeth during their fights this is important because while they fought they fell in love I like that how many fights did they have well not counting the proposal three or four depending on what you consider a fight my treated oh I needed questioning the first question was will Darcy get shunned by his family for being in love with Elizabeth my answer was that they would have to deal with it because Georgia liked Elizabeth excuse me what about his heir I guess you just have to be civil to them good point Thanks okay my second question was will Lydia be invited to spend time at Pemberley my answer was a flat-out no because Lydia's a disgraced member of the family place my prediction was that Kitty will get a respectable husband too well I guess I'm the only one left so I'll go next I did the word wizard I'll share two of my words one was dairy that means the money paid to that has been along with the marriage second the word was estate State means the manor-house in the gardens and went around them nicely done those are really important work to the plot so it's good to know them okay so guess we're done um let's go read move to the last page today yeah what the yes well what you need to get your desk for um can I have a recommendation sheet please absolutely there right there you go ahead fill it out stay flown up when you're done okay Thank You Lila for recommending a book we want to recommend a book I could splice it in a minute hey I'm gonna recommend this book for the 100k

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