Lessons from the WARC | Media 100

walks media 100 ranking looks at the world's most innovative channel strategies so what can you learn from them in a new report we pull out some of the lessons from those campaigns and there are three strong themes first is the use of data and in particular location data at a time when many brands are getting a lot smarter about their use of data adding a location element to campaigns can give you an extra edge there's a great example from Uniqlo in China around the singles day ecommerce event Uniqlo identified consumers who had put items into their cart online but failed to complete the purchase they pushed messages to them when those consumers were near stores on a day devoted to online shopping they increased in-store sales second is the importance of collaboration between agencies at a time when channels have to work together if a campaign is to succeed we're seeing strategies which only work if PR advertising tech and data are all working together finally we look at unexpected media placements designed to gain attention a campaign by Gillette from Israel is a great example it used media in and around synagogues to promote the agent to Orthodox Jews ahead of the Sabbath it's a niche example but it shows how strong cultural insights can drive really effective media placement there's lots more details in the full report visit the walk rankings website for more

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