LG G8 Review: Master of None!

hey what is up guys I'm Kip EHD here okay so the title a little harsh yes but it's true so you know the saying jack of all trades but master of none that is the LGG eight thin queue in a nutshell it's pretty decent at pretty much everything in fact you probably wouldn't regret getting one but it doesn't stand out in any major way for 820 bucks above the competition to actually give you a reason to go get one so yeah a little harsh but it's true so you can start with the design of this phone it's nothing special it's familiar to a lot of people who have seen other LG or 2019 phones it's a slab of glass with rounded corners there's a power button in a good place volume rocker on the other side Google assistant below those so there's absolutely nothing wrong with it at all it's just very plain you know like I hate to encourage you know going crazy or making weird choices just to be different in design but I feel like maybe they need a bit of a stronger identity here like if I asked you to describe an lg phone in a couple words what even comes to mind really you know so I'll say this red color definitely pretty cool it is also still a fingerprint magnet though like the other colors which are grey and black but also the cameras on the back are totally flat so this is one of the few phones I can actually say they really have no camera bump at all so this is one of them which is nice but I also think it makes it the sneaky slipperiest phone of all time but other than that nothing really stands out to me you know it's a design it's a smart phone so you get a 6.1 inch display up front and it's quite good it's super high resolution 1440p and plenty bright not the brightest but it's viewable outdoors and with a very average notch up at the top and we'll talk more about why the notch is so big in a bit but the side bezels are a little bit more than slim it's kind of feeling like the galaxy s 10 II or the iPhone 10 are as far as bezel size anyway and then the normal stuff at the bottom is which you'd seen any other LG phone you still have your USB see still your boombox speaker still your headphone jack backed by a high-quality DAC this phone is IP 68 water-resistant and it still has wireless charging over all the builders good it's not really like missing anything although there are two things to note one this boombox speaker it still has at the bottom for some reason sounds worse to me I know it's worse than I remember like it's pretty flat and hollow sounding and of course it still comes from the bottom corner of the phone so it's easy to block by accident but number two the other thing is if you actually look up at the top of the phone where the earpiece normally is this phone doesn't have one instead they have a speaker behind the glass called crystal sound OLED which fires from sort of the top third of the phone which to my ear sounded just like a normal phone call in terms of quality and volume but I could also sort of hear this buzzing like a thin rattling sound that you don't normally hear in a normal speaker so that's the first time I've actually heard one of these replacement speakers sound a bit weird but it's not a deal breaker for me because I don't make that many phone calls in the first place and the bonus is it can sort of act like bone conduction and it works in more than just the top eighth of the phone okay so the specs ready Snapdragon a fifty-five six gigs of ram 128 3500 they're fine there's no upgraded version with like eight gigs of ram or something and if you want more storage you have to go with microsd which is kind of a bummer considering we have phones with way more internal storage for people who do lots of things on their phones and the battery size it's fine it's not pushing the limits or anything it's bigger than the galaxy s tens battery but it's not pushing the 4040 200 million towers we see on some other big phones so the specs are fine and the performance through LG software has been pretty smooth and predictable except for scrolling for some reason so overall I think LG skin is fine again I've used that word a lot it hasn't changed much since last year so the Settings app is still a little overwhelming it still buries some things but for the most part things flow pretty smoothly and you can easily get used to it but for some reason the scrolling physics especially in the app drawer are super stuttery and it's been a while now and really weird for a new phone like this to straight-up stutter so almost feel like this is a bug since the rest of the phone is fine but yeah definitely got to mention that overall though performance just using the phone every day through LG's software it's fine now I don't want to make this just a list of reasons not to buy this phone so some of the good stuff are my favorite things about this phone are on the back and it's the two cameras og was one of the first to consistently do that ultra wide over the years that we're just now starting to see on the backs of phones everywhere and they still do it the sad thing for them is it was so easy to copy that now everyone just added an ultra wide and they're now all caught up it's not like LG mastered the ultra wide in a special way so the cameras here are pretty fun but they're not incredibly unique or anything but I like the consistency of these cameras it's a confident shooter it's fast the colorscience is pretty good it doesn't over expose that often and the similarity in color between the 12 megapixel standard camera and the 16 megapixel ultra wide I think is actually better than why ways and Samsung's and even in the camera UI is the nice little things like the zoom with the shutter icon that are a nice touch the camera is good in the g8 and again so many others have gotten so good that you just have to wonder about the ones who don't get it right like the razors and one pluses of the world but I guess that's a rant for another video now if you've noticed pretty much everything so far about this phone's been it's good it's fine you know so you would think there's got to be something about this phone that takes it to the next level that really makes it stand out above the rest to make it LG's flagship so I guess for LG those things are hand ID and air motion yeah so the notch up here in the phone is so big because LG has dropped a few extra sensors up there including a time-of-flight camera and at an infrared blaster and a receiver to be able to read and identify and track your hand and its movements so with hand ID you're supposed to be able to just hover it over your phone to unlock it and with air motion you're supposed to be able to open apps and control media and things like that without touching your phone and I will say it is a cool idea I kind of wish it works better than it did but in practice as you can probably understand from my tone and from the first impressions video it's far from ideal it's usable at best but it's not good so with hand ID first I mean it works but you have to hold your hand in a very specific distance and spot around in front of the phone and the learning curve even for me was just a bit too much and it just makes you not want to use it plus straight up the feedback on the screen to help you correct yourself is blocked by your hand that you're trying to unlock it with so yeah I mean it has a fingerprint reader on the back I just turned off hand ID and use the regular fingerprint reader like I think most people will and then err motion to be fair it seems to be a tiny bit more responsive than when I first tried it in the impressions video a little while ago specifically the volume knob actually seems to be more responsive now and easier to trigger correctly and then the twisting motion tracks really well which is awesome put the rest of it like the waving to the left or right to open apps or take your screen shot it's not really better than just using the buttons on the phone or even better using the Google assistant button that's already there on the side of the phone to just ask it to open an app for you it's probably faster also this is how long it takes to pause something that's playing so you have music playing someone causey oh wait hold on one second let me just let me just pause the music give me a second hold up pause what was that yeah you might as well just just hit the button and say yeah at the end of the day it seems tough to even say the g8 is worth buying even though it's a pretty good phone like overall the g8 does have a good build quality it has good software and a good set of cameras all around but that's just a testament to how good phones have gotten around it over the past couple years I think in my heart it feels unfair to say oh the pixel has a better camera and the p30 has a bigger battery and the galaxy s10 has a headphone jack like you're pulling from all these different phones to try to beat up on this little guy and say it's not good so I'll make it simple for you if you were thinking about buying an lg g8 just buy a galaxy s10 II instead because there isn't a single thing that this phone does better than the s10 II and the s10 is cheaper like the g8 has a regular and an ultra-wide camera that are pretty good the s10 II has those two and they're just as good the display on the g8 is pretty good it's very big and it's high resolution but the display on the s10 II is excellent it has less of a notch as smaller bezels better colors and better brightness the g8 has a headphone jack bus so does the s10 II the fingerprint reader on the back is pretty standard and it's better than hand ID but I'd argue the fingerprint reader in the power button of the s10 II is better the battery life is fine here and it's fine there you know the software Samsung software just got a lot better and I'll Jesus kind of saying the same so there's no real reason that stands out to buy an LG g8 over that phone and vein ID isn't it sorry hand ID just not the one now if this one was 700 bucks or 650 then the reason to buy it would be that it's cheaper than the rest that would be its main advantage but even that's not true yet and I think with LG's history and kind of knowing where this phones at that may eventually be the case with discounts but until that happens don't buy an LG g8 jack of all trades master of none thanks for watching catch e has the next one bass

