15 thoughts on “Lessons in investigative journalism: Carol Marin at TEDxMidwest”

  1. So the ground shaked and she saw a fireball coming out from the base of the building BEFORE it falls… Can someone tell me how would it be caused by the plane fuel in that situation? She tried to cover but it smells!

  2. "They saw on TV, the first plane hit the first tower." (@13min). No they didn't. Nobody saw the first plane hit the first tower until the Naudet documentary footage emerged, much later. This woman is almost as stupid as dubya. What an idiot.

  3. "I could see a fireball come out of the base of the building [WTC 2]"

  4. This woman comes across gushing with self-righteousness. If she had just stuck to the stories – which are interesting – instead of peppering the talk with how principled she is – it would have been a much more effective presentation. As it is, it's difficult to watch without wincing.

  5. I didn't get squat out of this video.  I think she's a good ole girl boy a get along so called reporter.

  6. this lady lost all credibility,she witnessed a fireball right before tower collapsed.the fact the she made a point to say it was probably the ignition of jet fuel.are you kidding me.what happened to reporting the news without bias. I child knows the fuel would have been ignited when the plane hit not an hour or more later. here is a person with a real story to tell but she is choosing not to. how much money was she paid to add that lie into her speech

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