LinkedIn Learning Review

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  1. Hi Ricky, Do you know how to unsubscribe from a course in LinkedIn? I watched a preview of one of the course and now that course went to 'In Progress'. TIA

  2. Thanks Ricky, great review! Very useful, as my organization is migrating from to LinkedIn Learning.

  3. After complete a course, did they offer you a certificate that can include on your LinkedIn profile? Great video

  4. Very useful video, I appreciate your efforts of doing that. I want to learn new skills and was looking between Lynda and LinkedIn Learning. I will give it try

  5. Hi
    I'd like to ask a question. If we participate in an online course using the mentioned feature on LinkedIn Learning, can we add it to our LinkedIn skills as a resume? In other words, can we refer to our finished course, existed in our LinkedIn Learning history, as a proof for our skills mentioned in our profile?
    My main concern is how we can empower LinkedIn account and prove the skills we say in our profile.
    Thanks for the video

  6. Good video, thanks for sharing!
    Hey, I create very similar marketing-related content on my channel, why don't you subscribe and send me some feedbacks about my videos?

  7. Awesome! thanks for explaining! 😀 I subscribed to the Premium Plan Today 😀 I really like what you do keep going :DDDDD

  8. Hey Ricky, I think this was a great video review. I think ultimately the benefit of having one less platform to sign into as well as getting some of the LinkedIn Premium Features makes it a winner. Much appreciated your point of view here.

  9. Dude, you should get affiliate links to all the platforms that you review and share them in the description. You work hard at these videos. Your subscribers will be more than happy to click a link if they decide to use the platform you review. Every penny counts.

  10. Top 10 courses/classes you'd recommend for web development/coding on LinkedIn Learning for the next video?

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