Lifelong Learning: Language Skills for Kids

If you’re a parent, and you want
your children to be lifelong learners, helping them develop language
skills is extremely important. This can start with creating a language-rich
environment at home, one where children have daily opportunities to hear
and take part in conversations. You can make eye contact with your child,
comment on something he or she is interested in, and pause for a response. This way, children learn the
building blocks of a conversation. If you are a parent who speaks
a native language other than English, speaking to your children in
this language can be beneficial. Children who speak their
parents’ native language tend to experience healthier family
relationships and a stronger self-identity. [MUSIC]

2 thoughts on “Lifelong Learning: Language Skills for Kids”

  1. It would be interesting see a related video on mixed mode/language families – Deaf Parents, Hearing Children, or Hearing Parents, Deaf Children – where ASL is the parents' and/or children's language.

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