Literacy and Photography Camp 2019

hi my name is Anthony Lowe and today I will be showing you a picture that I took and the lesson that I was supposed to do so here I took a picture of Miss Bernette and one side of the face was supposed to be light and the other side was supposed to be dark and yeah that's it I also took a picture of Harrison jumping in the air doing some kind of dunk I caught him in the air jumping some it was to lay on the floor put your iPad like kind of up so if if you put your iPad cot if you lay down put your iPad up with it and if somebody does something it would make them look bigger so what I the assignment was to make the person that was jumping look bigger another picture that I took was the tower outside of the church so the assignment was for the tower was to do the same thing that I did with Harrison make the tower look bigger than it really is we're talking about shooting from a lower angle my name is avery Williams and I'm going to talk about three things that I did in photography one I'm at first I'm going to do the arm cross where I learned if you had to do about the cross you had to have it front in the center of the cross and I'm gonna be doing the one about Reese yep the left side has to be light and then the right side has to be bright to make it look good and the next one would do was it was just like a portrait of KJ and it was kind of light and dark my name is Isaiah Williams and I'm going to be listing three favorite things that I took a picture and first one is we were out the diversity were the assignment was to try to focus on getting the person high up into the air and I took a picture of Harrison while I was doing that one that's why it's my favorite because I it kind of looked like that he was jumping really high and then my second one was of Anthony and the assignment was to focus onto the person while he was jumping to make it focused and make it look good and that's why I liked that one because I focused on him and it wasn't too blurry and then my third one was of Byron the assignment was to get the rule of thirds top line like connected to the line on the wall and make it look parallel and I liked that one it wasn't too blurry I didn't move a lot and I really liked that my name is byron bishop and i have three pictures that i want to talk to you about the first picture is this well the assignment was to get a portrait of your classmate on the light side and then to make the and then to leave the other side dark because I didn't have any light on it the second picture was we went to we went out of the classroom and we got a picture of another classmate and we were trying this we were trying to catch him in midair jumping and then and then the third picture was we went outside and went to the electric Tower and we and we took a picture far and we try to take it in the center and put in portrait mode hello my name is Harrison Shaw and today I'll be telling about three photos and the assignments one photo I had was an Anthony I had to capture him in the air in the air without it being blurry for my second one I had to capture an electric Tower and I had to get the top and like in in the bottom kind of and I need to get like the end of it and sorry the end like in the angles and for my third picture I was a ghost catch Isaiah with a light behind his head my favorite part of the camp was well I like Osmos stem and photography I like photography because I like to learn how about an actual photographer retaining pictures take pictures and not just snapping a photo and also I like the stem because it was in hands-on environment where you could get cardboard and paper and things like that and tape and we try and make a camera like a model of the camera that you choose and I like the Osmos because I love to draw and well and well it gave me a chance to draw something that I have not drawn before and as usually I can't draw too well my name is Jayden Sykes and today we're going to be talking about photographs the first photograph I was going to the tower that was the middle the second photograph was Anthony jump and I was trying to catch him jump flying and then the third one was just a portrait so that's all I need to say my name is Jason Burnett and after me pictures to talk about photography and witasick I'm this broker my first picture is this Reese or only supposed to get his face and to make half of his face dark and half his face light and I only get his face her second pictures of Reese jumping in midair supposed to get on the ground put the devil up and then trying to make out the jump really high up my third pictures of Isaiah or just I couldn't go back and the orange I had the backer to it a back of the church touches it hello my name is Jordan Roberts and three pictures that I want to talk about that I did in literary literacy and for talk to free camp was one of them I we were in the sanctuary and people were dropping and we have to try to catch them in midair and be still and you had their lay on the ground and put your tablet up and it looked like that they were jumping too super high and that that's the one of the pictures I like another picture was a picture of a camera another camera and uh and I um mr. Young told me to try to get in the lower third box and then I did it so so I got it straight in the lower third box but you have to try to make sure that you got your Driggs and then with the flowers I got the orange flower same with like the camera I got it back in the lower their box my name is Kaden and Smith and I have three pictures after I have to tell you about and okay so the first one is a picture of Anthony and he was a model and I was taking a picture of an angle and then the second ones are jumping picture of Anthony he was doing a slam dunk and then the third one is there my teacher because she's nice and she's a good model too she's very cute and very attractive my name is KJ and I'm gonna be talking about some about some pictures one of the pictures is Kayden and it's it's exposure it's a dramatic lighting my face would face one part of his face is dark in front of the other face is like and the other one is Xavier jumping and I was trying to capture him jumping in mid-air and trying not to be turning not to get blurry and the third and final last picture what is Anthony the light exposure again where one side of his face is black one side of his other face is like my name is Latrell Kuno same and what about summer camp learning about photography and one thing that I learned is trying to take clear pictures of people running then dropping up in the air and you have to be very still and sometimes I mess up and another thing I've been learning about photography is trying to take a picture of some type of tower and you have to be very still and take a pic clear picture in the middle of it and one more thing Diana learned is trying to take a pictures of pretty backgrounds too and you have to be very still and you have to get like an orange pretty like a light behind the back of the head so I can make a look cooler my name is Rhys Bowman and I'm gonna talk about KJ Anthony in the tower KJ I was in the mill and it looked so bright and everything Anthony so I was in the rulers and it took a picture of them and that and after that I took a picture of the tower and after that I was in an angle and looks bigger than you ever see your Tower and that's how I did it

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