Let’s Learn Insect Names with Educational Toys

Welcome to Racetoytime! Today we’re going to adventure with some bugs I wonder where they are? Wow! That’s cool! Here are some Monarch butterflies. This is the first stage of the Monarch butterflies life cycle They’re eating some milkweed. Monarch butterflies eat milkweed even though it’s poisonous to us it’s not for them When they get caught in a spider web they won’t eat the Monarch butterfly because they want to live Let’s get a close up Scooby found a caterpillar. Cool! Caterpillars are the second stage of the Monarch butterfly or any butterfly This is a juvenile Monarch butterfly Now let’s go see something else Wow, that was some tall grass. And also, so that reminds me When walking in tall grass watch out for snakes. Oh, no! This Chrysalis must have fallen off of a tree This is the third cycle of a Monarch butterfly Let’s go put it back up in a tree Hi, Mr. Butterfly! Would you mind if I put this cocoon here? Cool! A butterfly! The wings are really delicate. So if you grab them by the wings the little flakes that hold up the wings will fall off and the wings will fall off And what stage life cycle is that? The last stage How cool and beautiful! Cool! A fly! Flies eat manure. We don’t eat it, though. They eat dog manure, cow manure, any manure that’s on the ground Flies also eat at your picnic. They’re annoying. That’s why you want to swat them As I journeyed through the wild I came across many obstacles After walking for miles and miles my feet became tired and my body became heavy But those bugs weren’t going to find themselves Finally after countless attempts to reach the peak of this huge mountain my small feet gripped the dirt and I pulled myself up Woohoo! Cool, a cockroach! You probably know what this is because you usually see these inside your house Cockroaches they are like recyclers. Cockroaches can withstand a nuclear explosions and cockroaches can even fly Okay, let’s go look for something else

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