32 thoughts on “Let's Speak Arabic, Unit One Lesson One”

  1. I'm a real fan of Dr Imran, helping me a lot learning arabic language. I wish buy one of the book, but received in Brazil have a high costs, I need save some money, but for sure it's a big deal, God bless u Irman, thanks for all ur lessons. Allah yusallimaka, في أمام الله، شكرا

  2. hey i am arabic native speak and I am fluent in English but i can't teach arabic and practice english with you +212697561489

  3. Thank you Sir, im really interested in learning Arabic language. The video is useful to me to speak your native language for the beginners. if you want to learn with me lets create a group to study with together or contact with me as my whatssap + 84 364372499

  4. muslims fucked up everything,including religion and arabic language. as a muslim, i do not want to see or hear anything from them.

  5. Asalamualaikum I'm from India I like to learn arabic is any 1 who can teach me through chat room or call any 1 please reply back

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