Let's Learn English! An English Lesson about Our Daily Routines

and we are going to do a little lesson today on I called it the daily grind but the daily grind usually refers to your work day it's really more a lesson about our daily routines everything that we do from the moment we just wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night so we're going today talk about the daily grind before we get started just hello to everyone I've been talking to a few people in the chat it's very cool to see everyone there I'm just gonna test my looks like everything's working again we're going to do a lesson today on our daily routines some of you will have similar daily routines to me some of you might have daily routines that are a bit different but let's get started if you're new here don't forget that there is a subscribe button below if you want to subscribe to my channel do English lessons three times a week you're welcome to always join watching videos on Tuesday and two live lessons every weekend so today we're going to talk about daily routine oh I was going to say click thumbs up too if you're like to do that so I put a rooster hunt here this is a male chicken and we call it a rooster and we don't use this animal as an alarm clock anymore but a long time ago when people lived on farms and they had chickens they would wake up because the rooster would crow when you wake up again it's when you're lying in bed and the first moment you open your eyes and you become a week that is when you wake up so I couldn't find a nice another paper isn't cooperating today I could not find a nice picture of a person opening their eyes so I thought I would put a rooster here instead so a rooster in English says cockadoodledoo ok I'll put that in the chat for you doodle-do I know it sounds funny but that's what if you read a children's book and there's a rooster in there waking people up that's what they will say so when you hear that it's time to get up most of us have alarm clocks and again this lesson is more than a vocabulary lesson I'm going to talk about obviously we have alarm clocks this is an old alarm clock newer alarm clocks are digital and before you go to bed you set your alarm or you set your alarm clock so that's the verb you would use you would choose the time that you want to wake up and as you are going to bed you would set your alarm clock and then your alarm clock goes off in the morning so that's how we talk about alarm clock so we would say my alarm went off at 7:00 a.m. or my alarm clock went off at 7:00 a.m. so you set your alarm or you set your alarm clock and your alarm clock goes off at a certain time so it goes beep or it rings whatever sound yours makes maybe it's the radio or your alarm goes off so we use alarm and alarm clock interchangeably so anyways again welcome to all the people flooding in I'm always a little shocked when I look down and I see the count that there's 250 people here this is an English lesson we are live taught if you could post the link if you have questions during this live lesson please use the link in the chat to post them or to ask them and then every about five oh one sec here oh you know the fly that was bugging me last week I think I think he just met his end so anyway so we do have a link I will post it here then Todd can copy and paste it a few taught it sorry Todd I was just a little bit ahead of you if you have questions please use that link and make sure the questions are about our daily route if you ask questions that are off-topic we're gonna try we're going to try and stay on topic so there's two phrases once you wake up once you go from sleeping to being awake you either get up or you get out of bed you can use either of these phrases so every morning my alarm clock goes off at 6:30 and I get up at around 6:35 I don't get out of bed right away or I could say I get out of bed around 6:35 so you could use both of these this lady's getting out of bed to greet her day sometimes we say that it's a little poetic but she's getting up and she's getting out of bed and then I think I have to admit I don't do this very well but a lot of people after they get out of bed or after they get up they make their bed or they make the bed that's where you put the blankets and the pillows back in a nice tidy order so people get up or they get out of bed and then they make their bed let me just check if there's questions there are no questions yet hopefully that link is working again if you have questions please ask them using the link that's in the chat I'm just going to test to make sure it's working sometimes it acts a little weird I think it is working though yes it's working great okay so we're gonna keep moving on a lot of times this is a little awkward to talk about yeah awkward means it's uncomfortable to talk about but a lot of times the first things people the first thing people do when they get up is they use the bathroom or they go to the bathroom so maybe when you get up in the morning you feel the need to use the toilet I'm not going to use all the descriptive words of what you would do here but often in our daily routine the alarm goes off we wake up we get out of bed and then a lot of times the first thing people do is they use the bathroom or in Canadian English we say go to the washroom or yeah it's awkward sit why is it awkward to talk about when you eat other things happen a few hours later so sometimes when you get up you need to go to the bathroom this is something I do oh there's another fly year do you think I can get it no oh sorry I just shut the camera I think all of you have flies in your countries don't you flies are a little bit annoying in the summer some people they they exercise almost every morning it's part of their daily routine maybe they go for a walk maybe they go for a run I try to go for a walk usually five or six days a week I get up I use the washroom or I use the bathroom sometimes I have a little drink of water and I'll go for a walk especially if it's going to be hot out that day I try to go for a walk earlier in the day before it gets hot and just so you know let me just click something here just so you know it's going to be really hot where I am in Canada today but I feel bad saying it's going to be really hot it's going to be 34 degrees Celsius I know for some of you that's not hot at all that's that's a rather normal day but we're expecting today and tomorrow it to be really really hot so I think if I go for a walk today I will probably do it right after this livestream before