Literacy Interview Screencast

during my classroom literacy block every day would be something different before diving into the hands-on applications of my literacy program I think it's important to discuss my personal understanding of literacy as it can help provide insight into my teaching philosophy and how I choose to organize my program the way I have so in our report that I have recently read called connecting the digital dots literacy of the 21st century Barbara Jones and Suzanne Flanagan discussed the importance of redefining Luci they mentioned that prior to the 21st century literacy was once defined as just the ability to read and write however as we progressed into the 21st century that definition of literacy has changed significantly the emergence of technology and the advancements of technological tools indicate that in order to be literate in this day and age students need to be able to navigate through the fast-paced digital society and environment that they live in therefore in supporting and developing my literacy program around a new literacy framework I hope to not only give students the opportunities that they would learn in a regular classroom setting but – hyeme skills through the use of multiple modalities to ensure a balanced learners the program is in place for all of my students in my classroom literacy program learning will not only be confined within the designated time slots of each subject but literacy learning will be integrated across work clearly I hope to integrate our balanced literacy program in my classroom that combine the four different instructional strategies such as a model guided shared independent and these instructional strategies could be integrated through the use of read aloud class discussions shared reading opportunities and using prompts to guy thinking students will also be encouraged to work in a variety of settings such as independent small group large group as a class even through online through the use of virtual spaces my literacy program will aim to promote the use of variety of text in the classroom so I'll be encouraging students to differentiate and use text types such as fiction nonfiction print digital students need to understand the importance of different resources that are available out there for them and know how to use them students will also have many opportunities to practice oral communication reading writing and media literacy through the use of different attacks that are that would be assigned to them such as for example oral presentations and/or research projects my deaf my objective as a literacy teacher is to help students be the best they can and so I'm gradually releasing students to make their own decisions and shifting the responsibility from teacher to the student I hope to instill confidence in all my students and invite them to become practive participants in their in their learning during my literacy block students will have the opportunity and flexibility to engage in activities that work best for them so in organizing bins reading bins that are on par with students reading levels students will have the opportunity to be to choose texts from their bins and read independently and/or with the partner students will also be given prompting questions that they can use to respond to in journals if they wish to practice writing for that day for example um much like a daily fire program I program aims to provide wholesome learning experience that support the development of students is reading writing skills but in addition to strengthening students navigation of media literacy therefore students will also have the opportunity to to use iPads and other technological tools available to play literacy games watch informative videos and interactive members online through the use of virtual classroom spaces as students participate in these various tasks as the educator my role will be to circulate around the classroom and to ensure all students remain on task it will be my job to check in with each student and to make sure they understand their objective and to clarify any questions that they may have during this time I will also encourage students to meet with me 101 and in addition to completing assessment for reading and writing

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