Literacy Graduate Program

I would tell a student that you should consider our literacy program because first and foremost it's important to continue to advance your educational career and earning a master's degree in literacy has many different options from literacy and Teasle and literacy and special education by understanding the literacy strategies and working with the methods within the feasel program you can combine them into one and work with diverse learners within your classroom our graduates become reading specialists who work with students with whom experience difficulties in reading and writing further they become literacy coaches and supervisors where they work with classroom teachers to improve their pedagogical practices and their abilities to teach whole class reading instruction working with the faculty and the administrators within the school of ed have allowed me to see that postmasters is a great path to go through especially if you want to make changes within the educational system this master's program is preparing me for a pathway that I really realized until I actually came to st. John's we prepare people to work in higher education as college and university faculty who prepare the next generation of literacy teachers the alumni network within the school of Ed is huge and important because working with these colleagues in your master's program allows you to network and find jobs that you've not find in any other place for example this week I found two teachers who were offering me jobs when I'm not even done with my masters so that's one of the big big things that st. John's office our programs are quite unique in that many of the graduate students enrolled in them have partnerships both where they do research in their own schools as well as schools where we have had existing partnerships for long periods of time the faculty here are great they have great research and they're across many different fields and that has opened me up to understanding more about the populations that are underserved this is gonna be the greatest decision if you decide to come here you don't enter as a student you enter as a colleague is the faculty here you you as an equal in the field they allow you to work with their research they allow you to work alongside them in schools and they even ask for your input in real-world situations that you normally wouldn't think of in the classroom

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