Liam Gallagher – The British Masters Season 3 – Chapter 4

you want a giant we're going yes john mcenroe lee mania you cannot be serious yeah and he's gone was it in or was it out my name is John Doran and I write about music in this series of British masters I have talked to many legendary figures from the history of British popular music from Johnny Marr to John Lydon and from Jimmy Page to Richard Ashcroft all of these people are enduring talents who have risen to the top of their fields out of everyone I have taught to probably none of them are as instantly recognizable and well-loved as my next guest and probably none of them has much to say for themselves the frontman of Oasis one of the largest groups this country has ever produced Liam Gallagher disappeared from the public eye four years ago but now he's back with his first solo album as you were I spent two days with him recently one taking a walk across Hampstead Heath and the other down the pub I'd like to welcome Liam Gallagher to British masters they've tried to go it's all good let's do it yeah so this series is called British masters and like over the last few years I've interviewed people like John Lydon Johnny Marr Jimmy Page do you see yourself as being in my kind of a lineage with these other rock stars better than I don't I see myself as one of the food great rock and roll' singers on the planet without a doubt songwriting that's not my bag without cost meself more as a single certainly better than Johnny round and band John Lydon do you get a lot of people just bumping into you in the street you immediately think right let's go to the pub that you a few yeah it's not even a pint these days normally it's just stating fronting line in the pipe Amarna don't know what decade you're they love it but they say the night you you've been announced that you're playing Glastonbury this summer and I'm what are your memories of like the first time you played Glastonbury first time I played Glastonbury yeah mines good to be young he's great one I remember coming off stains on the clothes robbed I remember neatly someone some very strange kid who come up to me and he thought I had cocaine amia Paki no man Liam Gallagher nah and the command box of Isis or obviously sketching it during the day enough and there's a little white bits of and it was taken out on the air putting on the guns and putting up the nose overlap okay Jimmy catch yourself being out now at some kind of ridiculous kind of celebrity / no no never late and you won't catch me because I don't got one it was full of cons in the nighties and a you know I just think what what the light now these days you know I mean so if then I didn't get on with a man I've done a few in the nighties and just bailed man and carried on – we're back to whatever was fun so where do you used to go to school and I went to state max which is the secondary school which is in kids but it was your most hectic teacher said a geezer call mr. Smith and he was a cockney look like John Lennon proper epic stunk of coffee where did I at you boy any grub you buy the thing and all that we made a wrap up of art and called the satrap and calling sassy yeah mr. Spock is a squat my name's session on the best I've got great big hairy chest some of my men he finally they'd always hear loss added another verse to it but he's you by your icon are your kids like a conjurer it's kind of what you know use culture or whatever Leonard's got a classic than these are it's even a Grateful Dead and he's always been telling me some one weird like Oh King over on the ground stuff on that kill well as genes more grime on and stuffing like alright so have you been watching the trip with yes Rob Brydon leave – you love it look dude and love Rob Brydon well cougar mortal could you just look at him and just go even though he's cleaned up he's on up somebody saying that he just looks like is close to the bomb but it was used to power them by power driven once there was a wedding going on me and Emma started above and a couple of chinks in this dungeon thing anyway all the people come in the going that occasionally you're going to sing Wonderwall nah I'm singing one the Walmart no none of that nonsense and I think that just round about that time it was out I was going I singing on that he's gonna leave him alone I'll sing a song and they don't think we really new here and he got up on stage and sang it's not unusual by Tom Jones but mega but I'm at the bat laughing rolling around rolled on our GSA don't watch indefinite he's better singer than you anyway go back to me 14 anyway I think all the Guinness and we've gone up to our room – whatever none of that and then I think we crushed out what we definitely crash now I woke up in the morning and I see this lump and I better go not God is this a little tough on the and actually secondly this fully cold he's gone oh I've seen since yeah that was it I'm serious there I'm ceilings in you had a big night out with Mary Donovan if we was in Argentina and we've done a gig and the next minute we're setting the bar VIN a drink a load of about 30 people come legging in like the anthill mob we want you to Hills up sting was at the bar crying because he's noddy's dressing in the rug anyway so found out was Maradona gone upstairs with a load of mad ads and load of