Life Inside Detroit Public Schools

My name is Lakia Wilson. I’m the school counselor here at Spain. I have been here 19 years. I love it here. I love the staff. I love the students and the families that we serve. I consider myself a fixture in this community and I want my building for these children. I want my babies to have the best. This is my daughter’s first year at Spain. I really love the teachers. I did not know that Detroit Public Schools were in such bad condition. I heard about something with mold that they have. I never saw the gym, so I didn’t know it was in such bad condition. So, up until two months ago our students were here playing in this gym and then we were told we could no longer use this portion of the building. So it is now off limits to us. We’re seeing damage from the roof where it is raining and snowing right inside the school And it has created these large humps in the floor where students were playing in here two months ago with the warped floor. Not being able to go to gym and that’s not right. That’s not right. And how does that make you feel? Sad. And now they hate gym because they can’t come in here. and use any of the equipment. All they are limited to is walking the halls. Ok, this is our band room. Our band teacher was laid off about two years ago and our room has been empty ever since. Our instruments are locked away and uniforms just hanging. A performing arts program with no performing arts teachers is an oxymoron. I don’t know why when things go away within this district that they are not replaced. And it’s just getting sad. Bring the easel up. Normally we have our reading lesson in the back but because they did that two dollar, shoddy cover up on that pipe, I’m still scared to go back there. And I teach first grade and I don’t have reading books. Now they don’t bring books home. Everything is a Xerox copy. They’re little kids. They don’t take great notes. Without books, it’s a problem for the parents to help them. We don’t have any ink, so a lot of times I have to do this at home. It takes a lot of my preparation time and we only have two preps a week. And it’s totally unfair. Our kids love to learn, they are eager to learn and they deserve better. No one will take accountability for what’s going on with the steam. There’s steam coming up onto our playground. And the temperatures have reached 110 degrees. It’s a snow storm in Detroit and the ground is burning. The students are very sad about not being able to go out to the playground, the fact that they are not able to properly burn off their energy as far as running around and just being free for a few minutes and coming back in and getting back to academics. I blame the emergency manager, the governor because there is no reason the schools should be falling apart like they are. The conditions our students have to face everyday coming to our school is unfortunate. This is the reality of it. Now you base this versus the schools in the suburbs, there’s no comparison. Even though the governor and the legislators in Lansing are making laws against us, you have a right to deserve and demand better. Who taught us to fight for our equal rights? Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. Martin Luther King taught us that we should be treated how? We should be treated how all people are treated.

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  1. I saw that they didn’t even have a gym playground and not even books with no ink is sad. I used to hate school but now I am so grateful for the things I uave

  2. Some point later after this school was featured on TV, Ellen and Lowes went to the rescue and donated $500K to the school.

  3. Typical US schools. Parents having to fill in for the inadequate education their children are getting in public schools.

  4. I feel so bad I want to help this school out as much as I can but I'm only 12 so there's not much I can do which sucks 🙁

  5. I've never seen an elementary school with a pool. That looks like it was a nice school once. How much money does the supervisor get?

  6. Detroit schools get PLENTY of dough but the politicians and school admin steal it or spend it on themselves.

  7. Thank God my mother got me out of Detroit public school system after I completed 5th grade. The bathrooms would back up and make me sick I have asthma.

  8. I feel so bad I was talking to somebody but I can’t but Jas can go to new school or something but that’s because his family partner Jamya I’m not gonna be able to go to South Carolina and a playground but every day I’ll be OK God bless I will pray pray for you a lot🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. What people fail to realize, is the tax base in an area is a lot of what funds schools. It's sad, because kids can't control where they are born but it comes down to culture. If adults in these areas made better decisions and crime wasnt through the roof, their kids wouldnt suffer as much. I know in this PC society, we can't say these things, but it is what it is. Until we get honest, nothing gets better.

  10. I’m a dps kid lol trust and believe stuff like that is real and it gets worse over the years 🤷‍♀️. If you don’t go to the best schools in dps forget having a nice experience honestly. But I don’t like to be pitted tho yea my district sucks and I’m graduating next year but don’t let other kids be without in dps or any school district

  11. Now I consider myself lucky. My school has a band room, gymnasium, pencils, pens with ink, workbooks, paper, folders, a library per classroom, Macbook Pros (Acers) for 500 girls and 40 teachers, agendas for them, and the only thing we don't have to ourselves is the dance room. The school on the 1st and 2nd floor has it. Sometimes they have to come to the third or fourth floor for gym. Things we share are the entrance, lunchroom and the yard. It was a public school in the poorest part of my city with uniforms.

    Meanwhile, that school has literally nothing, no playground, no gym, no dance room, no ink, no internet, no band room, nothing.😭

    Probably it's that I live in one of the richest and biggest cities in the US.

