Lessons I Learned at the Wisconsin School of Business

The biggest lesson I learned in the Wisconsin
School of Business is to truly take advantage of every opportunity you have. We have so many resources here and the faculty
are amazing as well as the students, so that was probably the biggest lesson I learned
inside and outside the classroom, is to really take advantage of all the knowledge here and
the people around you. I think some of the things that benefited
me during my time here are the different advising opportunities, all of the career
fairs that are held, and all of the professional networking and events such as that, that you
have the opportunity to go to and meet different career paths and stuff like that. I met the most amazing people in the Wisconsin
School of Business. I basically spent every day, all day here
because I worked here as well and so, not only from my job, but classes and going to
office hours and everything like that, I really met the most amazing people and built relationships
that I know will last forever. It was the summer after sophomore year where
I kind of went through a time where I decided I don't think I want to major in this anymore, so
I then I decided to take Real Estate 306 with Professor Josh Jeffers. And that really kind of solidified my decision
to pursue that double major with marketing. And that was seriously probably one of the
best things that could have happened for me. So I think the different, in major career
fairs are really unique here because I know supply chain at least has their own career
fair and that's where a lot of companies come looking for those supply chain students to
take on those roles and that's where I found my opportunity. So after graduation I'll be joining a supply
chain and operations rotational program at Milwaukee Tool. So after I'm graduating, I'm going to Chicago
to work at where I interned this past summer, Heitman, doing real estate investment management,
and I'll be working on their client service team so it's kind of a pretty unique way to
combine both my majors so I'm really excited for that. I would recommend the Wisconsin School of
Business not only because it's in an amazing city, but it's filled with the most amazing
opportunities that you really can't find anywhere else. else.

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