Literacy Journey

hello I want to welcome you to storytime and baby where my name is Elizabeth Bailey and I chose this title because I thought all these pity today I'm going to tell you a little bit about my literary history ever since I was very young my mom would always read stories to me some of those flourish names are Rapunzel process for the p-m happening her mom truly value education at a teacher as she furthermore valued the joy of reading one thing all these stories had a comment is that they help the young my Explorer they use their imagination I love stories stories would love to hear stories that just really last my momma reads to me that truly up in my mind and gave me Rome City and rooms to play dress-up next going to my literary history dry me level reading baggy books dibbles accelerated reading Book Fairs whoa whoa whoa what is all of that so level reading was something that we did a lot in and grabbed her school and so a baggy books so these concepts these concepts really talked about how a reading would be or target but they're really how reader is going past the reading level and this was some things that I really remember my teacher is focused on I've never it was because my teacher focused on that as I was first when I was in first grade so this was one of the things that really helped me to learn how to read a summary the reading which I heard there's folks that's probably discontinued now but that's moving to read books and take quizzes of them online and Fred the more it gets piece of coupons or Six Flags so it's just a little you know an incentive and we also have both faces and sisters and we complete all our homework level reading both friends I remember as a young child or grab a school or something I really looked forward to hmm so I was surely a reading when I was young and I didn't always read the things that the teachers wanted me to read I read a lot of urban literature some of these include the Bluford hai series which is about high school students who got a rather hard time in life but they share their stories through short like chapter books and also the coldest one to ever one of my favorite authors is sister souljah so I love reading these books because they gave me an insight on the african-american community and what out what I thought it would be right as I had older nothing but the classics so these are some books that I read about all the inner grammar school but also our high school as well either third of my favorites or three that really stood out to me so when I started grad teacher she was really obsessed this is the right word to use with the Holocaust she made us read different Holocaust and I was one which was a Diary of a young girl by Anne Frank this novel told all of her short stories and all the different horror stories that she had to deal with during World War Two The Great Gatsby was American literature book and it also happens to come out the year but we also have him to read it the year that the movie came out so Kill a Mockingbird it's a book about racism and various myths of fortunate events but furthermore these are books that I have to read and analyze and go past it yes no and really focus on open-ended questions to learn more and to further our knowledge so this is the part that I immense now I am being educated and I am the young so in college you have many different books you have to go up to your chin edge you have to go to your education your geometry your finisher economics you have many different books to me my loving interests for all the books that you have to rima furthermore you do unfortunately I don't have as much time for leisure even as I did in the past because there's so many chapters that I have to read but I do wish to get back to that soon thank you so much for listening to my literary journey and there is more to come

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