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  1. When I was on the "mental" floor of the local hospital for 10 days it was the only time, even up to now, that I felt safe from myself and the outside world. I often wish I could go back to feel that safe again. Still suffering.

  2. I was a student nurse assigned in a mental hospital for 3 months.

    patient assigned to me was a drug addict before.

    he was telling everything in a very honest way.

    shared his family, his story, his dreams in life, his goals.

    it was really unforgettable.

    I think that the setting sets you up to really listen to the patients there.

    Our main goal was to bring them to reality because most of them in a way lives in a bubble with thoughts in their head.

    I learned there how LISTENING can really heal.

    Just pure undivided attention.

    Cool, isn't it?

    that LISTENING heals.

  3. I have bad anxiety and depression. I was crying from this video and my service dog alerted. I looked at him and said "im ok. " He barked at me then nuzzled me and gave me a kiss. You can lie to humans but dogs KNOW when your not ok.

  4. The best TED talk ever, I love this woman, extremely intelligent and genuine. That is rare in this society. Thank you Glennon, you are amazing. You speak from the heart on what people go through.

  5. I didn't know i felt this until she described it. I was once one to always tell the truth, but when people judged me for it, attacked me for it, i hid. I hid in books and imagination, in worlds that i never could exist in. When i found out those worlds were unattainable, i shattered. If the world was lies, and my books were lies, what was the truth? My head was surrounded in questions with no answer.

    It nearly killed me.

    But it didn't. I'm not saying things will get better, because honestly, i don't know. There are still days were i wish i was dead. Where i hide and choke myself in lies. Where i surround myself in things that are so utterly useless. Where the voices in my head scream at me for everything and everyone i ever failed.

    But don't give up. You may not feel loved, or feel that love and feel undeserving of it. I know that feeling. Please dont give up. Hold on, and one day you find a way to handle the pain. Find people who love you, even at your worst, when you are screaming and crying and stuck as a hurricane.

    Just please don't end it. Because as much as you feel like no one is there, we are there. The ghosts of our childhood and the love and truth of the world still hang with you. Will you give them up too, along with your life?

    Find something that fulfills you. Art, creating something out of nothing. Music, creating happiness in something so small. Science, answering impossible questions with something solid and beautiful. Math, making hard things simple letters and numbers. Words, that fill you with imagination and wonder.

    People, who love you and care, even when you are drowning.

    I know its hard, and everyday is a battle. But the war isn't over yet. You have power, hidden deep inside of you. Maybe its something i didn't list. Maybe it is. I just know that the hope is still there, even deep down in the pressure of the deepest oceans. Because honestly? Coal can't be a diamond without pressure. You can't be truely you with hardships. I believe in you. I speak the truth now- I do not know you. But i love you more then any of the answers i have ever gotten, more then every world i hid in. I give you whats left of my shattered hope, knowing that you can use it more then I. I have found my lifeblood, even if sometimes its not enough. Use that hope and find what builds you. Build yourself even within the hurricane, because one day, you will see a rainbow.

  6. nope, you lost me at "someone somewhere thought of me as worthy of that invitation to a very very important event" yep. well, congratulations, of course… but. have you ever thought of those women who never get the "invitation" – does it mean they're not worthy? not the best choice of words i'd say, ey?

  7. This is the reason I reached out. I went to the mental hospital. I was there. I shed my capes and I finally stepped into the sunlight. There were so many different people there. There was a boy who had his 18th birthday, and a little girl who was barely six. There were kids of all races, genders, and sexualities. We were all there for a reason. We all were there, and we had all shed our capes. This talk might have saved my life. Thank you.
    From a recently discharged inpatient

  8. I loved the mental hospital too. I didn't want to leave. unfortunately I'm still far from ok but I never stop trying.

  9. During one mental hospital stay i had a roommate who was as "normal" as i was. We congratulated each other on how okay we were as opposed to the other obviously nutty people on our ward. One morning the nurse on duty announced that there would be room inspection so my roommate Miss Bell and i got right to it. This was going to be so easy we congratulated each other that we'd get this done in no time. And so we did, pleased about ourselves for being the only well focused, mentally healthiest patients on the entire ward! We were sitting in the dayroom, all done when over the loudspeaker we hear "Bell and Salvatore, return to your room please!" Perfect and sane that we were, we were the only ones who had to be called back to our room for leaving some things undone.

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