women of the night so we were going look can we just go up a meeting my answer the interpreter and the servicer is gone I let me just go on square rooms gone off come back now he's gone only the Gallagher brothers can do so we will have layers to the Podesta that man steamed up there I'm going I'm got in and his loads of activity going on mother Donna's in the middle of the room doing football tricks for the bottle top and these eyes were in my and when ours weren't fired off and we were just guy would go looks a bit movie in air like this just get a quick picture with him and we'll off and he's sweating his bollocks off and with an answer that what did he just say he says he's told me to tell you who's if you leave of any of these bitches he loved your shot alright tell us about million John McEnroe John McEnroe that was in New York and with come off stage and he was there he's you've got a great guide man you want a giant we're going yes John McEnroe you mania because I'm gonna button went straight on I've been off at GLAAD build until today I think they're gonna smoke everywhere going exactly you cannot be serious and we're going at me and he's gone was Ely and I was around goo-gooing out with it it was going up there's not much direction where are okay yes ma'am not seen him since Eva absolute with all these people that come across and once man are you more chilled out out than you work for any of you a little bit but I can I can you know I can go from that line answer that in anytime you are mean if something arises not mean when was off time you're in a situation where you thought I'm not going to get out of this either alive or without serious injury since I've been in a few situations but I always see the garden lose a couple of teeth in there bill as I get some big ones I'm not the smiley astir person so it doesn't really matter what I've got any in me I don't know you're on me what was genuinely thinking about it is it's like I remember it's clear it's a ballad like you know that year of walking into a pub and Oasis would be on the jukebox and everyone be in the pub singing it you've got a recording of you to having a fire and it got into the chart yeah don't you miss the madness of that yeah without a doubt without a doubt that's the beauty of evasive is everything went anything won't you ugly and that's all it's like that's the way we are on by I was gone and I meet some fool she'll come don't it the renegotiation you're with if they got and in my will displease my don't know he's been honestly well you've been right how about right or what do you think I don't know that I say goodnight rock'n'roll to me if you think what should I leave are using rock'n'roll wherever you want month like this bill P it's nice enough okay L this is beautiful I know it's not like being in the park in long sight st. not old minor parking levels you now a classic of the weeks ago I was up there seen your mom's got a mini sized Stonehenge in there in my old fat lazy dog fifty its what years too late old could have done be seen that years ago yeah yeah I heard but you ran into Frankie datoria under older yeah bumped into in once I was sitting out drinking some argue it was mealy-mouthed apology we make Adam and he's come over any speedos Haney and all that sucker he's joined in anyway and he's tearing out he's gone he's gonna be back in a second but he's gone at the shop and bought me mater Brown other really big bit big at the time and so he didn't go down well with him anyway the tequila's are flying and all that circle and then it August he normally just saw it just goes a bit silly at some point I'm on the back of him in his speaker bail him out and off about eight hours and he's got your speed I was on he's got a see my strong legs and all that I was gone on the back lot on the back and I'm proper slapping him on your house I'm running now on this guy and feed him since – whatever happened to you being a guest on countdown yeah I'm not going on that one I like the noise do-do-do-do-do that's about it you know I mean sitting there NASA like that's not familiar the latest one yeah which will you come and sing hockey Street for only fills and answers you doing on for Manchester aren't there any that you do I don't know a jump you want to come to our gym will do any of that bollocks people aren't noticed I'm on a different [Applause] BDI split up in 2014 what did you do in those three years mmm about them all moaned a lot that's just a bit like salt you know I'm just like sitting there thinking right maybe this is all it I mean you get me personal intact and I got no songs I've got no band maybe this is it maybe this maybe that was the last bit of music now I'm going to do so I was preparing just to sort of leave quietly and then all of a sudden so I messing about with a guitar I think is a song called when I'm in need popped up and then bold and ingredie soul and a fire something's happening it and I was getting up very early in the morning three four and a mind just going through the lyrics and just get any right and here we are it's 2017 and looking at over quarter of a century of you might like making music full-time why was this year the year to do a solo album and I seem to have a lot of drama in the last four years there's a lot of that going on of to doing my own