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Hey everybody today we’re gonna talk
about Lions Now if you can stand up if not just move
your hands and feet and help Leonard act and roll like a lion A family of Lions is called a pride Can you tell me what a Lion looks like? They look like very big cats. with big teeth and big whiskers. That’s right, lions are the second biggest cat in the world, only behind Tigers. A female Lion is called a lioness A male lion has a mane What is a mane The fur around the face, like the sun, Beautiful! The lioness does most of the hunting for the pride Mommy’s work very hard! Do you think a lion can run faster than a person Lion’s run faster than Kangaroos That’s right, they can run up to 80 kilometers per hour Oh my God! Lions are known to be
the king of the jungle but where do they actually live? They live in Africa, but not in a Jungle, they live in Grasslands that’s right
Lions used to live all over the world but now they only live in a few places They live in a Zoo and a Safari have you ever seen a lion? Hey everyone, can you help Leonard imagine and draw a lion with
your finger in the air? That’s amazing! Do you know that Lions can sleep up to
20 hours a day in the wild? Oh, I thought you slept a lot! When a Lion roars, does anybody hear? YES! Up to 8 km away! Imagine that, a lion’s roar can be heard up to 8 kilometres away! Wow and can you help us make
lion sounds with Leonard? It’s just like being in a pride! Lions are very precious, we need to protect them. Wow, Lions are so amazing! Hey everyone, why do you love lions? We love Lions too! Blooper Reel: teaching kids teaching Lions teaching
kids no lions teaching kids, um I love lions.

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  1. I can’t stop watching Leonard, he’s so interesting and has such cute way of presenting things.

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