3 thoughts on “Let's Talk Literacy! with Tim Shanahan and Larry Berger”

  1. I agree Gina. I am a reading specialist and I don't always use leveled text but I do have kids who are so far behind. For example I have a group of third graders who are reading two years behind so we are backing up and teaching basic decoding skills. Some of the groups do use grade level text but I have to say if a child is very far behind they will probably just get frustrated and I find that's where behavior problems start.

  2. Sad, our leaders in Literacy are unarmed.We have gone downhill since 1990! Lots of big words though. But what do I know. Public education has been in effect for 199 years and we know zero. Horrible… They should think about reading…? hahahaha I have 20 years exp saving kids from his type programs!

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