Life Changing Books: A New Earth

– Hey guys, I want you
to listen really closely to this quote, “Life will
give you whatever experience “is most helpful for the
evolution of your consciousness. “How do you know this is
the experience you need? “Because this is the experience “you’re having at the moment.” This quote is from a book that
absolutely changed my life. Every few months, I want
to bring a book review, so to speak, to you guys. Kind of bring a book that changed my life in some way, lit a fire in my soul, changed my perspective, things like that and share it with you. So make sure that you’re subscribing below so that you’re getting new episodes and these book reviews when they come out. So the book this week is “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s
Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle. This book, you guys. Several years ago I found myself, after dealing with traumatic loss, trying to reboot my life. I was searching for something. I was watching things, reading things, searching for a message of
how I viewed spirituality, how to live in this world, my
perspective of consciousness. And this book had it all. So first, a little bit
about Eckhart Tolle. Eckhart Tolle is a
contemporary spiritual leader. He doesn’t subscribe to a
particular religion or tradition which is a really beautiful thing because this book is very
inclusive and covers any ideology. Alright, so it’s pretty impossible
to sum up this whole book and all the amazing
information inside of it into a small quick chat like this. So I’m just going to give you
a concise kind of overview, and I will put a link in the comments so that you guys can click
on it and head straight over and order the book if you choose. In this book, Tolle explores
the current state of humanity and the expanding consciousness that is happening throughout
the world right now. He explains in detail what the ego is, and this is a really
interesting perspective on his part, defining ego. He explains what the ego is
and how detrimental it is to our personal selves and the world and how in order to find
our true, real selves, we need to shed that ego and get rid of it to move forward and grow. He talks about what he calls the pain body and this all the trauma, the negativity, the pain that we carry around in ourselves and we unconsciously feed through more negativity in our lives. And he explores and
explains ways to break free from that cycle of living
in that negativity. Tolle talks about how to find who you are at your core and what
your inner purpose is, and he does this in a way of talking about living consciously and mindfully and that the only true way to
live is in the present moment. And finally he explains
how we can move forward and create a new earth
by living in mindfulness and with a new consciousness. So obviously, I highly
recommend adding this one to your must-read list. It’s so good. I’ve read it twice. I have it all underlined. I have notebooks with notes
written from it, it’s fantastic. So please comment below. Let me know if you’ve read this book or any of his other work, or maybe drop a title of
a book that you recommend and I could read it
and maybe talk about it on one of my next episodes. So make sure to comment
and make it a great week.

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