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  1. esovde que reconosca tu mano estaria muy bien si se pudiera hacer a distancia para manipular el telefono desde lejos pero si lo tienes cerca de ti para que usas esa funcion?😂

  2. If LG improves the specs on the LG G4 with bigger battery and bezeless screen, I'd definitely go back to that phone.

  3. I came back to this review, since I am considering the G8. After watching it, I realize why I no longer subscribe to this channel. Bias much, Mr. Brownlee? I am sure the G8 is not a perfect phone. I am also sure it is much better than your biased review would indicate.

  4. We watch your videos for the content, not just the production quality. Rmb how you attracted so many subscribers in the first place. You gave accurate, and relatable reviews of phones. Now it seems that you are more focused on how your videos look, rather than really experiencing a phone and delivering a fair assessment. Will always support you, please read the other comments for constructive feedback.

  5. Thank you Marques Brownlee for being so harsh on this phone. That helped to push the price down quicker than expected, and now we fans of phones with such above average specs can get it at a price even lower than he predicted it would go, he said buy it if it gets around$650 to $700. Now at T-Mobile for around $615. Camera reviews showing that it does quite well plus it allows more manual controls, something the expensive flagship phones seem to be reducing. So if he were to make an addendum on this video he would have to highly recommend this phone.

  6. This guy didnt even change his mind about lg g8. I he didnt even use it for months. I have been using my LG G8 from last 2months and trust me, this device has everything. Better display, great camera, great speed, battery life. Performance. What else you need buddy? For a regular user.

  7. verzion monthly charge for me will come out to little under 500 dollars so i think it is worth it for me

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