LiteracyPlanet Early Literacy

an online program that excites and motivates students literacy planet offers teachers everything they need in a digital resource quality curriculum aligned to state and national standards from kindergarten through tenth grade literacy planet is the most comprehensive digital English literacy education program available thousands of exercises cover all key literacy skills pre reading phonics sight words breathing spelling comprehension grammar punctuation and writing hidayet young learners at X heavy at preferred digital technology at 1019 language it's leading education content combined with the latest digital technology to engage students and make the learning experience fun literacy plan is about building children's nutritious skills on making learning fun it's a gamified education program to engage students and we believe that when students are having fun it leads to better learning outcomes designed to give teachers the flexibility to meet the needs of every student it's easily adapted to suit different abilities and learners matrices planet is design for the diversity of the modern classroom every student can use literacy planet at the level that suits them an automated mode is ideal for self-directed and independent learning easy-to-use tools enable teachers to quickly identify knowledge gaps assign tasks and personalized learning we focus on why seaside teaches talk like automated reporting so they can give students the attention they need proven to improve learning outcomes literacy planet is a cutting-edge digital program that students enjoy and is the English teaching resource you've been looking for learn more about how literacy planet can benefit your students today visit

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