28 thoughts on “LINE DANCING LESSONS with Country Music Minute”

  1. Line dancing actually is not country when they came out with the urban cowboy movie they came up with all this crap the whole concept of country dancing is a man and a woman in each other's arms and the woman mimicking whatever the man does it comes from Scottish and Irish dancing now there were two dances that old women did because nobody would ask him to dance and that was bulshit. An Applejack unfortunately the later generations don't really understand where country comes from there are no gays in country during a woman's liberzon country it's not meant to be for everybody it's meant to be loyal Americans whose roots go back to northern Europe it's not inclusive its exclusive and that's okay

  2. Im so happy this video is a thing because I'm having a daddy daughter dance and its this theme and I'm so nervous!!! Thanks!!!

  3. The transitions in the editing made it hard to follow and then at one point there was a lag so when they were saying left, right it didn’t match the video. Moving on.

  4. East enough dances but the camera work moves way too much. the video is blurry. I'm a paid teacher so i know what its like to try and make sure everything is right on…. also there is allot off beat steps. keep it simple and the videos can go a long way!

  5. Once i was at the ranch and they where doing line dancing and i have never done it before so the put me in the front so i could do the dance to and by 12:00 i got so good at line dancing. I think you can do it if i can

  6. The real questions are
    Who was in charge of the cameras and audio?
    Who edited the video and have they improved in the 4 years since this was released?

    Because if this was actually made by a photography company then you got jipped.

  7. line dance to this . "Streets of Bakersfield" . Country House Mix . Olivia Fries Farr . https://youtu.be/1fWotWohQ0c

  8. Thanks for the great instruction. Maybe you could visit my channel and check out some of my Line Dance videos.

  9. Horrible quality for the videos, I liked learning them but wish the camera didn’t zoom in so much it’s really frustrating trying to follow the steps and not seeing anything but someone’s thighs…

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