it gets too hot or maybe I'll do it later in the day when it cools down a bit so for those of you just joining welcome to this lesson I think I lost my sheikh here apparently my papers are getting all mixed up here it is welcome we are doing a lesson on our daily routines let me explain a little bit though I put the daily grind when we talk about the daily grind it is a phrase we use to refer to work so work is your daily grind you know you get up you go to work you come home that's the daily grind this lesson is more to talk about let's see here it's more to talk about what we all do throughout our day so here's the first question coming in Jan says how do we say I need to go to the WC in a polite way so in in Canadian English you just say oh could I use your washroom could I use your bathroom so if you're at someone else's house and you have to go to the washroom or go to the bathroom you just say hey could I use your bathroom you can also say oh I just need to go to the bathroom before we leave if you're talking to someone in your family or someone like that it's very it's very polite got to mention that for sure let me check the next question next question is let me just move something here this will make it simpler for me there we go Christiane says what's the difference between awake and wake up so as soon as you wake up so if you're sleeping you wake up when you open your eyes and you first become when you're not sleeping so when you transition from sleeping to not sleeping and then as soon as you're not sleeping you are awake so you you are either asleep or awake that was that's how you use the word awake Christiane so hopefully that helps a bit oh this is a good one I forgot about this preacher says from Thailand do we say snooze the alarm in English we say hit snooze so an alarm clock when it goes off if you want to sleep for five or 10 more minutes there's a snooze button and when you press the snooze button the alarm stops and you can sleep for five or 10 more minutes depending on your alarm clock so we say hit the snooze button or hit snooze that's how we would say that preacher thanks that was a great question lolly has a question here she says it's important to break the daily routine from time to time isn't it yes I think that's why we have weekends so we can take a small break from the daily routine for sure Sayid has I love this phrase so this is like a saying in English Sayid says early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise isn't it yes that's the phrase early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise we'll see if that happens some people have pets so part of their daily routine and we can also say morning routine so we can say daily routine means the whole day but we can also say their morning routine may be they take the dog for a walk that's one way of saying it or they walk the dog so a lot of people in North America have pets and if you have a dog often in the morning you'll get up and one of the first things you'll do is you'll take the dog for a walk or you'll walk the dog if you hear some noise from outside there there mowing the lawn right now so that's maybe what you're hearing next what should we do next well usually we're hungry in the morning so one of the first things I do once I am up and I am in the kitchen is I make breakfast so sometimes I fry some eggs but usually when it is the school year I usually make oatmeal and I usually have a couple boiled eggs with it but this summer because I don't go in to teach each day I've been frying eggs and eating them on toast so the next thing that you need to do is make breakfast and then what do you think you do after you make breakfast it's a pretty easy question I think after you make breakfast you eat breakfast so I also usually make a cup of coffee so I make breakfast part of making breakfast is that I brew a cup of coffee or I make a cup of coffee some people have a cup of tea or orange juice or just water but after you make breakfast you eat breakfast so you sit down at the kitchen table or wherever you sit to have breakfast and you eat breakfast so I just see in the chat there's a question can we cook breakfast yes you can also cook breakfast so in English we can you can say I need to make breakfast or I need to cook breakfast if it involves cooking some people in Canada just eat cereal so cereal comes in a box you pour it in a bowl and then you just put milk on top of it and you don't need to cook it so some people don't need to cook breakfast because they just eat cereal out of the box so now people in the chat excuse me people in the chat are saying they're hungry now that always happens when we did when we did the live lesson on food people were hungry the whole time in the chat because we just kept talking about all different kinds of foods you can do a search for that video sometime if you want the next thing I do in the morning so a lot of this is based on what I do is I have a shower or I take a shower so in English you can say either you know all I need to have a shower it sounds funny but we do say that did you have a shower yet do you need to have a shower or do you need to take a shower so again a shower is where water comes out and you wash your hair and you wash your body with soap and you have a shower or you take a shower in the morning so so zani it's in the chances in Australia and English it's called breakfast or brekkie we say brekkie sometimes probably not as often as are let's see here probably not as often as our Australian cousins let's see here hello Elana says how do you break up Elena's Elena says what do you do for breaking up breaking up the root the annoying routine sometimes I think it's just good to have a holiday once in a while or to enjoy the weekend once in a while that can really break up the routine gizelle says hello Bob what's the usual breakfast in Canada I think the most common breakfast is cereal so we eat cornflakes rice krispies Cheerios I think that's very common I think a lot of people eat oatmeal and we do eat a lot of eggs so we do fry eggs or boil eggs very very common let's see here Remy has a question are there any bad routines that you do when waking up sleeping in is the worst routine can you hear the lawnmower a little bit for me that's the worst part sometimes I sleep in and then my morning is rushed because I spent too much time sleeping in so I just talked about that way you can have a shower take a shower people don't take baths as often as they used to in Canada I think the shower is a quicker