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28 thoughts on “Lewis Black Has a Strong Message About Education and Paying Teachers | Op-Ed | NowThis”

  1. I used to really like Lewis Black but apparently he's no different from the rest of the brainwashed leftist robots that have infested all forms of media and entertainment. Teachers get paid plenty. We won't even talk about the fact that they're asking for more money at the same time they seem to be much less effective year after year, since our nation keeps slipping a bit more compared to everyone else with each trip around the sun. Honestly though what do we really expect when we're basically paying stupid, irresponsible people to breed by way of welfare, and if that wasn't enough we're importing the third world on top of that, which fills our schools with children from poor, single parent households. Some of those inner city schools should just be shut down. If the parents can't discipline their kids and the kids don't want to be their on top of them probably not being able to learn what they're being taught to begin with, what's the point of the school? Call it racism if you like but go watch one of the videos of the way these kids treat their teachers and tell me that's money well spent. If we're going to breed a permanent low IQ underclass let's not have any illusions about what level of education they can attain. If they don't wanna go after the 8th grade, so be it. Let's concentrate on the kids that actually want to and can learn.

    How about giving them less to so they're not so overwhelmed, like have them just teach stuff like science and mathematics instead of shoving leftist indoctrination down their throats.

    Lewis Black, you've turned into what I thought you were against, which is heavy handed authoritarianism and people that ignore reality. I don't know if your brain has deterioried due to old age or what but you've done and gone caught the stupid.

  2. Shocker. Humans are a tribal species and prefer being around people who look like them. I'd be a lot more willing to help with education if my money wasn't going to illegals. Not buying into it, (((Lewis))).

  3. Yeeeeaaaaah, the USA has been listening to (((you))) since 1917 and look at were it has gotten us. We are about to die like Rome, but that was your plan all along because you hate white people and always will because we are your sworn enemy.

  4. The reason these kind of things like taxes for public schools and any kind of socializes programs don’t work in the US is because it is too diverse and fractured. Your arguments would be valid in places like Japan or Poland where there is an actual national community and common heritage but in America it’s going to become increasingly difficult to justify these things because people don’t view America as anything more than a bunch of different communities held together by the false idea that America is not incredibly fragile.

  5. Oh yeah concerning children…don´t leave them alone anywhere near a creep looking like Lewis Black. But i guess even "progressives" are not that dumb. Bad vibes, y´know?

  6. Maybe if schools weren’t stuck paying for extra courses to teach Illegal immigrants how to speak English and how a lot of teachers are trying raise students to hate the country, then maybe you’d have a point.

  7. You know Lewis If we build that Wall there's a good chance that schools will be taught more efficiently but I see that you're pretty short-sighted and I thought glasses were supposed to fix that issue.

  8. Sorry (((Louis))) but the community died when America became non-homogeneous. I’m not feeling very inclined to pay for a bunch of Latino’s education expenses.

  9. Yeah, just keep throwing more and more money at the problem. Just ignore all of the actual reasons for poor education. How far you've fallen, Lewis.

  10. I do want to fund teachers.

    By choice, not at gun point by the state.

    Learn the difference Lewis. Being a Jew you'd think you'd know how bad it is to force other people to do what you want through the government.

  11. Jews relentlessly browbeat Europeans for wanting ethnic solidarity while they themselves are allowed this privilege? – Open borders for Israel

  12. So you want the best education for children right? Ok then Lewis, glad to hear you believe in school choice so kids can go to the best schools without being trapped by the jurisdiction of public schools that restricts them to the shittiest schools that are nearest to them. Wears your Trump hat Mr. Black??

  13. Funding school does not mean more success, I mean California has the highest percentage of funding for school, and also the worst school system in the USA.

  14. A good way to convince people that say 'I don't want to pay for someone else's education' is to paint a scenario in which the child drops out of school for whatever reason, gets involved with street gangs later on in life and robs the person's house that didn't want to fund the education system

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