Literacy Plan

and I made a little soot platform in phase one of the leadership plan we looked at our city as a whole with us at the demographics the community events and the community news here's what I found the median age is 35 and a half and most of them are female 69 point 79 percent of the population has some or more college education and there is a current population of thirty-five thousand six hundred and thirty-two people a few community events I found were on the grand opening of the fire station and the pont exploration at the local parks for community news in 2018 many wells needed to be shut down through the contaminated water from 3m bays to biodiversity we learned that biodiversity was and how we as humans affect it in everyday lives biodiversity is a variety of life including all living things different human activities that threaten biodiversity are not recycling over fertilizing not buying from local farmers markets and not planting enough trees in the community these three climate change and we learned what impact climate change what we can do as a community to help the climate and what is NIMBY according to the scientists the main impact of climate change has to do with the greenhouse gases that us humans are creating they predict the forecasted temperatures will rise 2.5 degrees fahrenheit to 10 degrees now you ask what can we do to eliminate greenhouse gases we can help slow the release of greenhouse gases by keeping our forests intact the carbon dioxide released from the trees is creating more gases in the air which pollute our earth other pull with the greenhouse gas is releasing and burning off aerosols and other pollutants are also an effect of greenhouse gases according to life wire nimmy is an expression an attitude of people is who are against proposed zoning or building a development a good example of this is a person being upset about proposed dog park and angry about the smell of the dog he sees in phase four we learned about energy and renewable energy we were asked what our community was doing to save energy and how much energy we were using in a household the city of Cottage Grove I noticed is a big renewable energy resource a few of the steps that have that cottage group has taken to renew energy is solar panels in a solar field they recently put in a solar field in 2017 this is to help provide the city of Carnage girls with less money going towards their electric bill a cable box alone was up to 102 kilowatts which costs us thirteen dollars and twenty-nine cents per year a dryer we probably do wash at least once a day is a thousand eighteen point 35 which costs us a hundred and two dollars and thirty nine cents a year when calculating everything together it was ten thousand eight hundred and twenty six kilowatts per year a lot of our appliances are electric in our house away we could cut down the energy is not running our air conditioner on when it needs to be we can open our windows and open our doors also running the dishwashers is a big expense in phase 5 you are asked to describe our ecological footprint the definition of ecological footprint is a person or communities effects that they have on the environment meaning the amount of energy that is being used on a daily basis to live for example using your kitchen appliances cars and heating and cooling your home we can lessen or ecological footprint by opening your windows when you can buying from local farmers market reducing screen time carpooling and doing your dishes by hand and finally in Phase six we learned about environmental health we looked at what our community is affecting our environmental health some risks in our community our sewage gases gas emissions and and so and from cars and refinery emissions some steps we can we can do to increase our environmental health are taking care of our waste in our city there are rules and regulations for getting rid of hazardous material if you visit your local city hall they have a list of hazardous materials and where they should be disposed of if we follow those rules that is a big step in increasing our health so those toxins toxins do not get released into the air and that is what we can do for our literacy plan

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