5 thoughts on “Literacy in Other Disciplines”

  1. you need to edit the transcript several things are spelled incorrectly, and I am wondering about art music, PE and JROTC courses as technical subjects 

  2. Coleman is a thoughtful, refreshing voice who values the important aspects of teaching, such as focusing on the meaning rather than the superficial aspects often taught. It's like teaching metaphor as a way of seeing/understanding, as opposed to having students memorize that metaphor is "comparing two things without using as or like" and then having them go on a hunt to find five. Coleman talks about learning to read by looking at what the author has to say (Letter from the Birmingham Jail).

  3. What a sack of double talk coming from a man who is not an educator, says the kids do not need to learn cursive, they can learn from reading by using their imaginations and got paid MILLIONS from Bill Gates to write the Common Core Standards. He does however admit to attending PSA43 at one time or another. Look him up on the internet – David Coleman!

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