Literacy programme at SMSAB

with the next on the truck my mom wrote she said I swore and said hurricanes I knew that was crazy long either nervous of hurricane is early in the summer but the ocean seemed to have forgotten over the roar of the rainy I heard a distant below an angry protest sound that made my hair stand on end then a much closer noise like maggots in the Sun a desperate voice someone yelling one day on our cabin door my mother sprang out of bed in her nightgown and true often the lovely girls to fame in the doorway against a backdrop of pouring rain but he wasn't he wasn't each other girl searching all night he just what were you thinking my mother looked at me in terror not scared October but awkward has come thirsty she said shouting to be heard over the rain what happened at school what didn't you tell me I was closed at looking at Robert I couldn't understand what I was seeing Oh Co coyote I yelled it's right behind me didn't he told her I was too shocked to register that he just heard in ancient Greek and I understood him perfectly I was too shocked to wonder how Robert had got here by himself in the middle of the night because Robert didn't harvest rose upon and where his legs should be where his legs should be my mom looked at mr. name and talked to the toll she never used before Percy tell me now I started something about the old painting at the fruit stand and mrs. Dodd and my mom stared at me her face deathly pale in the flashes of lightning she grabbed her purse toss me my rain jacket and say get to the fire all of you go Reverend Ted ephemera but he wasn't running exactly he was resting shaking his shady hindquarters and suddenly his story about a muscular disorder is that made sense to me I understood how he could run so fast and feel him when he walked because where his speech shall be there will not be Derek Logan [Applause]

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