way to to wash yourself to wash up people do take baths sometimes but usually people will say things like I just need to have a quick shower because a shower is a lot quicker and then after your shower there's far more than just these but you need to brush your teeth maybe brush your hair maybe you need to shave maybe you need to comb your hair maybe you need to put on makeup right maybe you put on lipstick maybe you put on eyeshadow and mascara but you need to basically get yourself ready if you're going out so generally you have a shower first and then after the shower you do what you need to do to get yourself ready so I don't shave every day but I do shave here and down here every couple of days so that's not part of my daily routine some people though they don't like to have a beard or mustache so they do shave every day because they like to be clean-shaven so clean shaven is when you have no beard or mustache I can't speak for women I don't know what women all do in the morning I can only really talk for myself but usually it involves getting yourself ready the one thing I didn't mention is I also then put on deodorant so deodorant is something you put in your armpits so that you smell nice throughout the day so usually that's one of the last things you do before you get dressed so one of the last things you do as you get yourself ready for the day is you get dressed so you can see this guy's buttoning up his shirt you get dressed and you get ready to head out for the day so we've had breakfast now we've had a shower we've brushed our teeth just one sec here I'm still trying to kill fluffy weave we're dressed we're almost ready to go but if you are like me and you don't like to buy your lunch you need to make a lunch or pack a lunch so you can see this person is mate has made a sandwich and they're putting their sandwich in a plastic container so that they can take a sandwich to work with them or to school or wherever they're going so that they'll have a lunch with them so I will often make a lunch and my lunch does look like this I usually bring a salad to work but sometimes I bring a sandwich and it has a little bit of meat and some tomatoes on it or something like that this is probably it looks like a small cookie so a snack but you need to make your lunch I'm not sure how many of you make a lunch or if you go out and you actually buy a lunch every day sometimes people buy lunches I'm gonna do a few questions here I'm just gonna try and get through five hi Dukey says do you think getting up earlier when you get older don't you think it up oh do I think I'll get up earlier when I'm older I think so I think I like getting up early I'll probably keep doing that next question is from Yoshi from Japan many Japanese people tend to say I walk with my dog does it strange not necessarily usually in English we say you know walk the dog you don't you could say walk with your dog I go for a walk with my dog yes you could say that that totally sounds normal to me let me just see here no I missed I'm still let's see so I don't like to get into grammar too much but a band theory answers what tense do we use to describe our daily routines if we write a diary of daily activities which tense should we follow so I would say you're gonna be talking in the past tense if you're if it's the end of your day and you're writing about what you did that day you would say I got up at 8 o clock in the morning I ate breakfast I made a lunch so here's what I'm going to do though in the next couple of weeks I'm going to do another video where I act out my daily routine and I'm gonna do it in the present the past and the future so look for that video in a few weeks I'm not sure when I'm going to be doing it but I'll do it sometime in the next month I think a just me a says what is the usual lunch and dinner time in Canada so we have lunch around noon and we have dinner anywhere between 5:00 and 7:00 so an early dinner or supper would be around 5:00 usually I think people are eating around 6:00 or 6:30 for their evening meal let's see here we're getting a little ahead of ourselves but well that's fine what should I use if it's evening dinner or I have dinner or I have supper so it really depends where you are and you kinda have to figure out what people say they're in my area you can say we're going to have dinner at 5:00 or we're going to have supper at 5:00 and both work fine people would totally understand you okay anyways let's keep going so what did we do last we made a lunch we packed a lunch now we're going to this isn't really well it is really a thing you need to grab your things right before you go out the door hello mr. fly um so when I leave the house I grab my keys I grab my laptop I grab my phone whatever you my watch I make sure I have my wedding ring on so when I grab my things it's kind of the last thing I do before I head out the door if I'm leaving that morning for work so you need to grab your things you don't want to forget anything it's not very fun if you forget something at home and you have to go back home to get it so let's see here now you're either going to go to work if you're leaving or you're going to go to school if you're a kid or a university student you might though part of your daily routine you might work at home so more and more professionals who work on computer are starting to work from home so or you might be what we call a stay-at-home mom or a stay-at-home dad so this means you have small children and part of your daily routine is that you're going to stay at home there's probably other things but Monday through Friday when it is the school week or the work week you're going to go to work or you're going to go to school or you might work at home we also say work from home doesn't that that doesn't really make sense to you does it oh I work from home so if you hear that it's we to say that or you might be what we call a stay-at-home mom or a stay-at-home dad notice I say mum because I'm Canadian if you are learning American English you would say mom it's hard for me to say that in Canadian English we say mum so stay-at-home mom stay-at-home dad in American English you would say stay-at-home mom can you hear that I lived in Michigan for a little bit mom let's see here I'm getting a lot of questions I'm getting a little behind I'll do a few more of them say it says early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise isn't that how often you make eggs yeah it probably has to do with eggs eggs are healthy did you know that they tell you