Libraries Transform: Education

Libraries play an integral role
in the educating of our kids. Pre-kindergarten is such
an important opportunity for kids, and our libraries can really help us to develop pre-kindergarten skills
with our students in many different ways. I was very concerned about
him going to kindergarten. Not in the aspect of learning, but it taught them how to get in line,
which my son had no idea how to do that. It taught him how to, you know, you raise your hand
when you want to speak in school. So it just taught him the basics. He’s the top reader in his reading group, so that to me is a huge thing, like, oh, maybe the kindergarten club
helped a lot. These kids need something
to open up their minds to. And it’s just a place where they can
come and take advantage of all the opportunities that they offer here. A lot of our families
have crazy work hours. Sometimes their work schedule
prevents them from being able to spend the time that they want
helping their kids with their academics. So that’s where our library
comes in to play. They have a homework club, and they can give them
that additional boost they need. School is really stressful, and when I come to the library, it helps me out a lot. We have seen
a tremendous amount of growth. His independence has increased. His mentality has changed
about school, and his mentality
has changed about homework. The library helps him
with the new technology– something other than just Xbox. He has an opportunity to help him when he graduates
and gets in to the real world. It gives a new generation
definition to the word library. Libraries now offer innovation. Our public library has a sound stage. You can go and record things,
you can create podcasts, you can utilize technology
in an innovative and novel way. Keep the innovation coming. Our kids benefit from it. This will affect their futures, and this is really what we need to make sure that our kids
are prepared with 21st-century skills.

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