15 thoughts on “Literacy Skills Test 1 Video | How To Pass Your QTS Skills Tests”

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  2. With Stationary and Stationery you could remember that a cAR can be stationARy and papER can be stationERy

  3. I passed today thank you so much for your help, the literacy part was really not difficult today!! 😎😎

  4. Thank you so much ! I took your advice and passed first tryyyyy ! For anyone wondering what I did, I watched this video and took detailed notes and tips for each section. I learned all the spellings (link in his description box) and then did all 4 literacy practice tests that are listed on the government department for education website. After doing the first practice test I didn't do the second until I worked on all of my weak areas from the first. After that I was achieving above 70% in the last 3 practise tests.
    My actual test had spellings such as, environmentally, irrelevant governmental, deterrent, preference… The comprehension was a bit tricky but my advice would be to read the statement and then try and find it in the text one by one and be patient ! If you have any Q's let me know ! I passed my Numeracy first try too thanks to these videos !!!!

  5. The numeracy test was much trickier and I actually thought I failed I probably got 1 mark just above the failure line (THANK GOD!). the thing about the test is that no matter how much you study the issue that affects most is the TIME!, especially that mental math part, whooo, I missed the first two questions because the time went so fast plus I missed the last one as well because of it automatically just ends

  6. OMG I passed today, I wish they showed scores because I think I got 100% trust me, the lit test is pretty easy. the spelling part had words like variant, appreciate, parliament (ps,. the lady actually said PAR-LI-A-MENT) HA!, the hardest part was the last part only because I got a very long passage to read)

  7. Is there any other Literacy videos available? I passed the Numeracy test yesterday (first attempt). Just got Literacy test left.

  8. also with the grammar section task B, that second question was so weird..why start the sentence in the past tense ..  your child has worked very hard……………… but then choose answer B.. which ends in a present tense format and make use of …sounds so unnatural to me pLUS the third one, I mean it's "an" appropriate not a appropriate so I wouldn't pick B this is driving me nuts. I would really like another voice on this,
    am I the only one that sees these.

  9. Great vid,👍 but wouldn't you also put a comma after kids flossing in the classroom, like the backpack kid …. ? It just sounds like there should be a comma there but that would bring the errors up to 16….so is it always 15 errors that are to be found?
    Also, has there ever been an instance when we had to remove punctuation that was initially there and replace it with another?

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