they tell you they're not but I think they are aleena says how many bathrooms do you have for your big family my house has two bathrooms and that's pretty common in a Canadian home some houses have three bathrooms but that's if you're a little richer it's rare for a house to have one bathroom in Canada usually you have two bathrooms in Canada let's grab the next one here oh I missed this one so Anna says what's the difference between comb your hair and brush your hair let me find that one back so a brush this is a hairbrush so a hairbrush is wider than a comb and it's usually used to brush your hair like I don't know if you can see that whereas a comb just as one single row of teeth okay both of these are used obviously to do your hair if you're getting your hair ready notice I don't use a brush or comb I don't have my hair that just looks like this all the time but if you have long hair you might brush it or comb it so hopefully that helps a bit let's see here that's that if you have yes then you drive to work you might take another method of transportation to work but if you drive you would drive to work you might carpool carpooling is when you go to work in the same car with other people so you pick up other people so if you drive to work by yourself that's just driving to work but if you get in a car with one two or three other people or more and you all ride in the same car to work we call that carpooling and we also call it your carpool like Oh in my carpool Jim's always talking about how cool it is to go skydiving or something right so a carpooling is when you ride together to work to save a bit of money hopefully that makes sense Thanks nice haircut thank you Asgar this is a good one Asgar says can we call things like brushing shaving etc as grooming yes so you could call that personal grooming the common phrase is to just say you know getting yourself ready you know I'll be in the bathroom for a bit in front of the mirror I'm just getting myself ready we wouldn't often say I'm just grooming myself it does work though you can say it's personal grooming but you would say oh I'm just I'm just gonna be a bit I have to get myself ready let's see and Papa chulo is here hi Pappy hi Bob could you talk about the hustle and bustle of the city as you know we go to work every day in the hustle and bustle is part of it so the hustle and bustle of the city is like all the people walking along the street the busyness the cars the honking like beep-beep the buses going by the busyness that you feel when you're on a city street especially during rush hour so rush hour is when everyone in the world is going to work or when everyone is coming home from work we call that rush hour I'll put it in the chat rush hour so usually in Canada between 7:00 and 9:00 in the morning is rush hour I know that's two hours but it's just a general scriptor so that's rush hour and that's the time of day when everyone is driving and it there's a lot of hustle and bustle so anyways you might drive to work you might take the bus or ride a bus we usually say take the bus you might take the train or you might take the metro or you might take the subway there are a lot of different ways to get to work so you might drive to work you might take a bus or the bus you can use both they're a take a bus or take the bus like oh I take a bus to work or I take the bus to work sorry that English is so confusing sometimes we don't follow our own rules or you can take the train or take the subway or take the metro in your city I drive to work every day and I don't carpool so when you get to work I'm mostly going to talk about work now so when you get to work you say hi so usually when I get to work I say hi to all of my colleagues so I get to work I walk in the door I usually put my lunch in the fridge we have a staff room because I work at a school it's called a staff room and we have a fridge so I put my lunch in the fridge and I say hi to all of my colleagues so that's what I do when I get to work let's see here so here's we'll talk about the bathroom for a little bit here so preacher says how do I say excrete in a polite natural way for example I didn't excrete this morning so preacher is talking about going to the bathroom so if you want to know a really polite way we don't often talk about what we are doing when we're on the toilet or when we use the toilet but if you need to go number one it means that you have to pee and if you say that you need to go number two it means you have to do the other thing which is called pooping okay so when you are using the bathroom if you really needed to tell someone and usually we don't in English we don't talk about going to the bathroom sometimes you'll say I just need to go number one which means that you need to take a pee and you don't often say out loud that you need to do it number two so hopefully that makes sense to you you should look up some more details I think Todd's probably laughing at me right now as I'm trying to explain going to the bathroom in English so here let's take another one Jan says do you say put on your shoes or wear your shoes both like today I'm gonna wear shoes I'm gonna wear shoes today but when I actually put them on my feet I would say I put on my shoes but you could say oh I'm gonna put on shoes today or I'm gonna wear shoes today both would totally totally work Sayyid says how often do you eat so Syed I eat a banana every day and I eat two eggs everyday that's part of my eating routine so how often do you make eggs and once you eat with your eggs usually I have some toast or some oatmeal we're getting to let's see Kazuyo Yamashita says we say I eat lunch we can't say eat a lunch do we say I make a lunch or lunches so if I'm making a lunch for me I would say I'm going to make a lunch but if I'm making a lunch for me and my kids I would say I'm going to make lunches okay and then in English we would say I need to eat lunch we wouldn't usually say I need to eat a lunch we would just say oh I need to eat lunch that would be the best way to say it I'm just gonna pause for sec to say don't forget to subscribe if you're new here we're doing a lesson on our daily routines give me a thumbs up and for all of you don't forget that tomorrow if you watch this again you can watch the replay there will be subtitles in English down here that I know that helps some of you a lot yes bananas are good for my health let's see here Susanna says what is your favorite part of your daily routine I think breakfast is my favorite part I really like breakfast