Lingokids App – English Learning for Kids

So what is Lingokids? Lingokids is the best language learning platform for kids from ages 2 to 6 years old The best time to learn a second language And everything begins with our world. A world that has been designed with fun games for your child to have a great time while learning. It’s the most complete early learning platform with a curriculum that includes every word your child learns in everyday life. There are over three thousand words to learn in a new language. To start exploring just click on one of our lessons Our lessons vary from finding our friends in the ocean sing along with our friends, dance flamenco, or cooking a delicious meal There are thousands of activities at your child’s fingertips This curriculum was carefully designed by teachers and language learning experts. Lingokids adapts the activities to your child’s own customized level of learning. Follow your child’s progress with our improvement reports You as a parent can be confident that your child is receiving the best language learning experience available. With new games, challenges, and lessons updated constantly. Tons of awards and studies confirm Lingokids is the right learning platform for early learning. Hundreds of hours of learning content Getting started is easy. Click here now, and provide your child the best education available. Lingokids a natural way to learn a second language

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