Literacy Lesson Plan 1

hello this is Cole he is going to be a junior at Green Greenbrier high school next year and he is willingly volunteered to participate in this activity did not make him do it so Cole I already had you write down part of your KWL chart so what is one what you write for your K what's one reason that you know is beneficial or helpful for learning Spanish I can cook foods from other countries okay good especially experiencing countries you can no experience could help you whenever you're cooking those good and then what is what you write down for what you would like to learn for this article out of five Spanish to my everyday life alright so you wants to know how to apply Spanish to his everyday life and hopefully that question can be answered at least partially by this article so yeah Cole as you're as you're reading this just be asking yourself that question how can I take something from this article and apply it to my life I guess Cole was taking Spanish took Spanish one this year and tomato expands to next year so hopefully is something that will apply in the future alright so when I be really cool you just go ahead and read that out loud and just be think of that think of that that's it asking yourself that question is you read good introduce your young children to a second language and give them a chance at a greater fluency and access to countless professional opportunities later on Spanish a language spoken from the streets of Matt Madrid to the foothills of the Andes is one of the most popular languages for children in the u.s. to learn today here are ten ways that teaching your children Spanish will expand their minds and enrich their lives talk to more people according to the sentence reports Spanish they're the second most spoken language in the world with 387 million native speakers more more people on earth speak Spanish than English the opportunities for Spanish speakers across the globe are endless develop early language skills take advantage of that critical time and early development when acquiring language skills comes from comes naturally and easily a child's capacity to pronounce unfamiliar important sounds and to absorb new grammar rules is highly enhanced prior to age 6 get an academic advantage Spanish is the most commonly taught second language in public and private schools and it and it's offered as an AP test and a este to SAT to subject test start your kids early and they'll ace their class day as classes de español understand English better both English and Spanish are share roots share roots in Latin studying Spanish increases children's understanding of the English language and how different languages involve which can also help with learning English vocabulary you get to know your neighbors Spanish is also the second most spoken language in the United States with more than 35 million speakers across to the country cities like New York Miami Los Angeles and Chicago brim with Spanish speakers and Spanish culture okay so you're halfway through you read five good reasons incentives to learn Spanish of those five which would you say standing up to you the most and then get to know people get to know people why's that because I go to foreign countries all the time we're not all the time but sometimes on trips I can talk to people yeah there's good all right I'm gonna read the last few increase opportunities for travel Spanish is the official language of 21 countries worldwide and those countries are home to many exquisite and fun travel destinations if you speak Spanish you can stray from the tourist path and explore local culture with ease travel stress is also minimized when you understand directions and minute and countless doors open to travelers whose native language of the country they're visiting prepare your child for adventurers for hugging cultural horizons give your child access to Spanish films music and literature world renowned singers like Monet's and Gloria Estefan filmmakers such as Pedro Ottoman Almodovar and writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez are all natives banished speakers knowing Spanish will help your child understand and appreciate other cultures and Hispanic culture contributes expand your future employment options knowing Spanish is also bonus when looking for a job the earlier child children start learning easier it will be for them to become fluid it's easier than you think one hundred of hundreds of words are the same in both English and Spanish Animal Hospital after color and and doctor means assent same things in English in Spanish they're just pronounced a little differently for english-speaking children there's no easier signal second language to learn than Spanish it's fun your child can learn Spanish with a friendly animated panda in little Pimm's entertaining videos kids will have so much fun watching them a won't even realize they're learning all right so the last one was kind of more of an advertisement for the website but it's still kind of it's still a reason you know it can be fun so that question that you that we talked about before about how can I apply this how can I apply this to my life you know once I am once I'm once I'm done reading this article would you say that question was answered by reading this hmm how so because like the talking to people because I like to get to know people I'm adopted and so when we go to foreign countries like willies and stuff I'm going talk to locals and get to know their culture better mmm awesome so that was one good reason it's talking to people what would you say one more one more benefit of one more reason that would be then stood up to you um job opportunities that's just good on your resume mm-hmm I don't know what I want to do so yeah but it can always be helpful just to know can never hurt to note an extra language can always maybe get you that extra job okay so go ahead and if you don't mind write those three reasons under the L chart about what you've learned and that's all we got thank you

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