it is a nice meal of the day I really really enjoy it and sometimes I get up just because I'm hungry so I wake up and I'm laying in bed I'm still a little tired but then I'm so hungry I get up let's see it's rate rani says what is the verb to beep-beep in your car so we honk so you honk the horn in your car that's what you say to make it go beep-beep let's see here Ramy Salif says before I Drive to work I check the tires and the car's temperature that's always a good idea to make sure your vehicle is in good working condition so then you're at work you've said hi to everybody and I'm not going to talk about work but usually in Canada you work for about 2 or 3 hours and then you take what we call morning coffee break even if you don't drink coffee we still call it a coffee break so it's usually a 10-minute break a short break mid-morning in the middle of the morning we're after working for 2 or 3 hours you stop and you have something to drink and you have something to eat so that's the morning coffee break in other countries you might call it just morning break you might call it teatime it might have a different name then around noon or 12:30 around that time you have lunch break or lunch time you can call it either and this is where you would sit with your coworkers you would sit with your colleagues and you would have lunch so you have lunch break so if you brought a sandwich you would eat your sandwich sometimes people go out for lunch I don't because I don't like to spend money but sometimes people will go out for lunch so during their lunch break they will go to a restaurant to have lunch usually in Canada a lunch break is about 30 minutes about half an hour and then you get back to work later in the afternoon you usually have either tea time or coffee break so there's another break usually around 3 o'clock in the afternoon you have another short break from work so you sit down and have a cup of tea or a cup of coffee even if you don't drink coffee during the coffee break it's still called afternoon coffee break or afternoon break either one works so you take another small break and usually in Canada you work till about 5:00 so the normal work day in Canada is 8:00 to 5:00 some people work 9:00 till 6:00 some people work 7:00 till 5:30 but somewhere in there people work anywhere people work about 8 to 10 hours a day I can't type in Canada some people work longer some people work a lot longer at the end of the day you would say goodbye to your co-workers he would say see you later or you would say see you tomorrow because you see them every day so the workdays done let me do a few more questions hyde says is homeschooling common in Canada yes it's fairly common homeschooling is when you teach your own kids at home so instead of them going to school you teach your kids at home yourself and you are allowed to do that in Canada Anna says is there any difference between the metro and subway so this depends on the city you live in and I don't know that proper name in each city but different cities call their metro or their subway or their train some people call it the El I think that's in Chicago because it's elevated so it really depends on the city so when I go to Toronto I take the train to Toronto once I get off the train I can then take the subway because it's underground so it's just a little different you have to really check the local city to find out oh and Selena had the same question so let's see Miguel's question is to go for a walk or run in Canada what's more common in the morning or afternoon many people exercise before work and a lot of people exercise after work so they're both very common times I wouldn't be able to say which is the most common let's see here's how this is a great one so how says hi Bob how do we use the phrase roll out of bed so after you wake up in the morning we have a phrase where we say well I rolled out of bed at 8 o'clock this morning or I rolled out of bed at 7 o'clock so because when you're in bed you can roll right you roll a bit to get out of bed that's how we say that phrase let's see here my own she says do you drop your kids off at school or do they use a school bus actually both so I bring my older kids to school and my younger kids get picked up by a school bus amy has a question in the chat just says for example do you say go to run or go running you can say go for a run or you could say go running that's how you would say it like oh I need to go for a run for exercise some people go out after work so some people work all day and sometimes on a Friday when the workday is done they will go out after work with their co-workers with their colleagues so they might go out to have a drink they might go out to have just a little bit to eat but people who like to work together sometimes go out after work but mostly you're getting ready to go home so you're done your workday the freight the verb we use is to go home sorry is to go and we say that ok I'm going to go home the workday is done you can see this lady is biking towards her house but people are asking is the school bus free in Canada you pay taxes and then you pay a lot of taxes and then things don't cost you money but you do pay a lot of taxes to the government so kind of hard to say if it's free before you go home though you might need to run some errands so when you run errands there the little things that you need to do to have a good life you might go and pick up your mail we would consider that running an errand not everyone's mail in Canada comes to their house sometimes you have to go to a post-office box to pick them up you might pick up a few groceries so we would say this all falls under the category of running errands so you would say after work before I go home I need to run an errand or two I need to go and run errands usually after work I pick up water sometimes or I get a few groceries I run a few errands let me just check for a few more questions pree newt says hello Bob what should I say between I just reached home where I just arrived oh you should say I just arrived home like if you your home and the phone rings and you pick up the phone and you say hey I just arrived home you know we wouldn't really say that it's correct we would actually say I just got home I just got home so when you so you do arrive at home hopefully I'm explaining this right when I Drive into my driveway I would say I am arriving at home but you if you were to reference that when talking to someone you would say oh I got home at 5:00 or I just got home usually now we