Life Lessons From an Incarcerated Father

22 thoughts on “Life Lessons From an Incarcerated Father”

  1. i've watched this series many times, starting when it first came out – these teachers are true heroes. i would love to see an update on where all the students are in their lives

  2. feel bad that a kid gets his ideas from a father who is behind bars for murder. i dont want to see my son if i put myself in that situation. these fathers try to be a dad behind bars. wouldnt it be best if daddy never got in the jail in the first place to be a father? 60 yrs in jail. u will be an old man beforeu are an old man. pathetic.

    and the motherfucker is laughing like no biggie. asshole. cradle to prison pipeline – gift from them Democrats.

  3. Watching the beginning of this series I was over Cortez. I wrote him off 😞. He’s just a hurt kid. I can’t imagine life without my father. I hope he’s found healing and getting better.

  4. So much resources for a single kid to get him just not to end up like his dad. When life is shit, it tears into the whole world.

  5. these issues are deeper than a father in the home. this kid is broken and that kind of crumbling happens with neglect, abuse, survivorship, etc.

  6. His dads In PROTECTIVe custody that’s the worst in prison to be In PC u are always a target in the prison …pretty much he snitched on somebody in there or did something where he had to PC up.

  7. This is real heartbreaking. To the young gang Bangerz and drug dealers. Think twice. I'm a strong man but this video made me cry.

  8. How can you not open your heart to this beautiful boy. All these children are so vulnerable. How can the teachers not love these babies. 💜💜💜

  9. … ya that little boy in the episode is on some serious medication. I hope no one thinks he is on the medication because his father is not in the picture. It may more likely be he has a family that has a history of mental health issues which contributed to his father’s actions leading to incarceration and the need for this little boy to need to be prescribed medication to help control/ manage his behaviours. Those are some serious medications. Wishing him all the best.

  10. "calm now cause he takes meds" Kid is ZONKED they got him on some Seroquel or some Neurotin guarenteed. They give kids anti psychotics like they work for any disorder. These are people not lab rats

  11. I feel wrong watching this interaction. This should be a private moment father to son where they arent even more nervous by the cameras. they really capitalized on a little boys dad being in jail. Nice "journalism" vice
    PS. I do think it was helpful for that boy to see his father without a doubt he needed that connection and advice. But really vice I see this often you go for Real life dramatic moments and shoot it like its a film I mean certain things shouldnt be shared for the whole word to see and criticize.

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