    If I could, I would come to Detroit to help. I'm not too young.

  12. All the while our schools here in Texas have football stadiums for high school that cost 70 million dollars. I'm ashamed…

  13. It is sad I live in Detroit I fully understand the mayors in our city’s careless about all of us my school has had the same light out for 3 years the food is recooked if not sold we barely have enough money to run the school so please be grateful for what you’ve got Bc there are many kids in my school who take it for granted

  14. You know what I think? Racism.Ive noticed while looking at these type of videos a lot of the time it’s a school with mostly African Americans and Hispanics.Im not saying UwU it’s all the white mans fault,but I do think that when more people of different origins start to come in the care put in gets worse.I think why these schools are messed up is because the government cares less about people that don’t look like them.

    Take what you want of this but it’s my opinion .

  15. The reality we live in now revolves around 1 thing they say safety or kindness or love but it actually money. The government doesn’t fund the schools they just fund more b.s about security THAT WE DONT EVEN NEED

  16. Meanwhile my school is raising money to buy more computer so each kid can have their own for the year. Now I’m gonna try talking to the principal bout this

  17. They, not having ink and books to read.. no gym and recess.. 😔. then there is my school.. tryna find a place to add another playground.

  18. At my highschool, they throw away money. We got a new school built in 2012. It has 150,000 sq ft— virtually a college campus.
    It’s sad to see that other schools don’t get this sort of money.
    Let’s focus on the cities in our own country, before putting money to others.

  19. The worst city’s
    1 Detroit
    2 Chicago
    3 Baltimore my city I live
    4 Las Vegas
    5 San Francisco
    6 LA
    7 New York City
    8 Portland
    9 Oakland
    10 Seattle

  20. Damn so lucky to live in Canada my school is worried about us scribbling stuff out on our paper and us doodling on our papers. America needs to step there shit up, like come on this is so sad.

  21. I grew up in northern Detroit and even though my schooling wasn't as bad as this (still pretty bad) I feel so terribly for these kids. They deserve to get a great education and to go somewhere in life. They also should be in a good environment for learning. Honestly so sad

  22. This is horrible and while this richest country in the world and there wasting money on wall while some school are in this condition smh 🤦‍♀️

  23. A country with a GDP of over 1 trillion dollars they still cant make schools palace were kids should feel safe

  24. I used to hate my district but now I'm grateful it's nothing like this and my schools where I live are very very very great schools so God bless them

  25. This is sad. Meanwhile my suburban school has enough money to print dozens of colored handouts a year to thousands of kids that pretty much just get thrown away.

  26. If Detroit doesn't have much than it's time for Detroit to have a school system exactly like Finland so all whole state of Michigan can focus on cooperation instead of competition if it can't happen in the whole USA than let's start in Detroit Michigan than the whole state.

  27. people bitch but when 80% of the district are an welfare why should the hard working peoples taxes go to those schools while the people sit on their ass , look at these woman , you think they get like that from being busy

  28. I hope one day to have so much money to be able to help places like this. I would donate so much money to help these innocent kids learn

  29. 🤔Everyone is so quick to blame the government it sounds to me it’s time for parents to start having to pay a small fee for their child to go to school.If every parent had to even pay just $25 to $50 a month and buy the books their child/children need that would make a big difference in a school with over 300 kids.Your talking about over $10,000 a month the school would be able to bring in.Then the school would be able to fix what needs to be fixed at least it would be a start in you have to start somewhere.

  30. Damn I say that this is so depressing how we can have our schools basically crumble, like a lot of schools (or the ones I go to) have to beg for the parents money with events like book fairs and all that so they don't fall cause for some reason the government can find building a new school entirely but not fixing or helping the schools already up

  31. the summary everywhere is "if rich you can get the top service wherever you are" as Jordanian from poor family I struggled in public school where is poor service and poor educational system. which in turn make you stuck some where with weak ablillity to read or write or to learn English language as a second language . (why it is important) because without language in Jordan you will stuck some where in university because the textbook and teaching in university are in English. Even you could graduate you will not find jib because of the weakness in you English …. now I am 33 my dream to continue studying I really have dream to make the poor people able to get good education and draw the line for their future …. even I will not be rich but I have big dream to reduce the suffer and the struggle that all young just because their parents are poor or because there are orphan like I was … even though I worked hard and still working to achieve that even I lost a lot to learn English and still I did not find the way to start some where … to help the poor young kids ( poor with money rich with their ability and faith ) …

  32. Growing up in Nevada the charter school I went to didn’t have a library, gym, or any music fine arts classes we had to combine 2 classes together because there was such a shortage of teachers

  33. Let's remember this school is in the usa and if it was in Washington or another white suburban neighborhood they woulda built a brand new school years ago fuck the government

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