talk about food again it's always part of your daily routine right we either make supper or we make dinner or we prepare supper or prepare dinner but usually in English we say mate so last night I needed to make supper and the question often comes up about supper and dinner so where I live in Canada you can use either if I said to someone we eat supper at 5:00 they would understand me if I said we eat dinner at 5:00 they would understand me but in some parts of the english-speaking world these are different so you will need to do some research yourself about the tube okay because some places might not use supper but we have supper I think we use supper more in my house after you make supper or make dinner you eat dinner and you eat supper so you sit down and hopefully you sit down at a table with your family and you take some time to eat supper and to eat dinner that's my second favorite part of my daily routine my first favorite part is breakfast my second favorite part is supper let's see here there's a question from when do Bob do you teach English in Canada I did not teach English this year I might be teaching English next year though again but I do teach French which is a language so I am a I am a language teacher I understand how to teach languages and I teach computer studies and business so Syed says tomato and honey with eggs would be great that sounds yummy actually honey is one of my favorite foods Alena says do you usually get together with all the family members for dinner so in our house my wife and myself and our five kids we try every evening to sit together and have a meal together I would say we do that five days out of the week usually six there are some evenings where we're very busy and there's no time but we decided as parents that it was good to just sit and have a meal together every day because you get a chance to talk you can ask the kids how school etc etc daro daro says so supper is dinner in where I live da Road ro supper is dinner it is the same thing okay when you're done eating this is my least favorite part of the day you need to wash the dishes or do the dishes so in English especially where I live we say do the dishes after supper we need to do the dishes or we need to wash the dishes if you are learning British English I believe they say don't quote me on this but I think they call it the washing up but in Canada we say we had supper and then we had to do the dishes we had to wash the dishes so both will work let me see here if there's any more questions Sayid says how often do you go to the disco I don't go to the disco very often Sayid actually I don't ever go to the disco Bob the Canadians not a dancing man I'm oh here's one Rani says a few capitals here Bob which is one is right I'm on the way or I'm in the way on the road or in the road so let me explain those quickly if I say I'm on the way that means I'm driving or walking from one place to another so I'm on the way if I'm in the way it means someone's walking and they can't get past me because I'm in the way okay so on the way means you're driving somewhere in the way means this person like I'm walking along and I can't get past this person is in the way second one on the road means that you're driving somewhere yeah I'm on the road I'll be there in five minutes I'm on the road right now if you're in the road it's the same you're in the road of someone you're blocking them from getting past you let's see here okay Miroslav is here thanks for the mug Miroslav I got it the other day it's very very cool I think you're the same Miroslav so thanks for the mug me rose love anyways Miroslav says early bird gets the worm I love mornings the most so good morning yeah mornings if you can get up on time you can get a lot done in the morning it's one of the best times of day to do that so let's see here Yunus is asking me to describe my daily routine my kind of doing that a bit Syed says drive at home or drive into him or just drive home just drive home the first two you don't drive at home that's just not correct if you drive into the home it means you took your car and you hit your house okay so I drove into my house or I drove into my home so don't say that but just drive home so after this live stream I'm going to drive home let's see do you make for dinner so our common dinners Kazu Yamashita says what what do you make for dinner we really try to have one or two vegetables sometimes green beans or peas we usually have some kind of meat usually chicken or beef and then we usually have sometimes potatoes sometimes something called pierogies are sometimes pasta so we kind of tried to make a nice dish there anyways let's continue with the lesson after you do the dishes or wash the dishes sometimes you just clean up the house a little bit so in our house part of our routine is after the dishes are done we sweep the floors each of the kids sometimes cleans up a different part of the house because we like to keep our house tidy so we do a little bit of cleanup by the way our house isn't very tidy but we try to keep it tidy I'm not sure if you understand that sometimes after that I will sit down because I'm kind of older and I still watch television and I might watch the news on TV so sometimes we turn the TV on in Canada there is the 6 o'clock news so at 6 o'clock at night most television stations have the news so I might sit down and watch the news for an hour I might read a book for a little bit so I might sit down and read a book my kids will most likely do homework if it's the school year so that they'll sit down and do some homework and sometimes if they need help I'll help them with homework but I'll tell you this most of my kids have not needed a lot of help with homework I think my kids are pretty smart so they usually sit down and do some homework all of them have a desk somewhere in the house where they can sit down and do that so during the school year we try to make sure they get their homework done I was going to say something else sometimes I read a book sometimes I just watch TV or I watch YouTube or I watch Netflix so I am often after supper my daily routine is to sit down for a bit and there's a couple youtubers just like you watch me there's a couple youtubers I like to watch there's two French youtubers actually three I like to watch sip en nattu and Norman fed a video those are my three favorite French youtubers so if they have a new video I'll watch them and there's a couple English youtubers i watch or i'll watch something on Netflix or just on the regular