LISD is Going to Provide an Education Experience Like No Other Place in the Metroplex

My education in Lewisville helped me get a full scholarship at SMU which enabled me to go into the real estate business. I
was a developer in Dallas and Atlanta and all up and down the East Coast for a
little over ten years. Then when I decided to raise my family I came back
to Lewisville and started a company developing real estate as well and
fortunately we’ve been very successful and I couldn’t have done it without
being a Lewisville High School Grad. Lewisville is going to give you an
opportunity for diversity in education and in experience, like no other place in
the Metroplex, as well as being a safe and wonderful place to raise your family.
When you’re selecting a school you have to make sure that they’re going to be able to provide for all your children’s needs and all of their different learning
abilities. I have two special needs kiddos was out of out of my three and they have
different needs as well. This district has bent over backwards to make sure
that they have opportunities to succeed and they will do that for multiple kids
and that is known throughout this region. The quality of teachers in the district
is just incredible, how they prepare our students today with all the challenges
that they face is amazing. I’ve been involved with lots of kids that have
seen what kind of success they’ve had at the next level, kids that weren’t maybe
in the top half of their class that have graduated from the University of Texas.
Maybe the 30% of their class and they’re now doctors. It’s just incredible
how this district prepares kids across the board. Farmer pride is a real thing
and it’s always wonderful to come back and see traditions that were there
before we got there still in place and traditions that were started when I was
there in place today. These kiddos, they care about each other, they care about
this community, and it is, it’s just a joy to be around all of them.

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