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afternoon my name is Clint Bowman and today we're gonna be talking about the impact McKenzie method therapy enriched by muscular energy techniques on subjective and objective parameters related to spine functions in patients with chronic low back pain by author malgorzata was that so what is the problem that they're discussing in this study so it was a canary that according to published statistics data seventy to eighty five percent of people experience low back pain at some state will experience back pain some stage of their life I'm about thirty nine seventy six percent of those patients will recover completely a standard protocol of exercises have been used for years with little evidence to back it up and these exercises can include relaxation techniques exercise manipulation and counselling many people will not see large improvements this study will be an experimental randomized controlled study it was published in 2015 and will consist of 60 men and women with chronic spinal pain each group will consist of 20 randomly selected patients the three groups will consist of the McKinsey method plus met the second group will be McKinsey method and the third group would be standard physiotherapy and each group will be for about 10 days the tests that will be used during these prior 24 hours after the last therapy session and then three months after the start of it will be the extent of spinal movements the level of experience pain and the structure of the spinal disc so what did they research well for patients with chronic low back pain would it be more efficient to use the McKenzie method with the make with muscle energy technique or met compared to McKenzie model or just standard physiotherapy we'll be using only the McKinsey method this includes hyperextension techniques hyperextension was self pressure or pressure by the therapists and hyperextension mobilization these will last each session for about 30 minutes and the patients are to do 5 cycles per day with 2 hour intervals 15 where participants repetitions each at home the McKenzie method enriched with muscle energy technique was implemented for this group the parameters of the muscle energy technique are on page two nine to zero and then also the combined session was about 40 minutes in time and patients were told to do 5 cycles per day and 2 hour intervals 15 repetitions each at home and physiotherapy group this group used general exercising for abdominals with spinal region on the spinal region with lasers electrotherapy and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation this group also performed performed exercises daily at home and the parameters for all the different units that they use is again on the page on two to nine to one to understand more on the parameters the results came out to being with the McKenzie method plus met had the greatest improvement of mobility equal to change in percentage of 80 percent and change percentage of 40% for the thoracic and lumbar segments respectively and was document with again the McKenzie and Matt group these measurements after three months showed similar results suggesting a therapeutic effect persistence so if you see in the top left hand corner you can see how where they started in degrees for extension and within the last treatment 24 hours after the last treatment it increased a lot and then after the three months you can see that it's still increased a little bit showing that the results weren't just for a short period of time but were able to be sustained Linsey method with Matt and McKenzie method beau showed increased results compared to standard physiotherapy evidence for this method decreased pain increased motion and allowed patients to keep pain away for long period of time taking the time to learn the progression of these exercises and positions could be important in clinics just for the sake of knowing how the progression works and what and where to classify based off of symptoms that patients show this study was a little bit small and then population and limiting and factors to only give a small demonstration of what this model can do or this method can do for all patients in this short video

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