television let's see I'm gonna see here I'm just gonna do a couple questions preacher says when we say dine does it mean having dinner no so dine is kind of a formal word for eating like I'm going to go out and dine with Jennifer this evening at a fancy restaurant like dine is when you're talking about eating but it's like fancy eating so we don't we actually don't use the word dine very much but it does mean to eat together let me let's see here how says is it common breakfast in your family to have an omelet so an omelet is an egg mixed up with other ingredients and then fried in a frying pan we did just have an omelet two days ago we had an egg and ham omelet it was really really yummy but it's not super common it is common ish but usually people just fry an egg and eat the egg as it is so let me get through this some people check social media so you can see here we have all the common ones we have waiters we chat on here it might not be sorry people in China but Facebook Instagram Twitter WeChat whatsapp Google+ is not a thing anymore Twitter so people sometimes sit and check their social media in the evening and then they say goodnight when the evening when it's time to go to bed people in a house will say goodnight to each other and they will get ready for bed so if it's evening and it's time for me to go to bed I get ready for bed that's what we say some people put on pajamas this lady I think is wearing pajamas I couldn't find a nice picture of someone in pajamas that wasn't risky if you don't know what risque is it means not appropriate for Bob the Canadians lesson so people get ready for bed there's a few things that people do yeah Google Plus is dead says Wendy yeah I pretty sure Google Plus is dead before people go to bed they use the bathroom or they go to the bathroom and part of people's daily routine is they might go to the bathroom a lot more during the day than I mentioned but that is part of it in Canada we brush our teeth before we go to bed so we take a few minutes just to brush our teeth before we go to bed and then of course you get in bed so we sometimes say crawl into bed so you get in bed or you crawl into bed so the opposite of roll out of bed so that was kind of like the informal way to say get up the opposite of that is to crawl into bed so you don't literally crawl but it's it's another wave to get into bed let me just check the questions here folks oh there's a lot more questions sorry first ones from Selina what's the difference between head back home or go back home which one should I use to say returning alum a zone I would say head back home is totally common and go back home is totally common you could use both absolutely so after this I'm going to head back after this lesson I'm going to go back home the both are totally fine to use Selina yeah absolutely there's a few grammar questions on the spreadsheet so please don't be offended if I don't answer them because I want to stay on topic Ramy sleep says how come you don't take a nap after lunch I do sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays I will take a nap after lunch but I because during the school year when I'm working there is no time to take a nap and your your it wouldn't be good if your boss found you napping at work that would be a bad thing John keto says I play football in the eat through the evening in the evening that's cool so you go outside and you do some that my kids play a little bit of basketball right now so that's kind of fun to watch before you go to sleep you would set the alarm clock so you set the alarm clock or set the alarm this should actually say that set the alarm clock and set the alarm sorry I made a mistake there hopefully you guys can correct that so you would set the alarm clock or set the alarm here's your alarm clock and then the very last thing you would do is you would go to sleep and hopefully you don't have trouble sleeping or trouble getting to sleep for me I close I turn the lights out I should have put that on there to turn the lights out I close my eyes and within five minutes I'm sleeping I fall asleep very very quickly and I usually don't have trouble sleeping if I say if someone has trouble sleeping that means they're they wake up a lot in the night so sometimes they have trouble so that's all of my slides I'm going to go through questions now and I'll probably just take five minutes and then we'll be done see it says what's the difference between clean up and clean so when I clean up the house I'm actively picking things up or sweeping or mopping when I am done cleaning up the house is clean okay so it's in a state of being clean let's see here oh here's a good one Felipe says from Brazil says good morning Bob I really admire you please wish a good morning to my wife Ana hi Ana good morning oh sorry hi Ana good morning I looked at the prog camera we are having breakfast right now you should try our food couscous it's delicious I will try to do that I'm always interested in trying something new again if you're if you're if you're asking grammar questions I'm gonna avoid them right now I'd like to stay on topic yeah oh yeah hi Meera slept good yes I was very thankful you're awesome you're an awesome person we're slow let's see here thank you for listening oh yes so Elia says hi Bob thank you for your lesson I really like it do you allow your children to play computer games or what is the main activity of your children when they have free time so we strongly encourage our kids to read and to do other things besides being on the computer and we have a certain time slot where they're allowed to use the computer we call it computer time and it happens in the afternoon but we like to see them play outside a bit practice their piano read a book we like to see them do other things because we don't want them to be on the computer all the time so we have some rules in our house for that that's a great question I mean question back about breakfast again hi Bob the Canadian Morocco I like your videos what's the typical Canadian breakfast I think it's either cereal like if you do a search for cornflakes cornflakes Cheerios rice krispies these are the most common cereals and then other than that people have toast with Jam toast with eggs or oatmeal those would be very very common hey just while I still have all of you here don't forget to watch this video again tomorrow there will be English subtitles down here tomorrow that really will help some of you if you're having trouble understanding and if you're new here please subscribe