doing at the bottom so lets you skip us and remind people what I did would be busy kristinia you bikini paraphernalia I'm thinking is this something about the process of you being a solo star but you may not lost all the words so Lord gives me a theorem but it's just got to be done I'm in a band now we've got a band together and that so I feel a lot more I mean if I was going out getting on my own that won't happen I mean the idea of like an acoustic guitar and still is still somewhere in the distance now that mean is not in them yeah you never I mean I thought I could play guitar barely you know I mean it might be too little soft getting up to standing and doing it there's enough of them out there doing nothing like me as far as I said I'm talking freedom obviously you didn't have to answer to anyone so I was wondering you know was there any other kind of internal conversation were you thinking right now is my chance to get in someone to do a flute solo get a marimba player in maybe get the are caster in to do some kind of cosmic space jazz get some footwork beats go in now the rissalah there was a bit of sax tried sneaking the door and up when I got knocking stopped I look cool in and out and tell me something other than that card I mean correct me if I'm wrong a lot of songs seem to be about specific people they're about everyone you not only about your mum about their visit about me kids about me she found it a way of kind of exercising stuff you know right in these kind of lyrics getting stuff off you with that yeah because then you can move then you can move on you know I mean they just wait for the next batch to comes right landing the plane in it you're not like you know you get a lot of that stuff where you're circling before you've got to land the plane and that for me once the landed and you can move on and land another one you know I mean before you know what you've got the airwaves are clear it's the best form of burn therapy ever young man why do you think that our Asus never kind of clicked big-time with the kind of audiences in the States and I feel a bit too ladee or English for them or whatever it is I mean happens but I'm quite happy with the way we went down in America to be brutally honest I think if we've got big in America I'd be a proper I'm not it'd be more famous or less famous or not yet be so we kick bleep out my career the funny missing that I wanted to do so you want to get like a massive world tour off the back of it no I mean I'll go with wherever it goes whether it goes small I'm prepared for smaug's I've been small there's a goes big I'm prepared for big I just wanted get out the house to reboot me honest and I'm similar do you know I mean I've had four years of about and sitting around and they ain't good for yourself you know I mean the data bit of death of your mind being I mean nothing to do you're not really so something mind just to get out and do what I do sing songs I feel that I'm in good Nick you've got a really kind of touching song on there for what it's worth and then I think this will be like a real favorite amongst people won't it that's got an oasis you kind of feel a dot look back in anger kind of feel I think it's written is an apology isn't an actual injury and you know what what do you have to apologise kind of for I pissed off a lot of people over the years and some become all of it is the burning question that everyone wants to knowing it on algae cooked potatoes I'll do I copper plated yeah take them boiling and you put them in the on the night until they get crispy and never cooks a potato in my life so I could we have to play it again okay the tough partner yeah with a band with you yeah is how you cook potato that's one way of cookie dough yeah well I'll do a couple if you smash them all off all around the edges then put them into the oven to bake so that's how you have the crispy bits that's what I'm one of our roles potatoes and I've knotted up mash it that's just violence but an absolute like a nice cool thank you mate good question now you cook a potato

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  1. Gonna say something here that I expect will get a lot of hate but hope some people will understand… I friggin love this guy. Also Noel, Robbie Williams, Damon Albarn, Thom Yorke, Jarvis Cocker… Hell, even gimme the spice girls. Music then was just so much better. The rivalry was part of the amazing buzz too. I wish to God Oasis would just sort their shit out and get back together. Amazing time

  2. I don't know the interviewers name but he is so good….would love him to have his own show like the old Jo Whiley Show where he would have 3 artists all talking……VICE?

  3. I ran into Liam Gallagher in Manchester once, things got a bit mad and a midget turned up in a steamroller. I haven’t seen him since.

  4. complete idiot,no talent,no charisma and no place in musics hall of fame total non entity where musical talent is concerned,there were far better bands around in the 90,s ,oasis were a beatles tribute band,well marketed,produced and publicised,1st two albums were decent after the same shite for the next 20 years yawn

  5. Sorry but the interviewer is clearly just trying to big himself up…one total narcissistic egotistical whopper..

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