there's a red button there and give me a thumbs up I just like to make sure I mentioned that because it's nice when people get a little reminder that I like to have more subs but I have way too many now I think there might be too many anyways did I hear correctly you said common ish hi I'm not sure I said that let me let me say it out loud did I hear correctly you said common issue would you explain what it means a suffix ish so we use ish we add ish to words when we mean it's not exactly that so let's say the sky is blue but I could say mykes my shirt it's bluish so it's not quite blue it's blue ish or you could say let's see I like to drink my tea a little kind of coldish it's not it's very informal just so you know like it's it's not super common and you wouldn't use it in formal English but we add ish to the end of some words just for fun it's kind of playful I try not to do it in my live streams so I hope that I don't make too many mistakes what's your routine today oh so my routine today is do a live lesson go home and I'm going to work on the farm today so because it's summer I am a teacher so I don't have to come to work every day but I do come to work to do this live stream and then I'm going to do a little bit of work on the farm and I might have a nap after lunch today even though it's a Friday let's see here I'm gonna ask let's uh we're gonna shut down the questions now just so that you know I'm just gonna get through what's there say it says would you please explain what back-out means when you're trying to say no to a request so if I say I'm going to do a lesson at a certain time and then I decide not to do that lesson we would say that I backed out of the lesson so this is me physically backing out but if you say you're going to do something and then you later say you're not going to do it we would say that you backed out we often use this for deals sometimes people make a deal to buy something and then they back out of the deal so that's something that happens let's see oh Mauricio have you ever talking about having trouble sleeping and Mauricio says have you ever experienced sleepwalking it's kind of creepy no so sleepwalking is when in the middle of the night you get up and you walk around and you're still sleeping I have not ever done that but some people do have trouble sleeping and sometimes they sleepwalk so it's a dining room Sayid says hey Bob what's the dining room so a dining room is the room in the house where people eat not a lot of people have dining rooms so we eat in our kitchen so our kitchen is big enough that it has a stove and oven and cupboards and it has a big table some people in addition to a kitchen will have a dining room which is just a really nice table where people sit to eat often dining rooms are used when you have guests but I think it's less common now in Canadian homes to have a kitchen and a dining room most people just eat in their kitchen that was a great question what are the rules when you eat food with your family no rules be polite no cell phones or smartphones at the table everyone needs to share if there's not enough be kind while you're eating those are the rules when we are eating Oh vladus oh this is a great one so vladislav says what's chore or chores actually is it only related to domestic work not really so we do chores around the house so our kids have chores and I have chores so it's things like replace a light bulb sweep the floor clean the toilets all of those are household chores we also have farm chores so these are things that we do every day on the farm so we go and do the chores so chores is a good way to describe any kind of daily routine okay usually it would be in a house sometimes on a farm not usually at work like I don't have chores at work but I do have chores at home and I have chores on the farm so you might want to look that one up as well look up the word chores so bhaskar says let me just check the time here so Oscar says I appreciate your live streams could you explain the difference between want and fancy thanks a lot so we don't use the word fancy a lot in Canadian English I think it's a little more British but you could say oh I want a cup of tea or I fancy a cup of tea both of them would mean that you want a cup of tea and Canadian English we would just say I want a cup of tea yeah vinícius is here hi Vinicius good to see you again how's it going do you have any food from your farm your family eats for your daily routine so we don't grow any fruits or vegetables on our farm we only grow flowers because when we go to market and we sell our flowers we have been beside the same farmer who has their booth there for I think 15 years and we trade flowers for fresh fruits and vegetables it's a really good deal of Vinicius I it's it's easier to do it that way we're good at growing flowers and he him and his wife are good at growing fruits and vegetables Matthew says my question is what do you think about Anki do you think it was a good way to learn English so Aki is a piece of software that lets you make flashcards and I think it is a great way to learn English here we go last question folks Elina says how do you say to kiss my kids goodnight or to kiss for the night so you would say that you kiss your kids goodnight so a couple of things about kids you tuck your kids in that means you make them all snug in their bed with their blankets so you put their blanket on so you tuck your children in and then usually you give them a kiss on the forehead you say kiss goodnight or a kiss on the cheek so you would kiss your kids goodnight that's how you do it um that's it everybody we're done thanks for coming that was a lesson on daily routine I try to keep it only one hour please make sure if you need to come back tomorrow and watch this again with the subtitles on I know a lot of you don't need subtitles and it's that's good but if you do need subtitles come back I think it takes about 12 hours but for sure tomorrow and give this lesson another watch let's say thanks – thanks Todd for Maude in the chat I don't know if Todd's gonna say bye but I'm just going to say bye everyone thanks for watching live lesson tomorrow at 7:15 p.m. Eastern Standard Time so don't forget if you want to a live conversation and listening practice don't forget to watch again tomorrow with subtitles if you need them thanks again for watching please like and subscribe I think I spelled that right anyways I gotta push the button again thanks everybody for coming

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